Balika Vadhu 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Damodar trying to kill Nimboli with sword, just then Anandi comes and saves her. The goons attack Anandi with Lathi, but she holds the rod with her hand. She beats the goons one by one. Other goon see Nimboli standing alone and holds her. Mangla shouts Nimboli. Anandi continues to beat goons.(wow a good scene, must watch, Anandi fighting with many goons). Jagya calls Anandi and thinks what might the reason? Anandi sits in the car and sprays pepper spray in the goon eyes, who tries to stop her. Kamli is called to give statement. Kamli comes to the witness box and tells that Akhiraj is the one who killed Gopal. She tells everything, and says Akhiraj let them go and then threw sword on his back. She says this man is guilty and asks Judge to give him rigorous punishment. Akhiraj’s

lawyer asks for proofs that her story is real. Kamli tells Nimboli is the witness to this crime, and says she has seen with her own eyes. Akhiraj’s lawyer asks where is she? I don’t think she will come. Defence Lawyer tells that Nimboli is coming and requests to take Inspector statement. Judge says there is no proof which proves Kamli’s statement, and that’s why her statement is null and void. Harki and Akhiraj smiles.

Judge says case is dependent on Nimboli’s statement and asks where is she? Jagya tells Defence lawyer that Anandi’s phone is unreachable. Anandi picks her phone and says it is broken. She tells Mangla that they will reach court directly. Defence lawyer informs Judge that Nimboli is coming with Anandi, and they fear that something wrong have happened with them. He asks for some more time. Akhiraj’s lawyer requests the judge to dismiss the case and free Akhiraj from all the charges. Judge tells that the witness have not come, and the court is forced to believe that the charges on Akhiraj is……….Anandi comes and says it is truth. Harki and Akhiraj are shocked to see Anandi arriving in court. Anandi tells all the accusations on Akhiraj is true. Mangla enters the court room.

Akhiraj’s lawyer tells that they might not have brought Nimboli to court or must have realized that Nimboli has nothing to say against Akhiraj. Anandi says Nimboli is here, and says she is with lady constable. She says she is also in bad condition like us. Jagya asks Anandi about her injury. Mangla tells that Akhiraj conspired to kill them. Akhiraj asks what you are saying? Have you gone mad? She tells I can’t think to kill anyone, and is here. Mangla tells your goon took your name, and said you sent him. Akhiraj pleads innocence. His lawyer says how can Akhiraj plan this? Anandi asks what do you mean? Did you hurt ourselves? The lawyer asks her to file police complaint.

Jugde asks if they need medical treatment then court can make the arrangements. Anandi says their injury is not much. Judge insists to hear Nimboli’s statement. He tells that Nimboli will give statement in his cabin and defence and prosecution lawyer will be present there. Akhiraj looks on tensedly.

Anandi holds Nimboli’s hand while she is in the judge’s room. Akhiraj is brought there. Lawyer asks if he is the same Akhiraj who behaved badly with her in Jhalra village. Nimboli looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i like this epi….
    i hope akhiraj will get punishment
    and hopes tooo for nooo cheating eith true and dragging of court case….

  2. nice episo…….i hope akhiraj get punished …atlast i think truth will not die….
    anadi nandini and shivam and also their dadu would come change somewat comedy happiness in their family…..and difzz boring mangala will not disturb them……………………..

  3. I think nimboli will not reveal…. She will take a side of akhiraj

  4. yes nandini not to tell truth because she might fear in akiraj

  5. Is this how cases are heard in India. Where have you heard judge asking an eye witness for proof?. Should it be Kamlibproduce a video?. This is absurd.

  6. Here goes another show to dumpster.

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