Balika Vadhu 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamli coming to Harki’s room. Harki says it is my room, do I need permission from you to enter my room. Kamli says I came to see if you are fine. Harki returns to the kothri with the clothes. She thinks she will stitch gota in her clothes and will fool everyone. She says you have returned my life to Akhiraj. Nimboli reads hindi alphabets and teaches the doll. Just then her phone rings, and she sees Shivam calling. She thinks if he called to scold me. Shivam asks Nimboli how are you? He says I am feeling bad for misbehaving with you, shouting at you, and asks her to forgive. Nimboli says I forgot everything. Shivam says really. He asks when you are coming back. Mangla takes the call and disconnects it. Anandi comes home. Shivam tells her that he talked to Nimboli and said sorry.

He says my nandini is very good and have forgiven me. He says phone was disconnected when she was about to tell me when she is returning. He goes to inform Abhi. Anandi thinks whenever we talk to Nimboli, call gets disconnected, what would be the matter?

Nimboli asks Mangla, why she took the phone from her hand and says he have apologized to me. Mangla wonders why he melted down, and tells Nimboli that he was making fun of her. Nimboli says Shivam is genuinely sorry and talked to me nicely. Mangla says Shivam and Abhi might be making fun of you. Just then phone rings. Mangla picks the call. Shivam tells Mangla that he wants to talk to Nimboli and Abhi also wants to talk. Mangla asks Nimboli to talk to them and make fun of herself. Nimboli refuses to talk and goes. Mangla says Nimboli went out and says I heard that you have apologizes to Nimboli. Shivam says yes and says Anandi told them that Nimboli is my twin sister Nandini. Mangla gets shocked and thinks she should stop Shivam. She calls Anandi and asks why did you tell Shivam about Nimboli. Anandi says she couldn’t hide the secret from him because of the circumstances. She says I told kids not to tell anything to Nimboli. She asks when you are returning to Jaitsar. Mangla says not now, will inform you once she is ready? She disconnects the call and says my Nimboli will not go to Jaitsar.

Harki picks the sindoor and fills her maang smilingly. She wears maang tika and jewellery, and thinks to hide it under her clothes. She says nothing inauspicious thing will happen now. She hides everything with her pallu and smiles.

Kamli gives dalya to Kundan. Kundan refuses to eat it. Mangla asks Nimboli to eat fast. Kamli sees Harki wearing colored saree. Harki tells her that Akhiraj came in her dream and asked her not to wear black saree. Kamli says you was searching this saree in night. Harki nods yes, and thinks to make food for Akhiraj tonight.

Dadisaa comes to meet Jagya and tells him that she is worried about Anandi. Jagya asks what happened? Dadisaa says she thinks about Nimboli all the time and have forgotten Shiv Niketan and her health. I have never seen her like this and asks jagya to talk to her. Jagya agrees.

Anandi talks to Nimboli’s pic and says Shivam is very happy knowing about you. She says Abhi and Shivam are making plans to play with you, talk to you and etc. She wonders if this will be possible? Jagya comes and asks why you think that she will not return? Anandi says I know that my daughter will return one day, but…….Jagya says you are not Anandi, but someone else in Anandi’s get up. He says Anandi which I know, wins always and have strength. He says if you are really Anandi, then go and bring your daughter back. Anandi says I am same Anandi, who have thought about others’ happiness. Ganga hears them. Anandi says she couldn’t snatch her daughter from mangla. Jagya says I am silent because of you else I would have given reply to Mangla. He says she has to reply for your tears. Anandi says Mangla is trying to unite us and will bring Nimboli back. Jagya says I will not say anything now, but can’t see you like this. He says if you have faith on Mangla, then why you are sad and hopeless. He asks her to change and be like old Anandi, who have the courage and strength and fight back attitude. Ganga smiles hearing his words. Jagya asks Anandi to promise. Anandi looks on.

Anandi goes to temple. Pandit ji asks Anandi and Simar to do God’s Abhishek. They oblige and do Abhishek with milk. Nimboli feels smell and tells Mangla. Mangla says it is Suji’s halwa smell. Nimboli comes to kitchen and sees Harki making Suji ka halwa and wonders why she made Akhiraj’s favorite cardamom suji halwa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Excellent jagya words towards anandi…
    Yes we want old anandi,she is very brave,problem solver, intelligent too..
    Jagya boost ups anandi this is very importent who are in sad/problem..
    Anandi now thinking about abnormal call disconnects about mangla,her rude behaviour,fake mother issues… anandi listen anant words and work on that, don’t believe mangla blindly….
    We are eagarly expecting u will get ur nandini soon..

  2. Today’s episode –
    Shivam calls Nimboli and apologises for behaving rudely with her. He speaks to Mangla and informs her that the kids know the truth. Later, Kamli gets suspicious when she sees Harkhi making some halwa.

    Finally Jagya said what we all want to hear – asked her to become previous Anandi who was full of energy etc. This week Anandi is going to rescue one more balika vadhu just for time pass.

  3. BV has successfully wasted our time until now in this week and will do the same for rest of the week. As somebody said in yesterday’s comments, instead of Anandi slapping herself, we all (each and every one of us) should slap her. Even then she will be just stony faced looking nowhere…doing nothing and obstructing everything.

    1. Haha, yes, I feel like slapping her every day. She would just look like, “Why, why did you do that? I don’t understand anything… (whiny, crying voice)” She has become such an utterly pathetic character.

    2. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. I was laughing like anything looking that video ?

  4. Anandi with that clueless face. Jagya must be thanking his stars that he is no more married to her. Mangala is becoming hysteric and one day end up either a killer or live in an asylum. She is shouting at anandi and rudely tells off Nimboli after snatching the phone. She has become a control freak. And Harki will bring death to Akheraj by her doings. Singing, making halwa and wearing colored saree.
    Shivam is so cute and his conversation with Nimboli and Mangala was so appropriate.
    Mangala can no longer play Shivam card as he knows the truth.

  5. Dear kalyani this is for u… jagiya aur ganga ki prem kahani hui purani… shiv aur anandi ki prem kahani log bhul gaye aur bechre anant ki prem kahani suru hone se phele hi anandi ne pani pher diya toh akhir me akhiraj aur harki ko hi dekhayeng na… 😀

    1. May be we will see one more kid from Akhiraj and Harki…from this Sangam. :). Aur ek kahani shuru, bina matlab ka..

  6. Wasnt this dragging mangla akhiraj n harki drama enff dat now bhooto ki serial (SSK) ke sath villians ki serial (BV) ka mahasangam is to be telecasted??? The writers of d serials have lost their creativity n to keep their serials dragging these mahasangam…. anandi aur nandini ka aaj tak sangam nahi hua chale hain anandi aur simar ka sangam karane… give us a break writers

  7. Finally Jagya ask Anandi to change herself n tried to bring old intelligent n problem solving Anandi. In todays episode Anandi started thinking why every time phone cuts when they are speaking to Nimboli but still she is thinking good about Mangla. Shiv you are right I too feel slapping hard to Anandi when she is talking positive about Mangla. Hope Anandi will get her daughter back after Mahasangam episode.

  8. Shobha garrett

    Hmmm! Very interesting reader reviews. I haven’ watched the last couple of episodes. Like to watch together. Funny about Harki and the the Sindoor being thrown on her head. Haha! Sindoor is supposed to be sacred not made fun of.
    Okay Anandini get your act together and go get your daughter.
    I actually am enjoying the show at the moment

  9. Every elder in haveli knows there is something wrong about Mangala. Anant was right. Anandi should stop having blind faith in people. Understand that Mangala is incorrigible and she is trying to distance your daughter from you. When will some sense get in your head Anandi?

  10. Anandi is soooo dumb. Anant was right she must stop having blind faith in people

  11. Mangala is making a happy Nimboli an unhappy one. Nimboli came with a smile to Mangala and went away with sadness. Mangala is making everyone unhappy with her words and actions. We are not seeing interaction between Kamli and Nimboli.
    Why Kundan and Harki are keeping quiet and not disclosing to Nimboli that she is Anandi’s daughter? Mangala is heartless, shameless and most irritating.
    The CVs are stretching too far and too much.

  12. That is the question that bothering me all the time. Anandi is stopping everybody at haveli to reveal the truth. Here at Jhalra everybody knows who her real mom is and this topic didn’t even come casually. Mangla, when she was in haveli, told Kamli that haveli people are rude to Nimboli. How Kamli didn’t ask Nimboli about this is really puzzling to me.

    Also Harki could scold Nimboli like “Why did you come back from your mother?” Or something like that.

    But writers just want to drag this. I agree with you Dolana, writers lost their creativity and they just want to buy lot of time from viewers by dragging this to eternity.

    1. Maybe Akhiraj will confront both Mangala and Nimboli, trying to kill them (again), and he will taunt Nimboli about the fact that it’s too bad she won’t get to unite with her real Mom, Anandi. Maybe it will be him who tells the truth about how he kidnapped her as a baby, and then he’ll kill Mangala, but Nimboli gets away from him somehow. Anandi will arrive at that precise moment to save her, they will reunite, the show will finally end, and we can all hope we don’t get too attached to anymore serials. 🙂

  13. Hahahaha ….. is duniya me kuch bhi ho sakta hai yeh baat ekta kapoor ne sare directors writers producers ko bhi sheekha dali hai…dadisa is still young like baa of kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi… unpadh ganwar can become plotters…so shiv u are right akhiraaj n harki can have baby n serial takes a leap showing love between their child n shivam or abhi… next generation u see

  14. All have become dumbo n forgot to tell nimboli she is anandis daughter n kundan still behaving as if he is nimboli’s husband n no one questions n harki too forget d slap on her face given by anandi n busy running to get her love life akhiraaj ….

  15. CVs are seriously testing our patience. We are not interested in Jhalra people anymore. We want Nimboli coming back to Anandi and Mangala disappearing from the scene altogether.
    End the serial or lose the respect for CVs and Anandi.

  16. Voiceover from me.

    Bad people will get everything on a platter like Mangala has got Nimboli all to herself.
    Akheraj got all the money, jewels and romance.
    While good people like anandi is shedding tears and Shivam is longing for his sister.
    So there is no profit in being good. Become bad and get all the goodies.

  17. I can’t wait for the day (hopefully in this century ) that Mangala gets exposed as the witch that she is. I had some sympathy for her before, but she is so irritating now.

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