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Balika Vadhu 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Amit talking to his dad. His dad reminds him that Nandini rejected to work in their hospital before because she thought she is not capable enough, as she cares for you very much. Dr. Amit says Dr. Goel. His dad says a good doctor needs to be a good human first. He says you have become bitter since Vandana left you. He says we have heard about Nandini’s childhood, but she is so jovial, and you have become serious because of one failed relationship. He says you can treat patients, but can’t heal your heart. He says 5 years have passed sinc your marriage ended, and asks him to move on. He says I do regret till now for fixing your alliance, and says I saw just business alliance. If your mum would have been alive, then she would have check compatibility, love etc. He asks him

to change for good and become jovial like before, and learn to fall in love again. Dr. Amit gets teary eyes and says I will try. His dad asks him to stop Nandini, and says only she can fill happiness in your life. He asks him not to get late.

Patient’s sister cries and takes out anger on Nandini for failing to save her brother. She says I will kill you. Dr. Amit comes and asks her to leave Nandini. He says Dr. Nandini have done her work sincerely, but we couldn’t save your brother. He asks nurse to take her as she is in shock. He asks Nandini, if you are fine? Nandini is teary eyes. Dr. Amit asks her to forget everything and come with him. He says I want you to forget it right now. Nandini goes with him. Dr. Amit’s dad looks at them from his cabin as they leave in car. They reach hotel. Nandini asks what is this? Amit says this is my sorry. Nandini says I should apologize to you, I got weaken seeing Patient’s sister, mistake is mine. Dr. Amit says your sorry will be accepted if you take back your resignation. Nandini says okay. Dr. Amit says sorry again and says lets make some good memories on your first day.

Dr. Amit and Nandini sit to have food in the restaurant. Manager calls her bhabhi ji. Dr. Amit says my wife is in USA and says she is my colleague. They feel embrassed though. Just then Nandini’s phone rings. Amit excuses himself. Nandini picks the call. Hero is at the call and says I can see you, and can enter your life. Nandini looks for him and asks him to meet her. Hero says you will get attracted to me. Nandini asks about his age, and says you look so immature. He calls her aunty saa. Just then waiter drops something on his head by mistake, and he gets up to go. Manager gets the phone and says it is my phone. Hero thinks I came to have lunch, but have taken bath from it. Nandini smiles looking at him. She laughs seeing his moves. Amit comes back and asks what happened? Nandini tells him about hero. Some goons recognize her as balika vadhu and pass lewd comments. Dr. Amit bashes them and says this girl is a doctor in Jaipur’s biggest hospital and saves lives. A goon asks who is she to you? Dr. Amit is about to beat him. Nandini asks him to come. Dr. Amit says you did a mistake by stopping me. Hero hears them and looks angrily.

Hero Krish beats the goons. Manager informs Nandini that Krish have beaten the goons. Nandini’s dad informs her that he got info about Shivam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I came to know today from wiki dat Mahhi Vij Real Age is 34 and Toral’s age is
    I think dat’s the reason toral to quit the show where she is having a daughter whose age is elder den her in real. haha

  2. No comments…. till..
    It represents differentiate between past & present balikavadhu..

  3. Waste serial…time wasting

  4. I feel Mahi never suits to Nandini”s character. Her’s is ouer acting. Her sister is better than her

  5. sajan agarwal

    Kudos to the writer who is just dragging on the serial which has no substance.. Better to exit the show gracefully than to just keep it draagging

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