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Balika Vadhu 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya asking Mannu, where did he go? If he went to meet Pooja? Sarita comes and says yes. She tells Mannu was celebrating Teej with Pooja in my house and they did all the arrangements. Mannu accepts to have celebrated Teej with Pooja and says she is his wife. Ganga says they don’t accept the marriage. Mannu tells their relation will be forever. He tells they will marry once they reach maturity. He asks Dadisaa, what he would have done and asks if she agrees to let him celebrate Teej with him. Sarita says no, she refuses to let him celebrate any festival with him. Mannu says you can’t separate us and I will see what you could do. Everyone is tensed.

Akhiraj talks to Pushkar sweetly. Kamli is puzzled about his behavior. Harki asks Pushkar to sit and scolds Nimboli

asking her to bring tea. Pushkar tries to button his shirt and drops the button on ground mistakenly. Kamli asks him to wear other kurta. Once he goes inside, Akhiraj tells he feels bad seeing her condition. He tells you are burdened with responsibilty after your inlaws death and asks how you will handle alone. He tells we are with you always being your parents, and will help you. Harki nods. He gives her legal papers and asks to sign on the papers. Disa comes and is shocked. Akhiraj and Harki ask Kamli to sign on the papers.

Kamli asks how you will take up my burden and what is the plan. He tells I know you are caretaker of your husband’s property, and I will handle everything. Harki says your father thought everything about you. Kamli says I know. Nimboli brings tea and asks where is Pushkar? Harki asks her to fetch water. Akhiraj and Harki ask her to sign fast. Kamli pours tea on the papers shocking Akhiraj and Harki. Akhiraj asks what you have done? Kamli says I did by mistake, and says this mistake will be repeated if you brings this papers to me. She tears the papers and looks in his eyes angrily. Akhiraj gets angry and says you will argue with me.

Kamli says yes, and tells it is enough now. She says she will handle her property. She tells my sasur was very understanding man and made me caretaker after lot of thinking. She says she can take care of Pushkar and his property. She tells Pushkar is not mad, but innocent and can protect her when the right time comes. She asks him not to be clever. Disa smiles. Akhiraj says you are staying in my house and eating my rotis. Kamli says I will leave your house right now. Akhiraj says you and your husband will come to my house by rubbing the nose. He tries to slap her, but Pushkar comes and holds his hand asking him not to raise hand on his wife. Kamli feels proud. Disa smiles and gets teary eyed. Akhiraj gets stunned.

Kamli packs her stuff. Disa asks her to stay there for her protection. Disa asks him to think about Pushkar. Kamli says at one end is lake and other end is well. Harki informs Akhiraj that Kamli is packing her stuff. Someone calls Akhiraj and tells you have won 5 panch’s heart, and tells everyone is boasting about you. He says you are supporting your daughter and son in law at this moment and says they are proud of him. Akhiraj tells Harki that they have to stop Pushkar and Kamli and shares his plan with her. Harki comes and asks Nimboli to stop Kamli from leaving. Kamli and Pushkar are leaving the house. Akhiraj acts softly and asks her not to leave the house. He tells his tongue is bitter, but intentions are right. He says it is my right to protect you. He gives all house and locker keys to her and says you are owner of the house now. Kamli looks on.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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