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Balika Vadhu 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj taking Devimaa’s promise and tells he didn’t do anything wrong in his life. Jagya says Devimaa might forgive you, but there is one more maa which will never forgive you. He moves and shows Anandi standing behind him. Anandi comes near Akhiraj angrily and slaps him hard. Akhiraj is stunned and tries to attack her, but the constable and Jagya stops him. Anandi says today God has given me answers to my prayers. She says you got my innocent girl married, and today God did justice to me by snatching your everything from you. She says you have one chance to do penance and asks where is my daughter? She holds his collar and asks where did Mangla took my daughter? Akhiraj asks her to move and smiles. He asks if I am stupid to tell you. He says I have lost everything,

but can win with one strong card. He says this is my planning and eloped with Nimboli on my sayings. Jagya says Mangla hates you and will not do such thing on your sayings. Akhiraj asks Anandi to hear him carefully and says if you really cares for your daughter then free me from here. I will give her back to you. If you don’t agree then I will get her married to old man or sell her in market. Anandi gets angry and grabs his collar. Jagya asks Anandi to calm down and tells he is lying to get out from here. Anandi stares him before lying. Akhiraj smirks.

Later Anandi gets worried about Nimboli. She says don’t know what is right? She says don’t know where did Mangla take my daughter? I don’t know what she is going to do with your daughter and wonders what will happen. Jagya says one thing is sure that Mangla will not hurt Nandini as she loves her very much. Anandi asks where to find her? Jagya says I think we have to return to Jaitsar. Anandi refuses to leave from Jhalra without her daughter. Jagya says we have to go back to Jaitsar and think about the ways to get her. Anandi says I will not go without my daughter. Anant says Jagya is right. We will try to find her and can come back when we get the news. Just then Jagya’s gets Dadisaa’s call. Ganga asks Dadisaa to sleep as it is late night. Anandi comes back to haveli and cries hugging Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks her not to cry and says everything will be fine. She says Jagya told me everything and I was shocked. Anandi says Nandini was right infront of me, but I didn’t identify my daughter. Mannu comes there and hears her. Anandi tells about Nimboli’s sufferings at Akhiraj’s house.

Dadisaa says she saw many troubles in such a small life, and says she is very strong. She says we will get her very soon. Ganga says time has come to meet Nandini. Anandi says I will search her at any cost. Anandi says I will go to Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa asks her to stay there tonight. Even Ganga insists. Anandi says Shivam is alone there. Anant says he will drop Shivam here. Jagya says I will go with Anant and bring Shivam. Anandi asks them not to tell anything to Shivam. Jagya agrees. Anandi cries thinking about Nandini. Nimboli is seen with Disa. Shivam asks Anandi about Nandini, and asks her to call Nandini. Anandi says we didn’t get her. She says that girl was not Nandini….Shivam says will we get her or not. Anandi says we will get her very soon, and promise him to bring her home. Abhi tries to cheer up Shivam and says we will have fun. Dadisaa tries to cheer up Anandi and tells you will meet Nandini soon. Anandi keeps her head on her shoulder and looks on with hope.

Harki comes to meet Akhiraj at Police station and tells about Jagya and Anandi coming to their house in search of Nandini. Akhiraj says they shall not find her under any circumstances. Anandi promises Shiv that she will bring Nandini home. Disa takes Nimboli to someone house and smiles happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am gng to stop cing this serial..just getting irritating by cing the show is still dragging …uffff..everyone is getting irritated y dont the writers dont get that..y dont they meet anandi and nandini and end the serial.

  2. So true. How much longer do they think this story will last?

  3. Ya very irritating.. nonsense.. disa… how can she be soo selfish..she can request anandi to stay with nimboli.. just dragging the story..

  4. I think all Indian serials are rubbish nowadays Balika vadu still Nimboli waiting to be reunited with Sunday 1,hour episode and even day she will not going to be reunited what hell going on not one Indian serials has any sense RUBBISH turn them off

  5. Yes,too much of dragging

  6. de ce va lalaiti atata?
    incepeti sa va pierdeti farmecul povestii?

  7. deja bateti campii!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. They should just meet up Anandi and Nandani and show what goes on in their life like nimboli’s reaction to new clothes and going to school and video games and also shivam!!

  9. boring……

  10. balika vadhu is very different from other serials in many aspects. then what is the need to drag it like this just as any other serial? maintain the uniqueness please

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