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Balika Vadhu 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mannu writing email to Pooja, and thinks about her sufferings. He thinks of Jagya’s words that Pooja’s life is ruined because of him and she can’t be a mum again. He feels guilty and prays to God to make Pooja read his email. Anandi talks to the Police and asks to search Nandini. She says Mangla ran away with my daughter. Dadisaa comes and asks her to have faith on God. Nimboli brings tamarind and asks Mamusaa to take it. He asks her to go. Kakusaa takes the tamarind. Nimboli tells Urmila likes it, and says Kamli and Pushkar would have come here. She is about to tell about Akhiraj, just then Disa stops her. She takes her inside and asks her not to tell anything to anyone. Nimboli says she is missing Kamli and Pushkar and asks her to make a call to them. Mannu is going

to school and stops seeing Pooja coming from the opposite side. Pooja ignores him and leaves. Mannu thinks I will never talk to her, I have apologized to her and she ignored me. He leaves. Pooja thinks you have ended everything with your stupidity.

Pushkar thinks Kamli will be happy and picks the call. He asks who are you? Disa says I am Disa. Pushkar asks how are you? Disa asks her to give call to Kamli. Harki comes and takes phone from Pushkar’s hand. She says hello in Kamli’s voice. Disa tells she is in Sarora village and tells something. Harki thinks this Dacoit is in Sarora village. She threatens Pushkar not to tell anything to Kamli else she will beat him up. Disa calls again, but Pushkar don’t pick the call being afraid of Harki. Mamusaa tells Mangla to explain to Nimboli not to come to Rupa when she is studying. Nimboli tells she is missing Chukki Chudail (Anandi), and says she asked her to study well. She says what I will tell her when we meet. Disa gets angry and says you will not meet her. Nimboli says we will meet somewhere. Disa is angry and shocked.

Kamli brings sweet for Pushkar and asks him to eat. Pushkar refuses. Kamli asks what happened? Pushkar says nothing has happened. Kamli gets a miss call on her mobile, and asks Pushkar. Pushkar says there was no incoming call. Kamli asks did you see anyone picking the call. Pushkar says Harki will beat me if I tell anything. Kamli asks what happened? Pushkar tells her that Disa called on her mobile and Harki snatched phone from his hand. Kamli says she heard everything. Kamli calls on that number and comes to know that it is Sarora village. The man says this is PCO in the village. Chagani hears the name and asks why did you take that name? If anyone stays there. Kamli says Disa and Nimboli are staying there.

Kamli says Maa came to know about this and she will trouble them. Chagani says I will ask my relative to alert her. Chagani says Disa told her about her Kakusaa Kanhaiyya Lal. Kamli asks her to talk to her brother. Akhiraj tells Harki that she gave him good news. He asks her to go to Sarora village with his three goons, and then gets Nimboli and Disa captive in the godown. He says Anandi will yearn for her daughter and she will not get to touch her daughter.

Anandi gives the photos of Disa and Nimboli to the media. They promise to get the photos publish so that she can get Nandini. Anandi gets Jagya’s call, informing her that Kundan is in Balsudhar (juvenile). Anandi says I want to meet him now.

Anandi tells Jagya that why Devimaa punished Nimboli. Jagya gets a call and he asks Anandi to sit in car as Nandini is in Sarora village. They reach the village. Anandi sees Disa secretly going with Nimboli and hiding.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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