Balika Vadhu 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 27th March 2014 Written Update

Udaipur – KB Drawing room

Ira and family are sitting while Ira is looking worriedly at the door. Daddu asks Ira about the reason for her worry. Ira says that she is waiting for Sanchi. Daddu says that all know where Sanchi has gone. She has gone to meet Vivek to talk about the proposal and she has also informed which Coffee shop she is going to. And as far as Sanchi’s decision is concerned, it could go either way and they must be prepared. Daddu asks Anandi to get some mithai as it would be required in case Sanchi accepts the proposal.
Shiv asks Ira not to worry and that Sanchi is not as crazy as she was earlier. She has become much more sensible now. She would take the right decision. All laugh.
Anoop is about to call Sanchi when she enters. Ira asks her whether

she is ok. Sanchi says that she had gone to fight with Vivek about how he had the guts to make that proposal but…
Anoop asks her what happened. They were all eagerly waiting to know.
Sanchi says that Vivek had not proposed out of charity but because he actually liked her as a person. Therefore she has agreed to accept the proposal. All are very happy and have big smiles. Ira hugs Sanchi. Shiv, Alok and Anoop hug each other and congratulate.
Anandi tells Sanchi that she is very happy with her right decision.
Daddu asks for the mithai. Ira tell him that she will feed him with her own hands. Daddu tells Ira that he will take a second lot when the marriage date is fixed. Sanchi tells them that she and Vivek have decided to wait for a while as they wanted to get to know each other better. Daddu tells her that the day would come soon and no one will be able to stop her marriage now. All happy happy.
Udaipur Police station
Jeep stops outside police station. Police inspector gets down and asks constable to get people inside. It is the Kabra parents. Inspector tells them that they have been arrested for maligning Sanchi’s name and spreading untruths about Sanchi through pamphlets all over Udaipur. He further tells them that Laxmi offset printers from where they got the posters printed had given evidence against them. They also had proof that Kabra parents paid for the job. Now they would have to defend themselves in court. Asks constable to put them in lockup. He then calls up his superior and informs him about the arrest. The SP in turn calls Shiv.
Telephone conversation between Anandi and Dadisa
Anandi in KB Kitchen and Dadisa in BH living room
Dadisa tells Anandi that what happened with Sanchi was very bad. She wants to talk to Sanchi. Anandi tells her that Sanch is not around and moreover things were not as bad as they looked. Sanchi has agreed to Vivek’s proposal of marriage. Dadisa chides Anandi for giving best news in the end. She says that at least there was some good news somewhere.
Anandi tells Dadisa that Ratan Singh had agreed to help Mannu. That in itself was a great news. Dadisa says that though he had, he was extracting a big price in form of Mannu. Anandi tells Dadisa that it was indeed very difficult but at least Mannu would be alive even though far away. Dadisa says that this was the only reason they had reconciled to this arrangement. Asks Anandi to make a visit as she had not seen her for several days. They put down the phone.
Shiv enters the kitchen. Tells Anandi that they will go to Jaitser in the morning. They would not be able to stay long but will be able to meet everyone and ensure them that they are with them in this time of need. Anandi looks at Shiv and smiles. He asks her to come to the table as everyone was waiting dinner.
Ira is agreeable to their going to Jaitser. Says that she was also going to tell them to make a visit. Anandi’s presence there would give strength to Ganga.
Suddenly Shiv is pensive. Alok asks him what happened. Shiv tells them that the matter is a bit convoluted and he wanted their opinion. The SP had called to tell that they have arrested Vivek Kabra’s parents in the matter of posters and pamphlets. The police wanted to know whether the matter should be pursued. Since these people will now be Sanchi’s in-laws should they be sent to jail. Anoop tells Shiv that they being Vivek’s parents is a matter of chance. They have not accepted Sanchi. And Vivek too would not have told them about Sanchi. And in the future too they will not accept Sanchi as their daughter-in-law. They must therefore be punished for their wrong.
Sanchi says that we cannot feel happy at their wrongdoing. We have to be above all this. Vivek may have broken ties but they are still his parents and will always be. Vivek will be hurt more than anybody if his parents are in trouble. And none of us would like that.
Daddu is all gaga over Sanchi’s thought process. Says that Vivek is as lucky to get Sanchi as Sanchi to get Vivek. Anoop apologises for not thinking clearly.
Shiv says that he will call SP and withdraw the case.
All sitting in the living room. Ganga and Sumitra cutting veggies. Gehna serves tea but Dadisa refuses.
Sumitra is surprised that Dadisa refused tea. Ganga says that today Dadisa did not even drink tea made by her.
Dadisa says that even she does not know why she does not feel like drinking tea.
Suddenly Anandi and Shiv walk in and Shiv says that I will have tea.
Anandi and Shiv walk in Badi Haveli.
Dadisa is thrilled at seeing them. Shiv takes blessings and hugs Jagya. Anandi hugs Bhairon and gives Dadisa a big hug.
Anandi asks Jagya about his well being. Anandi hugs Sumitra. Sumitra asks why Amol has not come. Anandi cites school as the reason. But says that she will bring him during holidays.
Ganga brings in water. Anandi and Ganga look at each other.
Anandi hugs Ganga. Ganga starts weeping. Anandi tells her that nothing will happen to Mannu. Jagya will not let anything happen to Mannu.
Shiv says that he had got Ratan Singh’s medical case application file and that they should get permission soon. Jagya thanks him. Shiv tells him that he has not done anything to be thanked. And that they should not hesistate to take his help on anything relating to this matter as a son. Dadisa tells him that they have never considered him as a son-in-law. He is as much a son to them as is Jagdeesh.
Nandu walks in with Mannu shoulting “Anandi Jiji”. Mannu gives Anandi such a sweet hug. All look on.Anandi tells Mannu that she has brought something for Mannu and gives him a toy. She gives another one to Nandu. She tells Nandu he is growing tall and will become taller than her too shortly.
Dadisa says that Nandu is not only becoming tall but very sensible too. The way he is looking after Mannu, he is acting way beyond his years. Nandu takes Mannu away. Anandi gives some toys to Ganga for Abhimanyu and Bhairavi. Dadisa tells Anandi that this was not necessary. Anandi says that they are my kids too. Dadisa tells her that the fact they came is enough, given her busy life and Shiv running around.
Shiv says that he may be running around but he has time for some tea. Dadisa is embarrassed and tells that Shiv had asked for tea. Asks Gehna to get tea. Anandi tells Gehna that she will get it. Just the way Dadisa likes it. Hot with ginger. Dadisa is thrilled. Asks Anandi to get a very big cup of tea for her. All are shocked as Dadisa had refused tea a little while earlier. Bhairon says that Dadisa must have known in her heart that Anandi would be coming. Dadisa blushes.
Jaitser District Jail
Ratan Singh is doing pushups and his cell mate is watching.
Cell mate tells Ratan that what will happen if they don’t give him Mannu after transplant. He says he will kill them. Cell mate says that he can’t do a thing later from inside the jail. Advises him to do everything legally. Asks Ratan Singh to get a lawyer who will prepare legal papers and get signatures of Ganga and Jagdeesh. Ratan is convinced about this.
VO: To alleviate pain when one becomes greedy then one becomes selfish and uses sacrifice as a weapon for one’s bad intentions.

Precap: Ganga, Sumitra, Dadisa come to jail with Mannu. They see Ratan Singh’s parents feeding Ratan Singh. Ratan gets up and takes Mannu from Ganga.
In KB, Anandi and Ira are in the living room with Amol when Anandi gets a call. She gets worried and calls Shiv. Asks him to send his car as she needs to go out urgently. Shiv is out of Udaipur on a job. Anandi goes on the road and tries to get a transport.

Update Credit to: Rtee

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