Balika Vadhu 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki entering Mangla’s hospital ward and pleads infront of her not to take Kundan’s name. Mangla says you both have tried to kill me and you will be punished. Harki pleads infront of her and asks her not to punish her. She falls on her feet and apologizes. Ganga, Jagya, Police and Anandi come inside. Jagya asks I told you not to come inside, then why did you enter here. Harki apologizes. Ganga checks her. Jagya asks about the person who tried to kill her. Juvenile home warden asks her. Mangla asks why you are taking Kundan’s name again and again and says they are not responsible for my condition. Jagya says we have seen marks on your neck and asks her. Mangla lies to them that her dupatta was stuck in her neck. Jagya asks if she is saying truth? Mangla says yes. Jagya

says ok, and asks warden and Police to note down her statement. Harki looks on thankfully and goes. Anandi asks Mangla why did she give false statement and protected criminals. Mangla lies to them also, and says they are innocent.

Kundan is in the juvenile home and thinks Disa might have told my name by now. Constable comes and informs him about his release. Kundan thinks my mum saved me. He asks Harki did Disa tell anything about me. Harki says no and asks him to hurry up.

Mangla tells Ganga that she wants to go home to her daughter. Dadisaa brings Nimboli inside the ward. Nimboli asks if you got consciousness and says she was praying to God for her recovery. Mangla looks on. Ganga gives her injection. Nimboli asks if she is pained. Mangla says no. Nimboli says it means I can learn karathe now. Mangla asks why do you want to learn? Nimboli is positive about learning it. Mangla refuses to permit her. Dadisaa tells that karathe is for self protection. Mangla says Nimboli said that she don’t want to learn karathe. Nimboli says you had given me knife for my protection and says Karathe is also for protection. Nimboli says I will learn for sure.

Harki and Kundan come to their village. The villagers give them a cold welcome and spit seeing him. Kundan gets angry. Harki calms him down.

Akhiraj is served food in jail. He comes to the fellow prisoners. Badri tells them that Akhiraj wants to befriends with them. Akhiraj apologizes to them for his past behavior and sits to have food with them. He thinks he has to make friends so that he can take revenge from his enemies. Nimboli tells Mangla that she went to hospital temple and prayed for her. She says even Chokhi Chudail prayed too and praises her. Mangla looks on. Nimboli says sometimes I feel if my mum was there then she would be like Anandi. Mangla is shocked. Nimboli says my mum must have been like Anandi and counts her qualities. Mangla is very much shocked and gets teary eyes. Nimboli says I want to meet my real mum. Mangla thinks to do something to make Nimboli hate Anandi.

Mangla meets a woman in the hospital who tells her that she needs money for her husband’s treatment. Mangla promises to help her and asks her to do her work. She thinks to introduce that woman to Nimboli as her mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Enough of mangala doings.director my telugu serials are better than this

  2. new drama begins in balika vadhu

  3. padmavathi which telugu serial is better than balika vadhu?

  4. I totally stopped watching Telugu serials bcoz of balika vadhu

  5. I like Hindi serials than my Telugu bcoz of violence is less but now I don’t know what to comnent

  6. I am watching this bcoz of this I want learn Hindi language very fluently bcoz I like Hindi language

  7. say alvida to balikavadhu totally waste of time

  8. The only serial which was making some sense in becoming nonsensical. Stop the mangla drama. She should have died after telling nimboli who her mother is . And send kundan to jail. How can dadisa believe her. She is otherwise such a smart lady.

  9. It was once a very good serial…but now it is total wastage to time…only violence conspiracy… That too same and repeated.. Director gone crazy

  10. V-am mai scris ,nu stiu daca a citit cineva dar va mai spun inca o data ati inceput frumos si a fost o poveste interesanta insa acuma bateti campii ,toata lumea toti fanii serialului v-au spus acest lucru dar voi parca v-ati tampit .Acest serial se termina prost din cauza persoanei care a scris povestea .E u cred ca persoana asta are o problema psihica ,motiv pentru care ii place violenta ,tristetea ,minciuna ,ii place cand castiga un terorist si un criminal.RUSINE SA VA FIE o lume intreaga va urmareste cu sufletul la gura si voi ce faceti ?RUSINE,RUSINE ,RUSINE .

    Msg from Team: English only please. Next time comment will be rejected, if not in English.

  11. I am still waiting for a happy day in Anadi’s life when she and Nandini can empress each other as mother daughter. My wait seems to be for ever. Shame on director and the cast for excepting such nonsense story.

  12. Once this was my favorite serial but now watching it is a waste of time this mangla should b thrown.out she should not come in between anandi and har daughter.
    I dont like this serial bcoz of mangla.I only read updates.

  13. End this mangala track pls is draging too long.

  14. Is it TRUE that balika vadhu will end soon……!!!
    Plz…….no don’t do this

  15. True this magla drama is stretched for long time…i wonder if balika vadhu team read our feedback 🙁

  16. I think this director is dragging the story to join them on 1st of Jan…

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