Balika Vadhu 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj telling Harki that he will kill Mangla and Nimboli. Just then they hear someone knocking on the door. Harki asks who is there? Kundan says its me and asks her to open. Harki opens the door. Kundan comes inside and finds akhiraj and badri standing. Akhiraj gets emotional and hugs him. Kundan happily hugs him. Akhiraj says you are my tiger and hugs him again. He asks him to keep an eye on Mangla and Nimboli, and says he want to teach them a lesson for life. Harki and Kundan smiles. Akhiraj says he will kill Kamli also…Harki and Kundan smiles again. Kundan opens the door and goes to check on the ladies. Mangla sees Anandi and gets tensed. Nimboli is dancing and enjoys the function. She sees Anandi and hugs her. She says it is good that you came, and asks her to meet


Anandi says she want to meet Mangla first, but Nimboli takes her to meet Urmila. Anandi gives her best wishes to Urmila. Kundan sees Anandi and gets shocked. He rushes back to room and informs Akhiraj that dacoit Anandi is here. Harki says why did she come here? Akhiraj asks her not to curse destiny and says everyone will die in one go. He says destiny has given chance to me to kill Anandi also with Mangla and Nimboli, and says it is a big day today. He takes out big rifles and tells Badri that God has given chance to him also. He says I am giving you a chance again. Badri says I will not leave this chance. They look at them.

Anandi tells Mangla that they have to leave for Jaitsar now itself. Mangla asks what happened? Anandi says Akhiraj had eloped from jail. Mangla gets shocked and hugs Nimboli. Akhiraj tries to target Anandi. Just then Police team comes and tells guest that Akhiraj is absconding from jail and asks them to leave. Harki and Kundan ask Akhiraj to leave. Akhiraj says he will kill them also, but Harki gives him promise. Police Inspector asks constable to search the house. Harki asks them to hide. She comes out and asks Inspector what happened? Inspector says Akhiraj is absconding, but we will arrest him and put behind bars again. They search for them in the house. Akhiraj and Badi come to terrace to hide. Urmila gets scared. Kamli says he will not come here.

Anandi and Mangla see Kundan and Harki coming there. Akhiraj is angry as he couldn’t take revenge. Badri asks him to calm down and says they will take revenge later. Police constables come to terrace, but couldn’t see them as they were hanging to the pole. Akhiraj and Badri smirks. Constables tell that they couldn’t find him. Inspector says if he comes here then you shall inform us, else you will also get arrested. Kundan says okay. Mangla tells that she will pack the stuff. Urmila asks them to go from here. Anandi asks Urmila to come with them, but she refuses to go without Kamli. She says nothing can happen to me when she is with me. She hugs Nimboli and says she will miss her. Nimboli asks her to call her when she gives birth to a baby, and says she will select name for baby and take care also.

Jagya talks to Ganga and says he might be around his house. Ganga fears for him. Jagya asks if Anandi came back. Ganga says they shall reach in sometime. Just then she sees them coming and informs Jagya. Nimboli comes to Dadisaa and hugs her. Ganga says Jagya told that Police will arrest Akhiraj soon, but they need to be careful.

Urmila sees Akhiraj in the house. Akhiraj keeps hand on her mouth and threatens to kill her. Urmila comes to Kamli and shouts Jiji. Doctor informs something to Kamli which shocks her. Disa cries and informs Nimboli that Urmila died.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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