Balika Vadhu 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish coming there and says this ring is of my mum. She sent this ring for her bahu with so much love. Nandini hands over the ring to Krish. Dr. Amit makes Nandini wear the ring while Krish looks at his ring. Dr. Amit smiles after the engagement. Krish says there is one problem….and says you made choti malkin wear my ring mistakenly. Everyone is shocked. Dr. Amit takes out ring from Nandini’s finger and gives to Krish. He then makes Nandini wear his ring. Everyone claps. Nandini makes Amit wear the ring. Everyone claps. Mr. Shekhawat congratulates them. Amit’s dad, Jamuna and Krish congratulates her. Krish says I need a hug, and hugs her. He congratulates her for getting engaged to Amit, and says even though you got engaged to him, but you will marry me. He says nobody can

love you, like I do love you. Nandini looks on tensedly. Krish hugs Dr. Amit and congratulates him. Dr. Amit signs Nandini to take elders’ blessings. Everyone blesses her. Nani thinks this will be your dream only, you can’t marry in a big house.

Later Nandini sees krish in her room and asks what are you doing here? Krish says I came here to confirm which you are confirming with yourself. Nandini asks him to go. Krish says you are not happy with this alliance. Nandini says everyone is happy so I am happy. Krish says you don’t love him. Nandini says I respects him a lot, and he supports me always. Krish says love is something else and says you don’t love him. Nandini looks on cluelessly. He says I brought this ring for you, shocking nandini. She asks what you are saying? Krish says I know and puts that ring in his chain. He asks when you will hear your heart and silence, and says you loves me. Nandini with her eyes down says she don’t love him. Krish says you said it with much difficulty. Nandini says she is worried about the arrangements. Krish says even though you are engaged to Dr. Amit, but you will marry me. He says I promise, this dulhaniya will be taken home by this dilwala. Nandini is shocked.

Krish gets sad and recalls the moments with her while a song plays…………….Amit’s dad tells Shekhawat that he is happy and have gained weight. Dr. Amit says that is because of eating sweets. Nandini thinks about Krish’s words….and gets doubtful. She gets a phone call and goes inside. Nandini talks to Inspector Chauhan, and couldn’t hear him. She thinks why is he calling me? Jamuna tells Nandini that Dr. Amit and his dad are going. Mr. Shekhawat tells mahurat is after 4 days or next year. Amit’s dad asks him to make arrangement for marriage after 4 days. Jamuna says we will manage. Dr. Amit and his dad are happy. Nandini nods. They leave. Nani taunts at Nandini, saying good guy like Amit has fallen for married Nandini. Nandini is hurt. Mr. Shekhawat asks nandini not to take her words on her heart. He says you will become bride in 4 days. Nandini nods. Mr. Shekhawat says you will be very happy there, and I am sure. Nandini smiles hesitantly and gets teary eyes. She thinks I am moving on, but is not feeling good.

Abhayram/Kundan does puja infront of Akhiraj and Harki’s pics, and says Swaha…..He calls them maasaa and bapusaa, and says this is not havan fire, but my revenge fire and it will end with nandini’s ahuti.

Nandini and Krish dances happily. Inspector informs Nandini that Kundan is freed from jail. Nandini gets shocked and cries. She tells Krish that Kundan is freed without naming him. Krish says he will protect her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god…in past anandi faced many problems due to child marriage…and now nandini started facing problems because of child marriage…

    One guy(amith) engaged vth nandini..
    One guy(krish) loves nandini..
    One guy(kundan) married nandini in childhood and now started revange….

    Finally story revolves around nandini…with extra problems and pain…

    At last anandi saved her children, lost her breath..
    We are expecting some happy moments with mother and child relation ships…11 years struggled anandi because of nandini…but wr is the happiness?? Unexpected twists..

    Wr is the following roles
    Kamli,pushkar,puja,mannu, Jagadish…

  2. Since
    krish was hiding his passport from

    nandani he is known to her. Who is he from scene 1


  3. sarayu (honey)

    oh my god, always problems for nandhini

  4. Good d time slot is changed… with d death of main characters balika vadhu kachi umaar ke paake rishte ends…this balika vadhu has no head n tail of storyline… kundan marrying krish’s mother n krish is puppet in hands of abhayram aka kundan… absurd writers n absurd story

  5. Not actually getting the story…..!!!!

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