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Balika Vadhu 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Inspector asking Akhiraj about Gopal’s death. Akhiraj tells that he might have commit suicide and pretends to be unaware of his death. Nimboli comes and asks why you are lying. You had killed Gopal with your sharp knife. Akhiraj gets shocked and tries to cover up. He asks what are you doing here? He asks Disa to take Nimboli inside and make her rest. He says she is talking nonsense because of high fever. He then turns to Inspector and says Gopal has died, but my family is suffering for him. He says Nimboli is shaken and has fever. The Inspector agrees and nods. Disa tells Nimboli to keep quiet. Nimboli asks why is he lying?

Disa tells all the killers are cowards. Akhiraj saved himself and lied. She asks her not to do this again and asks her to rest. She prays to

God to give justice. The Inspector says the girl is unwell. Akhiraj thanks him. All the constables leave. The Inspector asks Akhiraj about the bribe. Akhiraj gives him money and says it is upto you to safe me. The Inspector says one of the constable is honest and is relative of Jaipur’s DIG. Kundan gives him phone. He leaves from there with Akhiraj. Kundan is going to Nimboli’s room to torture her. Harki says she will settle scores with her and goes angrily to her room. She tries to beat her, but Disa stops her. Harki says she is born to ruin my home. Disa says she is not saying wrong and is saying the truth. She tries to beat her again. Disa stops her and says it is good for her. She says her life won’t be like us. Harki goes.

The Inspector talks to Gopal’s house with Akhiraj and blames them for accusing an innocent man. Gopal’s parents are shocked. Akhiraj acts as innocent and sympathizes with them. Gopal’s parents asks him to get scared of God. Gopal’s dad asks Kailash to call his dad. Kailash says my bapu said that he didn’t see any murder happened here. The Inspector shows the suicide letter and says it is of your son Gopal. Everyone is shocked. Nimboli and Disa hears them. The Inspector reads the fake letter. Everyone is shocked. Gopal’s mum says it is not written by Gopal. Kundan says your son might have left it for my sister. Gopal’s mum cries. Chaganlal falls on Inspector’s feet and says Akhiraj is lying. He asks him to get justice for him.

The Inspector says they need proofs. He says he can’t do anything as the body’s last rites is done. The Police leave. Akhiraj asks everyone to go. He looks angrily and goes inside the house. Chaganlal and his wife looks on weeping. Kailash tells Chaganlal that Akhiraj came to my house and threatened to kill us. He says Gopal was my friend and I couldn’t do anything for him. He apologizes to him. Kundan and Akhiraj smiles victoriously. Kundan asks them to go from there. Nimboli tells Disa, why Akhiraj is not punished for Gopal’s death. Disa says she needs an answer from Devimaa and asks when will he be punished. Akhiraj angrily shouts for Nimboli. Disa asks her to come with her. Nimboli asks what happened?

Akhiraj asks don’t you know. He asks you called me liar infront of the Inspector. Nimboli looks surprisingly and stares at him. Akhiraj asks why you are staring me. Nimboli says your nose is not swelling. Akhiraj slaps her hard. Disa apologizes to Akhiraj and asks Nimboli to go. Akhiraj pushes Disa and she gets hurt. Akhiraj tells her not to force him to cross lakshman rekha. Nimboli asks Akhiraj not to scold Disa, and beats her instead. Akhiraj looks on angrily.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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