Balika Vadhu 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi asking Abhi for Shivam. Abhi says Shivam said that he will stay in the guest room and not in his room. Nimboli tells Mangla that she is missing Kamli and Pushkar. Shivam tells Anandi that he won’t return to his room until Nimboli is in the house. Mangla tells Nimboli that she is also missing Jhalra and says nothing is here. Nimboli asks her to take her to Jhalra. Anandi tells Shivam that it is wrong. Shivam says Nimboli insulted me and haven’t come out of her room. Anandi says you have hurt her. Shivam says our family is facing problems because of her and says he is not a child anymore. Anandi tries to make him understand. Shivam asks her to throw Nimboli out else he will never go back to his room, and think that she loves Nimboli more. Anandi comes to Nimboli’s

room and sees the torn dress. She gets sad and talk to Shiv, apologizing him. She says I couldn’t do anything to unite our kids. She says our kids hate each other and asks Shiv to show the way. She looks at Shiv’s photo.

Kundan comes home and tells he is hungry since morning. Harki asks if he has done asthi visarjan in the river. Kundan is angry and tells that he don’t have any money. Harki says everything is in Kamli’s hands. Kundan says he will get everything from Kamli. He goes to Kamli and asks her to return his land and house papers. Kamli says it is mortgaged with me. Kundan says your debt is gone with Akhiraj. Kamli asks him to repay the money and then she will return the papers. She asks Kundan to work and earn money. Harki asks what did you say and gets angry on her. She says your dad would have scare and kill you like Urmi died. Kamli is shocked and recalls doctor’s sayings. She says thank god you told me this and says she is not upset with his death.

Anandi comes to meet Nimboli in the morning and is about to hug her, but Nimboli stops her and says I don’t like. Anandi asks what do you want to eat for breakfast? Nimboli says nothing. She asks her to take care of Shivam and go from there. Mangla comes and asks Nimboli not to talk to Anandi like that. Mangla says she will be fine and asks her not to feel bad about her behavior. Anandi says she came to call her for breakfast. Mangla asks her to send Nimboli’s breakfast to room. She thinks God has heard her plea and time has come to leave the house.

Kundan asks Harki why did you stop me? Harki says we have to keep our mouth shut and repents for telling her about Urmi’s death truth. She asks him to ask work from Nimboli and says once you understand Akhiraj’s work, then you will get everything. Anandi talks to Ganga and says she was wrong to keep their birthday’s today. Anandi says I should shift to Shiv Niketan again with Shivam, Nimboli and Mangla. She says Akhiraj is no more now. Mangla comes and says she will return to Jhalra. Anandi says I am taking this decision to bring two kids closer. Mangla says Nimboli is insisting to go to Jhalra. Jagya says Nimboli is a kid and asks her to understand. He says I don’t understand why you are insisting to go to Jhalra. Mangla says we will go for few days. DAdisaa says not for a single day also, and says you came here to bring Anandi and Nimboli together. She tells Anandi to take back her decision and says we will take care of Shivam and Nimboli. Mangla goes to her room. Jagya says Dadisaa is right and everything will be fine.

Kundan gets his head shaved and promises to Akhiraj that he will kill Jagya, Anandi, Nimboli, Mangla, and Kamli. Mangla thinks to do something to leave from haveli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. anandi she is brave, intelligent, problems solver in past but present days she becomes void..
    directors presents leading role in poor way and dumb, please give strength to anandi role.
    kundan role is useless but with help of kundan they are trying to drag the serial again this is we are expecting when akihiraj died…
    please put mangla role aside,far from nimboli life.

  2. Please stop the torture of Anandi!

  3. Guys in precap they didn’t mention that akhiraj is shown in mirror and removing his moustache

  4. There is no good in this serial.all that bad only

  5. Guys in precap they didn’t mention that akhiraj is shown in mirror and removing his moustache. There is no good in this serial.

  6. Hahaha funny… The way I read written updates
    first line
    10 line
    20th line
    30th line
    40th line
    Then precep

  7. Writers have no more masala so they are dragging n dragging…. so boring

  8. Omg…The writer has totally lost it. How much more stupid r they going to show anadi . No mother In real life behaves the way she is shown now a days. She was a strong role model but seems now she is a lost cause. More than them how much do the writer thinks people r to watch this stupidity and applause for it. Which mom will hide the truth when she sees her kids r drifting apart so badly. It’s funny first she was fighting for nimboli now she will be fighting for both the kids. I won’t be surprised if they even bring akhiraj back, cause that’s the reason they haven’t shown his face in the dead body. I think they will drag this nonsense till they find a new topic. Soooo done watching this stupidy. Bye bye Baika vadhu

  9. they are again showing akhiraj is alive
    don’t know when this crap ends…
    Plz stop this drastical dragging
    i even got bored and started hating this serial
    is haveli elders are dumb or what??

    nonsense plz dnt prolong story and atleast let make nimboli know her mom who is

  10. Shobha garrett

    I hate to be so critical, however this is being dragged. Time to bring Amol back and let’s start a new story line. I have been watching this show from the start and quite frankly I am getting quite annoyed.

  11. Shobha garrett

    As annoyed as I am. I still feel it is a great show. Has been an absolute eye opener for learning about child Bride! Disgusting but unfortunately does exist. Let’s learn from this. Also amazed at how the husband/son rules the roost, to a point. Very proud of Kamli. Omg. I just love Pushkar. Yes please bring Amol back.
    Also Dadisa is amazing. Love this show and would hate for it to
    End and also to lose viewers. Let’s pretend we are all a big family and families should stick together.
    Jai Mata Di

  12. Kill mangalas character. What a b*t*h if only she had a child of her own and someone took it then she would understand. But anyway its not the charectors fault its the twisted writers. What screwd lives they have. Two months of absence and still stuck in same place. Bring this to an end and give air time to new drama also please end sasural simer kaka. That aldo a liad of garbage.

  13. They are testing audience patience. Just don’t understand where this is going. They just want to drag….drag…and drag. Nothing else.

    Do you guys know the data when Mangla and Nandini came to haveli?

  14. Off late,I do not find anything virtous in this serial.Protagonist has become a weak role.Hero was killed.Many psychological disorders are being exhibited,especially,children.Not at all interesting,too much of delay in every scene.more negative impact and nothing leading to pleasure….

  15. To see this serial it proves that God doesn’t exist in this world….then what about chat mayia pooja,durga pooja in serial it showed if they would go to chart mayia pooja then nimboli will get anandi….

  16. Shobha garrett

    Hmmm! I didn’t think I would enjoy reading and being part of the views but I am finding this very interesting. Every opinion matters as does every Vote.
    Agreed Mangala has gon to the extremes. Perhaps Mangala should adopt a child of her own and give Nimboli back to Ananadi. I used to love Managal’s character, now it is questionable.

  17. I just hope Akhiraj kills Mangla…

  18. Better to end this serial

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