Balika Vadhu 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopal keeping an eye on Akhiraj Singh house. Kamli prays to God to give her strength. Kundan comes and asks her to get ready as haldi have come from her sasural. Kamli says she is feeling pity on Nimboli as she got bad husband like him. Kundan asks do you want to be beaten even today. I will inform his father. Kamli says she don’t get afraid. Kundan hurts her hands and she cries in pain. Gopal looks at the window and is carrying bag with her. Kundan hurts her very much and presses her neck like his father. Disa comes and stops Kundan. Kamli cries. Disa tells Kundan that Kamli is his jiji and like a mother. She says if you raised your hand then God will not spare you. She asks him to leave. Harki comes and asks what is the matter? Disa asks her to ask Kundan. Kundan says he

gave haldi to jiji. He leaves. Nimboli feels her pain. Harki shows bruises on Kamli’s body. Harki looks on shocked. Kamli cries.

Gopal keeps looking at the window. Kamli tells that she didn’t say anything. Harki says we can’t take her outside with this marks. What will people say? She asks Nimboli to bring haldi. Nimboli goes. Harki asks her to wear clothes. Kamli nods no. Harki threatens her to wear the dress else she will call Akhiraj for beating her. Kamli cries. Gopal climbs up through the pipe. Kamli wears the yellow color dress for her haldi ritual. Nimboli brings haldi. Harki asks her to apply it on Kamli’s marks. Nimboli says but. Harki applies haldi on her wounds and gives her more pain. Disa stops her and says you don’t care about her. Harki says she cares for her daughter. Kamli cries and says it is paining. Disa goes out. Nimboli gives her dupatta. Harki makes her wear the dupatta. Gopal gets on the terrace and ties rope onto the pillar. Harki asks Kamli to clear her face as people will see her. She asks her to come. She takes her outside. Gopal is hanging in the air through the rope and sees Kamli leaving.

Kamli comes outside with Harki and Nimboli. Neighbors say they will apply haldo on Kamli’s face. Harki takes off dupatta. Ladies say that haldi is already applied on her body and asks who put it on. Harki says Nimboli applied haldi on her. Nimboli asks when did I apply? All the ladies laugh. Disa looks on. Harki takes it lightly and asks them to apply. Disa cries being helpless. Harki does the haldi ritual. Gopal enters the house and looks for Kamli. Kamli recalls Gopal’s promise and cries. Gopal looks at Kamli from the window and gets teary eyed. All the ladies perform the rituals. Kamli continues to cry. Harki asks Nimboli to apply haldi. Nimboli goes to Kamli and looks at her. Harki signs her to apply haldi. Nimboli does the ritual. Kamli cries. Gopal hides hearing someone coming. Kundan comes and eyes Nimboli lustily. Kamli cries and thinks she won’t die until he comes.

Akhiraj sees Gopal and stops him. Pandit ji asks Akhiraj to bring sindoor from the temple. Akhiraj asks Nimboli to bring sindoor from the temple. Nimboli agrees and goes to the temple. Anandi is already there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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