Balika Vadhu 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini giving strength to Yamuna and asks her to hide her pain for Sudha. Yamuna says Sudha’s life is in danger. Premal comes and shows the diya on his hand, says he has suffered with Sudha and lost their baby. Premal’s mum blames Nandini for killing Sudha’s baby and asks with whose permission you have operated her. She says this hospital have eaten our baby. Nandini says I tried to save her baby and took out poison. Premal asks her to stop it and says are you a doctor, no you are a butcher who has sacrificed your sister’s baby. Dr. Amit asks him to stop the drama and says you should be thankful to her as she has saved Sudha. Krish says you should be ashamed to blame her. Nurse informs her that Sudha has gained consciousness. Nandini is about to go. Premal says you will

not touch her now. Dr. Amit says she is a doctor. Premal’s mum says we don’t want her to treat Sudha as we don’t trust her. Nandini cries badly. Krish looks angrily at Premal. Nandini goes from there. Premal looks at the lamp and prays to God to kill Sudha. Abhayram looks on.

Sudha opens her eyes and sees Dr. Amit. She asks about her baby. Dr. Amit says I am sorry….Sudha is shocked and cries badly. .Dr. Amit looks sad. Sudha continues to cry. Nandini says I couldn’t save my sister’s baby being a doctor. Krish says sometimes there is nothing in our hand, atleast you have saved her. Nandini says how I will face her. She says I will not leave Sudha’s inlaws and will get them punished. Nandini calls Police. Abhayram comes to Sudha’s ward and tells her that Premal kept lamp on his hand and prayed for her. He says Nandini didn’t want your baby to born and that’s why killed your baby. He says your baby could have been saved if there is some other doctor. Sudha believes him. Abhayram says you are lucky to get Premal and his caring parents. He says I wish your sister loved you like you do and goes. Premal comes inside then and starts acting. He acts and consoles her with fake tears. He says thank God, you are fine. If anything would have happened to you, then I would have died. He asks her to forget everything and says I am with you. He says we will start afresh. Sudha falls in his trap. Premal acts sweet and says I don’t need anything now. Abhayram looks at them and smirks. Yamuna and Mr. Shekhawat come to ward and cry. Premal asks Sudha to tell something.

Nandini and Krish come there with Police Inspector. Nandini asks Sudha not to be silent or get afraid and asks her to tell the truth to Inspector. She asks her to tell and says we are all with you. Inspector says Police is for your protection and asks her to give statement. Nandini asks her to tell about the person responsible for her condition. Sudha thinks about her taunts to Nandini, and Abhayram’s words (strange, she is believing on a stranger). Sudha says my sister is responsible for my baby’s death. Everyone is shocked. Premal and his parents get happy. Abhayram smirks happily. Nandini says Sudha….Sudha says she couldn’t bear my happiness and have killed my baby. Inspector tells Nandini that her statement was something else. Sudha says she might have blamed my inlaws or Premal, but she is the one who is at fault. Yamuna asks what are you saying? Mr. Shekhawat is shocked too. Nandini cries.

Nandini cries and runs out of Sudha’s ward. She sees Dadisaa’s coming to her and is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow it’s super now…dadisa reenters into balika vadhu’s happy news..

    Dadisa helps to nandini for against odds…but dadisa appears only nandini that is twist…in social drama it is unexpected twist with Powerful and dynamic role of dadisa…kalyani ji…I’m waiting for your re-entry….

  2. I will love to watch dadisa again in balika vadhu!
    Though she is coming only in nandini’s dream!
    But i will love to watch her again
    Eagerly waiting?

  3. Dadisa is dead? Isn’t she? It must be her imagination

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