Balika Vadhu 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki coming to terrace silently in night. Akhiraj opens the door. Harki gives him food. Akhiraj asks if everything is fine? Harki massages his feet and says if it will be good to sleep here. Akhiraj says everyone will keep eye on the way, but I am here. He asks her to go from there and says he will inform her tomorrow. She asks him to have food. Kamli sees Harki coming there secretly, and suspects her. Anandi gives gel pens to Shivam. Shivam thanks her. Anandi says I can do anything for my Shivam. Shivam asks her to take him to watch new film in the theatre. Anandi agrees and asks him to finish home work first after coming from school. Harki serves the food in the plate and takes silently in the morning. Kamli follows her, but something falls down which alerts Harki. Harki

aks why you are following me. Kamli asks why you are taking breakfast hidingly. Harki says it is my breakfast. Kamli says really, and asks if it is for Akhiraj. Harki laughs and says if your bapusaa was here, then I would have been very much happy, asks her to trust her. Kamli says you are my mum and asks her to make Akhiraj understand to surrender himself. Harki says I don’t need any enemy as you are here. She keeps food in her plate after cursing her.

Akhiraj comes inside the house. Harki gets scared thinking Kamli might see him. Akhiraj says he is not afraid of anyone and thinks he will kill his enemies. He opens the door and walks out to leave. He sees Kundan sleeping in his room and smiles. He turns and sees Urmila standing. She shouts. Akhiraj keeps hand on her mouth suffocating her and threatens to kill her with rifle. Urmila gets shocked. Akhiraj threatens her and then pushes her. Urmila gets shocked. Akhiraj leaves. Urmila feels pain in her stomach. Kamli brings tea for Pushkar and asks him to drink it. Urmila comes to her room while being in extreme pain. Kamli makes her sit. Urmila says she is getting labor pains. Kamli says this is your seventh month and calls Mangla. Disa asks her to take to village hospital. Harki hears her and asks her to call Dai. Kamli refuses and goes. Mangla prays for safe delivery.

Harki thinks she will take care of Kundan’s son and smiles. Doctor comes out and informs Kamli and Harki that she couldn’t save Urmila and her baby. Kamli and Harki are shocked. Kamli asks what you are saying? Doctor says I am sad to say this. Kamli says this is not truth. Kamli cries and says she was fine till morning. Doctor says Urmila got some shock which took away her life. Kamli cries. Harki thinks Urmila has taken my son’s baby with her. Doctor asks Kamli to take Urmila’s body after signing on the papers. Harki acts to cry and says my grand son is dead. Pushkar asks about Urmi. Harki says she is dead. Pushkar cries with Kamli.

Nimboli and Mangla are sewing the blanket for Urmila’s baby. Nimboli is very excited. Servant informs Mangla that someone called her. Mangla runs to attend the call. She asks Kamli if everything is fine. Kamli cries and tells her that Urmila and her son are dead. Mangla says this can’t happen and asks if she is saying truth. Kamli says everything is finished. Mangla is shocked.

Mangla cries and informs Nimboli that Urmila is dead. She asks Anandi to take her to Jhalra. Nimboli says she also wants to come. Akhiraj calls haveli and says he wants to talk to Anandi. Dadisaa informs him that Anandi went to Jhalra. Akhiraj thinks he will not leave Anandi and her daughter now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. create some new na………..and dnt continue the concept of mangala behaviour plzz…it will affect in public …..

  2. Yes Taraji is correct,do something new and unite Anandi with her Nandini.

  3. Yes, disa behavior is annoying to watch. Plz stop it

  4. new era started in balika vadhu…this is revenge time but revenge not succeed.
    urmi unexpected death? mangla at least realize for that, unite nandini with anandi.
    anandi try to stop child marriage that’s why she lost her daughter, try to understood anandi pain!
    balika vadhu team elaborates child marriage problems very nicely, congrats to you.
    problems are focused but solutions are to need to avoid early/child marriages.
    educate girls, respect to girls….!! stop child marriages

  5. I think a lot of progressive issues have already been covered in the serial, so far. It,s high time, the serial is wound up on a positive note.

    COLORS channel should now set an example by pioneering short serials with solid progressive and realistic content, that can cover about 30 episodes. Surely the TRPs would rise through this bold move.

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