Balika Vadhu 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 28th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Daddu and Ira praising Saachi’s hand made tea. Vivek comes. Daddu tells them that he came to talk something. He folds his hand and thanks them for forgiving his parents. He says, it might be difficult for you all. Ira says, yes. It was difficult for us but then Saachi made us understand that it was wrong to take revenge and that’s why we took the complaint back. Saachi says, if you thank me then I will thank you too. Saachi and Vivek look in each other’s eyes. Daddu asks Saachi to get tea for Vivek.

Ganga is waiting for Jagya in the hospital. Ratan Singh’s mom asks him to have the food. He looks at Ganga and Mannu. He takes Mannu from Ganga’s hands. He tells Mannu, I am your bapu. Ratan Singh’s mom tells Ratan that Mannu has become thin. Ganga feels

pain. Ratan’s dad says, Mannu will forget Ganga soon and will become ours. Ratan Singh says, I will teach him gun shooting after releasing from jail. Dadisaa asks nurse to tell Doctor to treat Mannu first so that they can send Ratan Singh back to Jail. Ganga takes her son back. Ratan Singh refuses to help Mannu and asks the police to take him back. Jagya folds his hand and apologizes on behalf of Dadisaa. Ratan Singh agrees and warns them not to talk with her bitterly. Jagya asks him to let the doctor do the check up first.

Dadisaa thinks, she should have kept quiet. Anandi tells Ira about Ratan Singh’s check up for the bone marrow transplant. Anandi prays for Mannu’s life as the chances are just 25%. She did some exercises on Amol. Amol asks, can I walk? Anandi says, you will run also. Ira says, I can’t run after you. Don’t run first.

Anandi tells Ira that she have to go for her NGO work. Ira says, how you will go as no one is at home. Anandi calls Shiv and asks him to send his car. Shiv says, he is outside Udaipur. She tells him about some builder breaking old woman’s house. Shiv says, I will reach there. Anandi goes.

Anandi is standing on the road and waiting for an auto. She takes a lift from the cycle rider. Sumitra tells everyone that Ratan Singh is taking revenge on them. Bhairov asks Dadisaa not to worry. Sumitra says, tests are done.

Sumitra says, Ratan will take Mannu once he saves him. Basant says, we have to do for Mannu’s sake. Jagya comes, Bhairov asks about the test results. Anandi reaches the basti. Old lady is seen crying. NGO women tells Anandi that the builder didn’t agree and broke the house. Old lady cries. Anandi says, why did they break your house? She says, it is on their way. She assures to get justice for her. Shiv reaches the spot. Anandi tells Shiv that she didn’t come on time and couldn’t stop the demolition. Anandi asks the old woman to stay at the ashram.

Dadisaa thanks Devimaa as Jagya told Mannu can be saved. She tells Devimaa, why you have chosen Ratan Singh? She says sorry for getting angry. Sumitra gives her beads chain. Dadisaa takes it and thanks Devimaa. Daddu tells everyone that Anandi went on a bicycle for the social work and pulls her leg. He says, I am thinking to gift a bicycle to Anandi. Everyone smiles. Saachi says, I have decided to teach car driving to Bhabhi. Anandi says, but I have to get learning licence. Shiv says, you will get it but you have to take me on a long drive. Everyone laughs.

Jagya asks Ganga to give him wallet. Ganga is sitting silently. He asks, are you fine? Ganga says yes. She gives him wallet and handkerchief. He says, I know you are worried about Mannu. Ganga says, no. He will be fine after the transplant. He will be far away from me. They hate me but will like their grand son. She worries for Mannu. Jagya says, I know that we can’t stop Ratan Singh. We have to send Mannu anyhow. We will meet Mannu occasionally and will look out at him. He asks her to have faith on him. Ganga is pained.

Ratan Singh’s mom asks Ganga to give Mannu to them. Dadisaa stops her. Ratan Singh’s mom warns them saying Ratan can refused to help them. Anandi is seen arguing with the beggars over child beggar.

Update Credit to: H_HASAN

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