Balika Vadhu 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Disa thinking about Anandi giving her visiting card once and searches for her card. She thinks she will tell everything to Anandi about child marriage at her home. Nimboli comes to Disa and asks her to comb her hairs. Disa thinks she might have to leave Nimboli, if she chooses to protect Urmila. She hugs Nimboli and thinks she can’t forgive herself as she couldn’t protect Urmila. Mannu argues with Ganga and tells her that Pooja is his wife and will stay with him. Ganga tells that this is not marriage. Dadisaa says they shall solve this matter right here and calls Anandi asking her to bring Pooja and Sarita to haveli. Mannu thinks they will stay together always.

Once Pooja and Sarita come with Anandi, Dadisaa tells that Mannu wants to stay with Pooja, but we

didn’t think that it is right. Pooja says he is right, as we are married and shall stay together. Anandi says this time is not right, your marriage is not legal as you are under age. The pandit ji who performed your marriage has been arrested. Mannu says you people knew well that we love each other, and want to separate us. I don’t know if our marriage is legal or not, but we got married infront of Devimaa and I filled her maang with sindoor. Why we can’t stay together.

Jagya says legally your marriage is null. Mannu says I was wrong to think that you will accept our marriage. He holds Pooja’s hand asking her to come. Ganga stops him and says I won’t let you go, also I will not let you stay with Pooja. Mannu says did you call us here, so that you can separate us. Anandi says I brought you here as this family is yours and they love you. Anandi asks Mannu to build his career before starting life with Pooja. She says they will get them married at the right time. Ganga is irked. Mannu says they want to talk to each other before taking any decision.

Ganga tells Anandi, why did you promise to get them married later. Anandi says don’t you think about Mannu’s happiness. Ganga says she can’t let Mannu do any mistake. Sarita says their families doesn’t match with each other and says they will be separated. Jagya says it is good for them. Nimboli comes to Urmila and tells that she heard about Disa and her conversation. Kundan comes. Nimboli asks why did he beat Urmila? Kundan holds her neck. Nimboli takes out knife and threatens to kill him if he troubles her or Urmila. Kundan gets angry. Nimboli leaves.

Kundan comes to Urmila and says he loves her. He asks her not to be friendly with Nimboli. Urmila turns her face. Kundan puts an ointment on her hand and blows on her wound.

Pooja tells Mannu that Anandi can’t do any injustice with them. Mannu says what do you want to say? How can we stay without each other till we get 18 years old. Pooja says we will be in Jaitsar, and will meet each other. He asks what about our feelings? Pooja says they have to control. She says she lied to her mum that they didn’t consummate their marriage. Mannu says okay, you did right. We will agree to their sayings.

They go outside and tell their decision. Anandi tells that their decision is right. Sarita takes Pooja with her, while Mannu keeps looking at her while she leaves. Dadisaa smiles pacifying Mannu. Disa and Chagani are seen sitting sadly. Disa tells that she couldn’t do anything for Urmila. Nimboli comes and tells her that she warned Kundan to behave well with Urmila. She says she will take his class if he behaves badly with Urmila. Disa tells Chagani that they were in thinking, but Nimboli confronted Kundan.

Harki sees blood stains outside Disa’s room. Chagani thinks Disa trick worked. Akhiraj comes to haveli and greets Dadisaa. Dadisaa tries to recollect seeing him before.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think in future they will show pooja pregnent, as a conquence of child marrage . something, which will make her relize of mistake.

  2. Godd…. Disgusting serial… Dialy watching with a hope that anandi n nimboli will meet this day etc… May be it will not happen in this year it seems… M tired of watching it.. ?

    1. I agree with u totally. Either we watch or give up totally.

  3. Getting fed up with the same story lines,waiting for Anandi and Nimboli to meet,shall stop watching if you don’t solve this problem.

  4. it is getting long and longer now they have one more story of manu and pooja to show

    stories of nimboli, pooja urmila will take many episodes

  5. Could someone pls explain this nimboli track to me . Hw did Anandhi nd nimboli get separated nd r they both in the same village or different villages.

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