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Balika Vadhu 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saachi informing her family that nothing is fine between Vivek and her. She tells them everything that Vivek is suspecting her of having an affair with her boss and have been accusing her for the same. Everyone get tensed and shocked. Saachi says I am fortunate enough that Suman understands me and thinks Vivek will realize my value if I stays here. Meenu says arguments do happens between husband and wife, but this relation is not weak to break easily.Subhadra says you have done a good thing that you left the job. Alok asks her to stop it and asks Saachi to join her job. Anoop says if Saachi wants to keep Vivek happy then she shall not work. Meenu says we will talk later about it, Saachi needs rest now. Subhadra goes to bring hot milk for Saachi. Alok comes to Saachi’s

room and says he will talk to Ira. Meenu says we are all with you. Alok says we will talk and try to find a solution. Meenu agrees with Alok and asks Saachi not to worry.

Anandi serves tea to Daddu and Shiv. Shiv nods at Daddu. He sees Dadisaa doing her homework and smiles. He says I am feeling good. Jagya says she is very particular about studies. Daddu gets impressed with her. Dadisaa asks him about his studies. Daddu jokes that he used to bunk classes. Dadisaa tells them that she is weak in english. Jagya says she feels uncomfortable learning english and says one day you will speak fluent english. He leaves. Daddu tells her to leave her fear. Dadisaa says you are right. Daddu jokes about english. Dadisaa says it is a funny language. Shiv is surprised. They laugh.

Jagya comes to meet Sona, who informs him about seeing goon at his haveli. Jagya says I was tensed so came to meet you. I am surprised and angry now. Sona says don’t know whom to trust. She says sorry as she was about to leave yesterday night without informing him. Jagya says you did right thing. Sona asks him to search a job for her so that she can become independent. She says I wants to take care of my son’s responsibility. Jagya says I will search a job for you. He leaves.Jagya says I won’t mind if you don’t attend the wedding. Sona gets impressed with his goodness.

Jagya tells Ganga about Sona informing him about the goon attending Gehna’s function. Ganga says I don’t know who was he? Jagya says don’t know. Ganga feels bad for Sona. Jagya realizes that he needs to get ready Niranjan for marriage. Ganga says Nandu said he will get him ready. Jagya feels pity on Niranjan as Nandu is helping him. Nandu asks Niranjan to come out. Niranjan comes wearing sherwani and turban. Nandu compliments his looks and says you are looking handsome. Niranjan says fitting is not good. Nandu asks him to sit and rehearsal. Niranjan complies. Nandu compliments him again. Niranjan gets happy and touched. He hugs him.

Anoop is jogging early morning and stops to have tea. One lady comes and asks Anoop to buy spice and pappad. Anoop asks will you work for me. The lady is shown to be the one working in the NGO. She asks Anoop will I get bonus? Anoop says ok and buys the achaar. He gives her money and asks her about workers. He says Anandi is very soft hearted woman and will not do anything. I will give them good salary. She leaves.

Shiv pulls Anandi closer to him and have a romantic eye lock. He says we will go and attend the wedding, but have to keep off an evil eye. He asks her to stand straight and kisses on her cheeks. Anandi smiles while the Rajastani song plays………..Anandi asks what is this? Shiv says no need to worry now. They smiles. Anandi applies kajal on him and kisses him. Shiv hugs him.

Dadisaa asks Ganga to hurry up. Nandu comes and shouts throwing the aarti thali while everyone looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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