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Balika Vadhu 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bapu saa asks Sudha to do breakfast, she was concerned about her proposal complaining a lot came to media that was worth insulting. Bapu saa assures her to talk to Premal, if there is something worth saving in this proposal it will, what came in front of the world was only that Nandini achieved so much after having suffered a lot. Maa saa goes to get yougurt and sugar for Nandini, Nandini apologizes Sudha and assures she will make it possible for Sudha and Premal’s wedding. Sudha taunts Nandini about an affair with Dr. Amit Goyal, everyone see he is after her. Nandini says he is already married, why is she hurting her deliberately. Maa saa comes, Nandini eats the yougurt and sugar, Maa saa asks her to forget all about her past.
In the bus, Nandini thinks about Sudha’s accusations and her

worried about her marriage. She picks the diary and wonders what this boy writes in such a big diary, she reads it in search of some way about returning it, reads a few posts then keeps it back.
Krish gets Nandini’s call again, he had forbidden her call him again. She complains he should be thankful to her, instead he is misbehaving with her. He thinks there is some connection between them, she isn’t leaving him since he came to India. They cross each other while speaking on phone. He calls her an irritating lady and throws the phone in the rubbish box, getting on the bus himself. She tries his number again, the phone rings somewhere nearby. She checks around and finds it in the rubbish box, no one could be seen nearby as well. She wonders how one can be so stupid.
Krish looks around in pockets, then around the seat for his mobile. He realizes he threw his cell phone instead of the corn stalk in the rubbish bag. He asks the conductor to stop the bus, and jumps out of it. He comes to the rubbish bag and doesn’t find anything in the rubbish bag. Nandini just walked away in a nearby vicinity. Krish calms himself down that with no cell phone there will be no irritating lady, and blesses the thief.
Nandini comes to the hospital, drapes herself in the overall and prays in temple missing her mother. A peon comes to call in her the reception hall, Dr. Goyal welcomes her warmly with the decoration of ballons and party poppers. He recalls her he is only a buddy for her, but her happiness is going to be spoilt soon by his son Dr. Amit. They leave for her orientation, in the corridor alone Dr. Goyal gets serious and speaks to her about the interview, everyday is a new day and she must not care about it. She asks which interview, she doesn’t remember anything. Dr. Goyal was happy with her determination.
Dr. Amit watches the time, as the attendance roll was called. Nandini’s seat was empty, Dr. Amit strictly says the one who isn’t here must be at loss. Nandini knocks the door then and enters with the flower bouqet in hand, she apologizes first. Amit asks if her being late is important or her orientation? She says orientation, offcourse. He comes towards her and says there are four things, discipline, dedication, devotion and hardwork.
Dr. Amit joins the doctors in operation theatre. He promises that the ones who would stay here would be best able to define what the feeling of success is. He assures one lucky one would assist him in his next surgical procedure.

PRECAP: A patient’s sister pleads Nandini to save her brother. Nandini tries hard with the patient, but Amit announces they lost him. The sister slaps her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Where are shekar’s family and what about badi haveli people,gehana.where are pushkat,kamali and also saanchi’s family.Does shivam and nandini forget about badi haveli.why didn’t they go yo badihaveli after anandi’s death.why do writers only highlight nandini in post leap does they think viewers are fools.and maahi vij is not suitable to play the role of nandini.instead they could introduce a new face or some actors like ragini khanna better suits the role.many viewers didn’t like maahi vij playing the role and they are also commenting but why directors are not considering the views of the people.

  2. Mahni vij not suitable for the role…for sure!!! Role needs fresh face…we’re they short of people for the role?

  3. righlt said taara…serial has becum shitty…

  4. Not interesting now.writers are making fools

  5. So totally disconnected from the past. The writer-producer just want to keep the show going on somehow even if it does not make any sense. Too much stupidity is shown on this show now. Not worth watching. Are the writer-director-producer and the actors reading our views?

  6. It’s a real desastre for original serial balika vabhu.
    I’m Not sure they’re reading our comments!
    Even, they do something.
    I.m so désappointed, furious and so sorrow
    Very bad story – the new non-sense story!

  7. Yes Taara I totally agree with you Ragini Khanna will be better choice for Nandini’s role. Mahi vij doesn’t suit as a doctor.

  8. Where is dr.jagdish and Ganga..the kids were smart enough to tell where they belonged.why were they left alone?

  9. Is it the same balikavadhu used to come in colors ? I don’t think so. It loosed it’s motto of stopping child marriages. Why are they dragging if they don’t have story ? They can continue the story by some other name. Why to spoil the name balikavadhu ?

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