Balika Vadhu 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Disa knocking on Nimboli’s room. Nimboli opens the room and asks what happened? Disa asks didn’t you sleep? Nimboli says I was sleeping, but heard some noise and woke up. Kundan moves and makes some noise. Disa sees him running. Nimboli asks her to sleep with her and says she is scared. Kundan thinks Nimboli got saved once again because of Disa. He lie down on the bed and feels pain. He thinks she won’t be saved anymore.

Shivam talks and laughs with Jagya. Abhi comes and sees them laughing. Ganga asks him to have breakfast. Abhi refuses. Jagya asks him to have food. Abhi refuses. Anandi says I will be sad that Abhi will not eat hariyali dahi and raita made by me. Mannu says it is very tasty and asks him to come. Anandi asks him to taste it and brings him to the

dining table. Abhi sits for food. Jagya says it is good. Shivam likes it too. Abhi eats it smilingly. Mannu asks Ganga, can you come with me for shopping. Ganga says she is busy and asks him to wear something else. Jagya gives him money and asks him to buy with his choice. Mannu thanks him for trusting him. Ganga thinks I hopes you understand Abhi too.

Kundan feels pain in her legs. He wakes up and shouts seeing Disa. Disa tells that she heard the same shout from outside Nimboli’s room. He says he didn’t understand and tries to get up, but feels pain. Disa asks did you slip somewhere? Kundan says he was playing with his friends and got hurt. Disa says you are lying. Nimboli calls Disa and says shall I bring tea for you. Disa asks her to take tea to her room and says until Chagani comes, I will stay with you. Kundan hears it and is annoyed.

Akhira Singh calls Harki. Harki asks Nimboli to make tea fast. He tells her that the boy is coming to see Kamli now. Nimboli gets shocked and the glass falls from her hand. Harki scolds her. Akhira Singh warns her not to do any drama infront of boy’s family else….Harki scolds Nimboli again. Nimboli apologizes. Harki asks her to clean the house and then come for cooking. She reminds her that guests are coming to see Kamli. Harki prays that Kamli gets married. Nimboli hears her.

Kamli is resting on bed and recalls Gopal’s assurance words that he will marry her. Kamli thinks Gopal is right, he promised to marry me. I shall have faith on Gopal. Nimboli comes and hugs her. Kamli asks what happened? Nimboli tells that a boy is coming to see you. Kamli gets shocked and cries saying no. Nimboli asks her not to cry and consoles her. Kamli says she will die, but not marry anyone else other than Gopal. Nimboli hugs her and assures that she will do something.

Disa comes to her room after bathing. Akhira Singh opens the room door and stares her. He tells that boy’s family is coming to see Kamli. Disa tells that she won’t come infront of them. Akhira Singh stares her and says ok. He leaves.

Nimboli recalls repairing Akhira Singh’s scooter and gets an idea. She comes outside and takes out petrol from his scooter. She hears Akhira Singh’s voice and hides. She then takes out the petrol and stains the stairs with it. She comes to the kitchen. Harki asks her to make juice and work fast. Nimboli serves the juice in the glass and then silently adds chilli powder in one glass. Harki turns and asks what are you doing? Nimboli gets shocked.

The groom’s family comes home. Nimboli informs Akhira Singh. The groom falls down. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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