Balika Vadhu 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga informing the girls that they have to fly the kite. Nidhi says we shall compete. Mannu comes and says no one will fly the kites here. Everyone gets shocked. Mannu says there will be no competition. Shivam asks the girls to compete with them. Ganga looks at Mannu and Pooja. Sarita takes Ganga’s permission. She asks the girls and boys to show their strength. Ganga is irked. Sarita asks Ganga to enjoy.

Mannu flies the kite. Pooja also flies the kite with her friends. Pooja looks at Mannu. They have an eye lock. Mannu cuts Pooja’s kite and gets happy. Gopal gets down the pipe and is sad. He is leaving from the place and thinks to write letter. He writes a letter and is about to throw in Kamli’s room, just then Akhiraj Singh comes and eyes him angrily. Gopal

starts walking. Akhiraj stops him and asks why did you come here? He asks him to change his shoes. Gopal agrees. Akhiraj Singh goes to his home.

Anandi tells Dadisaa that she is thinking to meet Phooli. Dadisaa asks her to meet and says she will go home. Jagya says he will go to hospital. Pooja sees Mannu blowing on his finger and gets concerned. She rushes to him and sees his injured finger. She goes and brings first aid box. She puts an ointment. Abhi asks her to put big bandage.

Mannu says he wants to say something. Pooja asks is it necessary. Mannu says yes, I love you Pooja…….Pooja is happy and looks at him smilingly. Mannu says I am not joking, I am really serious. Pooja gets shy and says me too. Bindiya makes some plan with boys and girls. Pooja and Mannu keeps looking at each other. Ganga sees Pooja and Mannu together and shouts Mannu.

Pooja and Mannu fell down. Ganga comes and asks what is it. Mannu says Shivam and Abhi must have tease them. Ganga asks them to come for lunch. Gopal recalls Kamli’s face and gets sad. His friend comes and talks to him. Gopal says he is feeling helpless as he couldn’t do anything. His friend asks what you will do now. Gopal says he doesn’t know. His friend asks him to elope with full preparation. He says he will help him.
Nimboli asks the cat to drink milk.

Kundan comes and asks her to come with him to the terrace. Nimboli asks why? Nimboli asks why you are troubling me. Pandit ji asks Akhiraj Singh to bring sindoor from the temple. Akhiraj says he will bring. Pandit ji says only a married woman should bring it. Akhiraj Singh says he will go with Harki and bring. Harki says she is busy. Pandit ji asks them to send Kundan’s wife.

Harki asks her why you didn’t fill your maang. Nimboli says Kundan ji threw water on me. He was asking me to come to terrace. Kundan argues. Pandit ji asks Kundan to go with Nimboli. Kundan agrees. Disa gets tensed and asks Akhiraj Singh to go with Nimboli instead. Akhiraj agrees. Nimboli goes with Akhiraj.

Akhiraj calls someone in the temple. Anandi hears his voice and turns back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Y disa is separating nimboli from kundan??

  2. Coz he is trying to get in**mate wit her

    1. But she is his wife… What’s wrong with it… ??

  3. gopal is going to die.suguna and kamli same character.please end this serial.same story

  4. hey hasan.. as u update daily, im also updating the same comment daily.. plz give us the meaning of the quote too which come at the end.
    Thank u

  5. I like pooja and mannu scenes it was lovely.kundan and nimboli is not good pair. nimboli is a small girl how can she marry in small age

    1. I watch balika vadhu for sparsh (kundan)

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