Balika Vadhu 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 28th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Udaipur haveli
dadaji and everybody are enjoying the kiteflying on the eve of sankranti, without giving mahi a chance to fly the kite himself. Alok too doesnt let him handle the kite. Nathu gets samosas for everyone. Mahi puts nathu on service and starts eating. He starts complimenting nathu for the snacks that he made, so that dadaji gets tempted to eat. He calls mahi to fly so that he is able to eat, but mahi taunts him back saying that he should fly and let mahi eat in peace. But dadaji orders him to fly so that he can eat. As mahi starts flying kites, dadaji hogs down on the snacks with nathu telling him to slow down as there’s lots more.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
On the roof, jagiya and nandu are joined by shiv and anandi. After exchanging greetings, they find dadisa coming along with sugna’s son, varun, who remembers his fall and is scared, but dadisa comforts him saying that he would sit on the swing with her. Then the others too arrive. Sanchi asks if jagiys is ready for the challenge, to which nandu and jagiya both nod. Jagiya goes to varun to get him to fly too, but dadisa asks jagiya not to force varun as he’s already doing great having the courage to come up on the roof and that his fear would go slowly. Basant asks everybody to starts prepping up their flights for the competition. anandi selects kite for shiv, who makes her touch the kite for good luck. Jagiya gets his binouculars and gives them to varun and he is very happy to see kites through them.

Basant asks the competition to begin. As shiv asks anandi to hold the chakri, sanchi grabs it first saying that she would make them win. As her phone rings, Shiv tells sanchi that she should decide between whether she wants to talk on the phone or hold the chakri for him, whispering to anandi that he cant risk sanchi’s negligence today, with a twinkle in his eyes. Sanchi is asked to make a tough descision but finally she chooses to give the phone to shiv. The famous kiteflying starts, in which sanchi and nandu are emphatically cheering for shiv and jagiya respectively. Everybody is watching in anticipation as to who will win. Sanchi and nandu as usual are bickering at each other taunting their participants, while rooting for their brothers. Jagiay rememebers flying kites with anandi, but nandu gets him back reminding him of the challenge that sanchi had given. Sugna’s father in law finally manages to cut basant’s kite, amidst much teasings about him. Varun begins to get ahead with his binoculars. Everybody is happy to see him overcoming his fear. Makhan, who has come for distributing sweets is sent off in haste by everyone, who are busy in kiteflying. Basant manages to cut bhairo’s kite. sumitra comments on how sanchi looks so childishly innocently sometimes. Varun tries to scare by saying that there’s a lizard. Sanchi throws away her chakri in fear. Shiv asks anandi to grab the oppurtunity o hold the chakri now, and she complies, while varun says that it was just a prank. Sanchi is irritated at that. just then. makahn accidnetally drops hot tea on sanchi’s lega and is told by meenu to go inside where she would put some ice on it, but jagiya says that he would assist sanchi downstairs and put some ointment on it. As they leave, varun suggets shiv to cut jagiya’s kite since now its in nandu’s hands, but shiv backs nandu saying that he wont take resort to unfair means to win.

Scene 3:
Location: Ratan singh’s haveli
Everyone is busy in sankranti preps. Ganga, while working in the kitchen, talking to herself, that she might have made the descision to run from the haveli, but who would she go to and whose help would she take in sheltering herself and her son. She remembers jagiya offering his help and his mobile no. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Underlying message: A constantly tortured and undermined woman, finally one day, defintely gets the guts to rebel against the torturers, overcome by a strange restlessness to break free.

Precap: Ganga tries jagiya’s no, but nobody is able to hear since the mobile i on the roof of jaitsar haveli and everyone is busy in kiteflying. Ganga is upset to find her call not getting through. In the haveli, sanchi tries to b*t*h about anandi asking if she was the same when she was with him, careless towards other’s feelings and insensitive, and concerened about her well being only. Jagiya is surprised to hear her talk like this but doesnt comment rightaway.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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