Balika Vadhu 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki stumbling while walking holding the aarthi. Kamli asks Kundan to let her hold the arthi and says Akhiraj was her dad too. Harki asks Kundan to let Kamli allow. Kamli calls Pushkar and holds the arthi. Again Harki stumbles. Sarpanch comes and holds the arthi. He says although Akhiraj had many friends, but no one came infront right now. He asks villagers to come and says they should no have enmity with dead man.

The villager hold the aarthi and take the dead body to the crematorium ground. Kundan looks at the aarthi and recalls the happenings. He says he will not give fire to Akhiraj’s dead body before killing Kamli. He says he will burn Kamli, and proceeds towards her, but Sarpanch and others hold him. Sarpanch asks him to learn a lesson from his father and says Akhiraj had same ego and behavior. Sarpanch warns Kundan that if does anything to Kamli or Pushkar then they will kick him out of the house and from their community.

Harki asks him to do Akhiraj’s last rites and leave from there. Mangla does some rituals and pours water on her head. Kundan gives fire to Akhiraj’s dead body. He cries. Everyone leave from there except Kundan and Harki.

Kundan tells Harki that his dad is dead and there is no one for him now. He says he will kill everyone. Harki slaps him and asks him to stand on his feet. She says Kamli is the owner of the house. Now my husband is dead. I don’t know how to live without him and cries. She says I have to learn for my Kundan. She promises to make Kundan brave (Also criminal) like him.

Mangla thinks about Akhiraj molesting her, and all the tortures which he did. She says I was waiting for the justice. She says her husband will get peace now. Nimboli is studying. Anandi comes and asks her to come with her. She says Sarpanch called me, so that I can inspire girls to study. Nimboli says okay. She opens the cupboard and gets a locket in Mangla’s stuff. She looks at Anandi and Shiv’s photo and wonders how did it come in Mangla’s stuff?

Mangla decides to return to Jhalra with Nimboli. Shivam complains to Anandi that Nimboli is having his locket. Nimboli asks Mangla to say.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. kundan will be the next villain in BV, next harki.
    mean while mangla plays stupid tricks anandi CRIES forever , if mangla knows anandi previous life and struggles MANGLA NEVER CHANGED its 100% dam sure

  3. Daily am wasting so much time like
    Arguing with idiots,playing worst game like candy crush,reading worst opposition partie statements,night 5mins balika vadhu written update,repeated news channel intolerant news.i never mind wasting 5mins time in the night.dont involve too much in serial,u should be like even anandi killed by died akhiraj also u should say “its ok”.

  4. 😀 😀 Nowadays I am here only to read viewers comments.. Its so much fun.. Leave about this serial though.. Do you folks agree?

    1. very true!

  5. Yes I agree most of the times reading comments is more interesting than watching serial or reading updates.

  6. stupid anandi is like a pupet I liked her character but right now she seems dumb…even mangla plays smart role than anandi and after that Dr anant will marry to anandi and he is totally additional character plz request to director of Bv plz change the concept and do something good tht inspired us like educational, empowerment etc bcz we r loosing interest

  7. 3doctors political background family educated anandi.cant read the mangla’smind ??????????? How funny it is why still they believe mangla . Such a bacground of family should thro mangla out. Story writer must be sick minded. Good luck.

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