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Balika Vadhu 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi looking at Amol, Nandu and Mannu. Pandit ji tells them that kids’ bua will name the kids. Amol asks are we keeping the names suggested by Papa. Everyone get emotional. Daddu says we kept the names before itself. Pandit ji says the suggested names are good for the children. Daddu asks Saachi to tell the baby’s names in their ears. Saachi whispers in their ears. She names the kids as Shivam and Nandini. Everyone claps. Dadisaa congrats them. Saachi performs the rituals. Panditji asks them to bless the kids and give shagun to Saachi. Dadisaa blesses the kids and Anandi. She then gives Shagun to Saachi.

Daddu too blesses the kids and Anandi. He gives them silver chain with pendant. Alok takes the kids. Anoop takes kids from his hand and calls himself their Daddu.

They do the annaprashan ritual. Daddu says Nandini will be like Anandi and Shivam will be me, a foody. Anandi misses Shiv and thinks the kids will be identified by his given names. Dadisaa blesses them. She blesses Amol too. She says we will go now. Amol asks her to stay for some time. Dadisaa says tomorrow is a big day for me. I have to pass the test.

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Annual Function starts at Dadisaa’s school. Jagya is being invited on the stage as a chief guest. He thanks everyone. Niranjan asks everyone to get into the skin of the character until the play is done. He explains everyone and asks them to do it by heart. Everyone should feel the pain of Panna Dai. He asks them to get ready with the costumes. He goes out. All the girls see their dress torn. Dadisaa looks at her dress and gets shocked. Niranjan is shocked too. The announcement is made for the play by Dadisaa and her friends. The Principal tells Jagya that Dadisaa is very enthusiastic about the play. Dadisaa calls Gehna and Ganga and asks them to bring the clothes fast. Gehna and Ganga rush towards the school in jeep. Dadisaa’s friend says that next performance is theirs. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. Suddenly the jeep’s tyre gets punctured.

The announcement is made for Panna Dai’s play. Everyone clap for them. The seniors get happy thinking Dadisaa and her friends will not come on stage. Everyone wait for Dadisaa to come. Someone informs the Principal about it. He informs to Jagya. The lady announces that the play will be done in some time due to technical problems. Dadisaa and her team come on stage. The play starts……Dadisaa enacts the role of Panna Dai well. Everyone applaud for Dadisaa. Dadisaa folds her hand thanking the audience.

The ward boy asks Ganga to give medicines to ward no. 2 patient. He then makes her smell chloroform and gets her unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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