Balika Vadhu 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lawyer coming to meet Anandi and Mangla. He tells that Nimboli’s statement is vital to the case and it will turn the case in their favor. Disa worries about Nimboli’s statement and tells lawyer that she don’t want to disturb the little girl. Anandi suggests him to take Nimboli’s statement separately outside the court. The lawyer agrees and says he will think about it. Akhiraj tells his lawyer that he left no proofs when he killed his brother. Disa tells that she has proof against Akhiraj and tells Akhiraj has the anklets which her husband used to wear it. She says she has kept it safely in Jhalra. She tells the murderer name is Kisna and says she couldn’t forget his name. Akhiraj tells lawyer that the villagers are aware of Gopal’s murder and he killed him

infront of all.

The lawyer asks him to keep Gopal’s parents away from court, and also asks him to manage to keep the villagers silent, else he will get punishment in court. Akhiraj grabs his collar and threatens him. The lawyer says I don’t mean that and says you have to handle the villagers. Akhiraj tells Harki that he will get minimum imprisonment, and tells her that Gopal’s parents should leave the village. He asks her to get them scared through Damodar. Harki asks if Nimboli gives statement against you. Akhiraj gets angry and asks her to do what he said. He says Damodar will handle Mangla and Nimboli. Harki says they are staying in Jagya’s house and asks how will Damodar reach there. Akhiraj says Damodar will not go, but Anandi and Nimboli will come to him. He says travelling is difficult now a days and can be dangerous too. Harki looks on.

Disa thinks what will happen when Nimboli comes to know about Anandi being her mum. Anandi comes to her and asks if she talked to Nimboli. Disa says she is not convinced. Anandi says they will be with her. Disa tells that she will explain and says you have to give testimony in court. Anandi explains to her that it is like panchayat and its name is court. Nimboli asks why I shall be present there. Anandi says court will asks questions to her about Akhiraj, Harki and Kundan. Nimboli asks if Akhiraj will be there?

Nimboli gets scared and hugs Disa. She refuses to go to court and face them. Disa looks at Anandi. She asks Nimboli not to get scared and asks her to tell everything truly. Anandi nods.

Anandi, Nimboli and Disa sit in the car and leaves. Harki thinks they will meet with an accident. Anandi sees a man on the road and stops the car. She gets down and asks if they need any help. The men standing there attacks Anandi and she faints. Disa gets down the car and shouts. The goons hold Disa. Disa shouts Nimboli to run. Nimboli runs to escape from the goons, while the goons follow her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Funny before director showed that anandi can fight with men but in the redcap…

    1. Yes this is so true lets see what happened !!!

      1. Hmmm… This director is making the story waste of time… Maybe disa will die before that she will say nimboli…

  2. U cant believe it friends….. I went to see balika vadhu at the time of precap of next episode… And i became so happy i dint miss anything in this 30 min of episode….
    Almost Same precap for last 7 days….

    Just switch ON Tv at 8:28 pm…. And u get everything….

    1. Yes i agree wit u! Same precap for one whole week… then why shud we waste time in watching the show for 30 minuts… the writers itself gave us ideas! ???

    2. I too agree with you because I will usually see balika vadhu in such a way only

  3. Really, mangla is very selfish. She hides the truth that annadi is her real mom. Other hand akiraj is very bad fellow he always does negative and he escapes from the punishment. I wanna waits to see that mangla should die.. ( exit to this show) annadi and nimboli ( Nandini) should know about the mangala.. ,

  4. Twice in a month reading tellyupdate is more then enough.. Such a fool I was for last 6 I become wise..

  5. Even I’m not watching serial.. Just three minutes of reading telly updates is enough.. Hmmm!

  6. a serial that started as a very progressive n socially relevant one has now been reduced to a vehicle fr taking viewers intelligence fr a ride.imagine anandi mangala n nimboli despite dangers they expect leave fr the court all by thrmselves unescorted .come on mr.director

  7. Yeah guys I totally agree. Shud stop watching the serial, I prefer reading telly updates. Atleast I dont have to waist half an hour watching this serial

  8. anandi faced so many problems in her life…. Court work means danger.. All knows yaar….
    How could anandi dint get common sense not to come out from vehicle…
    Its obvious akhiraj will not allow nimboli to reach court….

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