Balika Vadhu 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi feeling bad for Mangla stay in the mental asylum, and shares her idea with Ganga and Jagya. She says Mangla can get fine if we bring Nimboli here. Jagya says you can be right, but you said that Mangla couldn’t recognize Nimboli when you took her to haveli. Ganga says Nimboli hates Mangla. Anandi says I know, but I don’t want Nimboli to have any hatred for her. Mangla is seen with her doll. Anandi looks on. Nimboli shows her note book to Anandi and says she has completed her home work. She says you want me to meet Disa in the hospital, but I don’t want to meet her. Nimboli says I told her always that I want to meet my real mum, but she kept me away from you. Anandi says I know she lied to you, but she loves you very much. She says Mangla took care of you since you

was small. She loves you more than me, and says she did all this to keep you with her, but she lost you. Nimboli gets teary eyes and recalls Mangla’s love. Anandi tells her that Nimboli was shocked and got mad in her love. She asks can you help her get well. She says Mangla loves you madly and you are her life. Nimboli agrees to help her and says Disa is very bad, and you are so good. She says Disa have done so much bad with you, but you are asking me to help her. I wouldn’t have gone if not you asked me. Anandi gets teary eyes.

Next day Anandi brings Nimboli to mental hospital and explains to her. She says until Mangla gets fine, she has to stay here. She says Mangla will be fine if you meet her occasionally. An old lady holds Nimboli’s hand and reacts badly. Nimboli gets scared. Anandi says nothing have happened and asks her to come. Nimboli sees mentally ill people there. Nimboli tells Mangla that she is Nimboli. Mangla says her Nimboli is with her and asks her to go. Pushkar informs Kamli that Anand Maharaj have went from Jhalra. Kamli says Harki and Kundan are also not at home and wonders where did they go?

She says I will call Police. Just then Kamli gets a call and she picks it. Harki is on other end, and says we have gone on a teetra yatra. Kamli says you have gone too, and says we have become lonely. Harki asks where is Mangla? Kamli says Anandi took her with her. Harki disconnects the call. She informs Akhiraj that Anandi took Mangla to Jaitsar. Akhiraj is happy and thinks it would be more fun now.

Deenu meets Jaitsar villager and thanks them for giving a good house for Anand Maharaj. Jagya’s car is stopped and the Inspector informs him that Baba Anand Maharaj have reached here. Akhiraj’s car comes just then. He is hiding his face with a mask on his nose and mouth. Akhiraj couldn’t see Harki and Kundan as they hide their faces. All the devotees says baba ji ki jai.

Nimboli asks Shivam about 2’s table. Dadisaa and Anandi smiles happily. Dadisaa says they should stay together and happily. Dadisaa tells that there was no traffic jam. Jagya tells them about Anand maharaj visit in the village. Dadisaa says I will go and asks Anandi to come. Anandi says I have two – three meetings. Dadisaa asks Jagya to come. Jagya says okay.

Akhiraj tells Harki and Kundan that he will take his revenge by becoming baba Anand Maharaj and says everyone will die in that haveli. He says my enemies will cry more tears than you both. Harki and Kundan nods. He says once this news reach that old lady that I am here, she will come running to me for the darshan. He asks them to get ready and shares his plan with them. Harki and Kundan nods smilingly. Akhiraj smiles.

Precap for Wednesday Episode:
Dadisaa and Nimboli come to meet Anand Maharaj along with Mannu. Kundan compromises with their car’s brakes. Mannu tells Nimboli and Dadisaa that brakes have failed. Nimboli asks if we will die?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shobha garrett

    Oh Jeez! Here we go again.

  2. How come Mannu is shown driving d vehicle??? Is the RTO rules changed?? Can a fifteen year old possess a driving licence??????

  3. This Akhiraj character is a confused character… sometimes he doesnt think for a wink n tries strangulating harki n sometimes shows its for harki he is taking a revenge on badi haveli people…send him to d asylum….

  4. Can someone tell me what happened to d second issue of jagdish n gouri??? When jagdish left Gouri she was carrying?? Inbetween she comes as an accident patient n a new face is given to her but nothing was shown about her child… writers themselves forget what they had written… lol

    1. Hi dr..
      I think she aborted her the past while she came to knw abt child after jagadish left her she became upset and decided to not to tell abt child to jagadish and decided to abort child..

      1. She thought of abortion(don’t know if she really did abortion). Once jagya went to her office to apologize but goiri refused to see him. So never get surprised if one day gouri returns with her teenage child.

      2. Thanks Sukanya Ganga Mani n Sarayu for ur replies… I just remember jagdish n ganga getting officially married when Gouri’s tauji comes n reveals all the truth about Gouri to Jagdish n he deserts her n leaves for Jaitsar n Gouri faints n then in hospital she comes to know she is pregnant again n her parents feel that d child will make Jagdish forgive her n settle with her… after that episode Gouri is closed chapter n vanished in thin air n focus was on anandi shiv marriage n Jagya trying to break it… in BV characters vanish n never get back…let it be bhairon sumitra gehena sugna phuli shiv’s whole family… story kahan suru hui kahan pahunchi… is akhiraaj ko bhi kyun gayab nahi karte….

    2. Gauri aborted the child, I dont remember the exact episode, but it was something when her mother came to know about her pregnancy she was happy as she thought the child is the reason to bring jagya back, but gauri was not at all interested anything what reminds her about jagya

    3. Nothing is shown about amol too anandi shiv adopted him with so much love and amol too loved them a lot after some time he went off with his real parents then wats next , did Amol never wanted to see Anandi again after he grows up and wat abt Anandi , if Writers want to make serial interesting let the old characters should be dumped bk , if shiv family would cm bk to see nimboli then story wil be nice , Ira woh anandi ki tarah pagal nahi hai do din mein mangla ko nimboli ki life se nikaal degi ….instead of daily introducing new stupid characters writers please use some common sense and make serial end soon with some sensible story..

  5. sarayu (honey)

    after jagya left, gauri aborted her baby as she don’t want any thing which reminds her of jagya

  6. Ấu nầu … kịch bản như sit

  7. Hi shiv… me bari aahe… are u maharastian??? Where are u from??? Thanks for dat lovely msg… but I m criticised at many places for fighting against crime done against women.. my boldness isnt like n appreciated… but was happy atleast there are still people like YOU GANGA N FEW OTHERS HERE WHO ARE SOCIALLY CONCERN.. THANKS ALOT

  8. no! she didn’t abort her child. actually sge was obsessed with anandi that she is snatching jagya from ger so she was driving rashly and talking to anandi on phone, that’s when accident happened and she lost her child.and both jagya and gauri blamed anandi for that.

    1. Sorry… for ur kind information…. yes indeed Gouri lost her first issue but we are talking of her second issue…Gouri was pregnant for second time when she was getting married to jagya after d divorce of Jagya N Anandi… Jagya leaves her n till date is unware thwt Gouri was carrying for the second time….

    2. A.D That was before jagta left Gauri. After he left Gauri she was again pregnet n was thinking to abort the chaild

  9. Sorry… for ur kind information… yes Gouri had met with an accident n lost her baby but dats her first issue… when she n Jagya were officially getting married after Jagya got divorced from Anandi she is exposed by her own uncle n Jagya leaves her… she faints n then she comes to know she is pregnant for second time…till date Jagya is unware of this issue of Gouri…

  10. Sorry to reply again as my first reply didnt get uploaded….

  11. Jagdish did bad with gauri.

    1. Gouri didnt do good either… tali ek hath se kabhi nahi bajti… hamesha mard galat ho aur aurat sahi yeh jaruri nahi… these days women to do injustice… a society is healthy when men n women are treated equal as well as when balanced equal when it comes to justice n punishment…

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