Balika Vadhu 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish dancing on the song Badtameez dil. Everyone claps for him. He looks at Nandini. Nandini also looks at him. A woman comes on stage and says Dr. Amit Goel…today is the special day of your life, and it was not possible that I won’t attend this day. The woman lifts her veil…Dr. Amit is shocked to see the woman. She dances on the song Bawaali hogi…..once the dance is over, the woman comes near Dr. Amit and asks if he will not introduce his first wife to his would be wife. She asks Dr. Amit, why is he so shock? Nani thinks it is good that she came here. Vandana says you didn’t call me for the wedding, but I came to see you have chosen whom. you have disappointed me. Amit shouts Vandana and asks her to leave. Vandana says only a husband can shout on

his wife with these rights. She gives gift to Nandini and asks her to open it. She says I have worn this on my first night. She shows the night suit and says I know your types of girls, as you have snatched my husband, take this as well. I know how to handle your types of woman…and slaps Nandini. Everyone is shocked.

Shankar shouts..just then Kundan hits on his head and takes him from there, saying he won’t let him ruin his plan. Shankar faints. Dr. Amit says he has signed on the divorce papers and is not married to her anymore. Vandana says she has not signed on the papers and will not let him to marry Nandini.

Krish tells Vandana that when a wife and husband stay separately from each other till 5 years then they are separated legally, says you don’t need to sign now. He says I am not saying this, but law website. Kundan takes Shankar inside the room, and says Shivam…you can’t save Nandini and she has to marry Krish only. Dr. Amit tells Vandana that he had realized that she don’t love him and asks her to go. While vandana is going, Nandini stops her and asks her to stay back for her wedding. Nandini thinks why Krish stopped her wedding when he want to stop her wedding. Krish comes there and says he wants to stop the wedding, but not at her reputation stake. He says he wants her to stop the wedding by herself. Vandana comes to Dr. Amit’s room. Dr. Amit asks her to go. Vandana tells him that Nandini loves Krish and not you. She asks did you ever ask her? She says this marriage will be one sided. Dr. Amit asks her to go back to America and says I know her well, if there will be anything then she will tell me.

Nandini is sitting for her haldi ritual….Krish is dancing hiding his pain. Nandini looks on pain as well adn stares him. Kal Ho Na Ho song plays…………..Krish goes near her and applies haldi on her face. She cries. Krish looks at her.

Dr. Amit asks Nandini to promise him. He takes Nandini to Krish and says Nandini loves you. He says marriage will happen today. Everyone looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hahaha… spellbound… a criminal sitting in jail gets married to a lady living in America n also plants his step son in nandini’s place n also knows d real identity of shankar aka shivam n nandini is still on d hunt for her brother… five years Vandana Saa doesnt peep into her husband’s life n today with single contact with kundan comes to india n talks of her first nite.. aare wah kya mind blowing love hai vandana saaa….N abuses nandini n Nandini saa is silent like a dumb doll… Vandana Saa doesnt know NandiniSaa’s background but Nandini knows n still stands seeing her family insulted… bhai wah… n this stupid Nani doesnt want Nandini to get married in a big family n Nandini doesnt utter a word that she belings ro much more rich family n what her father was!!! n wat BAKWASS AKHI DUNIYA ME Nandini ko KYA YEH BAACHA MILA THA PYAR AUR SHADI KARNE KO…. mana zamana badal raha hai Rishte bhi badal rahe hain par kuch toh sharam karo writers saa kuch bhi aandshand likhe jaa rahe ho

  2. RESHMI SAA AUR NAYE WRITERS SAA KITNA BHI JOOR LAGA LO YEH SERIAL SEASON 2 Guinness World Record me nahi aane wali… it has become utter bogass n bakwass serial

  3. Make this more interesting like it was before.

  4. Impossible… it cant be made interesting any more… at least not with these writers saa n dis new creative director… possibility is der if d original writers n director is again roped in then balika vadhu will surely rule d charts again… but then too chances are 50-50 coz enough damage has been done to the serial…

  5. where is previous charm…..where is previous interst….. kachi umer ke pakki rishte is end hwo gaya… that premium time also evaparated with shakthi….

    now running balika vadhu with dumb story line… i don’t know why directors manipulate the story line what they want(likes )and with out respect to reality…

    when ever anandi and dadisa roles are ended that time only balika vadhu previous look vanished….

    nandini is the major role, but she alwsys slapped by amith’s wife and in hospital brother’s sister… its not seems good…
    anandi what a brave and dynamic role but those features are not appeared in nandini…

    kundan knows about shivam and nandini but jagadish not awre abt anandi children… still this many episodes gone with out presence of jagadish and ganga…. kundan promises harki take the revange from nandini… guys here one point we observed…
    in balika vadhu season 1 last but one episode “harki realized herself” cried alot with respect to akhiraj and kundan… but here story line changed with respect to balika vadhu season 1 vs balika vadhu season 2….
    hahhh ha hhhh what a manipulated story… one more point here anandi got first shivam and then nandini but seson 2 directors manipulated nandini is older than shivam…. shivam is responsble for him sister but story is reverse here…..fedup with story line……. it is not love story it is revange story …..revange drama……
    what is relation ship between krish and shankar(kundan),…. many villanis nani sa, sudha, shankar, krish may be in future some persons added…. where is social issues, where is reality ?? only revange story….. please make nandini charecter strong, brave, she fights for her self and for socity tooo….we missed anandi but we want anandi role in nandini…….

  6. Anandi was never slapped. And Nandini is slapped by everyone.

    I thought Shivam will rescue his sister from slaps. But they made even Shivam impotent and Kundan omnipotent.

    Idiotice writers!

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