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Balika Vadhu 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli telling Urmila what Kundan had said. Urmila tells Kundan might be fooling you, and you can’t get pregnant as you are still a child. Mannu comes to Dadisaa and says he needs to talk to her. He says I can’t believe that you can do that. He apologizes to her and asks why she is objecting to his marriage with Pooja. Dadisaa says she did many mistakes and have learnt from her mistake. She don’t want to repeat her mistakes so that she don’t have to repent later. Mannu tells he is not doing any mistake. Dadisaa says no one know when they are doing mistakes. Mannu tells everyone is doing mistake, as you are not realizing our love. He says one day you will repent. Dadisaa asks him to come back to them. Mannu tells he wants to move on with Pooja. Dadisaa says I will

pray Devimaa to give you strength and understanding. Kundan stares Nimboli while she is working. Kundan comes to Nimboli and asks her to have jalebis. Nimboli asks what about Urmila? Kundan says I brought it for you and asks her to eat. Nimboli eats the jalebis.

Akhiraj talks to villagers and tells he wants to impress Jagya. The villager tells Jagya might know about your doings, but we will not let it happen. Jagya will support you in the election. Akhiraj says my destiny is in his hands. He asks the men about the preparations to welcome him. Nimboli hears them and thinks Jagdish ji might be a big man. She thinks to meet him. She comes to the place where Jagya is giving speech, and tells they have to oppose child marriage. He tells Police dept is for your protection and asks the villagers to contact police whenever they are in problem. He says if you think that I can help you, then come to me. I will help within my limits. Everyone claps hearing his speech. Jagya sees speedy fan about to fall on Nimboli and runs to save her. He saves her at the nick of time and asks if she is alright. Kundan asks what you are doing here Nimboli? Jagya asks your name is Nimboli. Jagya shows Mannu’s pic. Nimboli tells he is Mannu Bhaisa. She tells she is baraati in their marriage. Akhiraj asks her to greet him. Nimboli thanks him. Jagya gives her rose and asks did you come alone here? She says he is my Bapusaa. Akhiraj says she is my daughter.

Akhiraj asks him to continue his speech. Nimboli invites Jagya to come home, and says she will make tea. She asks him to come being her Mannu Bhaisa’s dad. Jagya agrees shocking Akhiraj and Kundan. Akhiraj thinks Jagya will not support him if he comes to know that Nimboli is his daughter in law. Akhiraj tells he was about to invite him home and asks to give speech. Jagya takes Nimboli with him on to the stage. Kundan rushes home and tells Harki that Akhiraj is coming home. Disa says what will happen if he gets to know that Nimboli is Kundan’s wife. Kundan tells Akhiraj told that Nimboli is his daughter. Dida thinks Nimboli might be taken to Anandi by Jagya and gets tensed.

Jagya comes to Akhiraj house. Nimboli introduces herself as Kundan’s wife. Disa waits for Nimboli, while Kundan tries to molest her. Nimboli runs from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Deja prea lalaiti filmul ,nu mai are nici un interes asa cum a fost la inceput.De cand l-ati scos din film pe SHIVnu mai are nici un farmec,va invartiti pe loc sau mai bine zis mergeti in jos.Deja bateti campii.

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