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Balika Vadhu 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli tells Disa that today is Kundan’s marriage and asks Disa to come with her. Pooja asks Mannu to sleep on bed and not to waste time. Mannu agrees and lie on the bed. He looks at Pooja and tells good night. Pooja smiles. Nimboli gets ready as Akhiraj, and wears his type of attire. He asks Disa to wear colorful clothes. Disa refuses to wear colorful clothes. Nimboli insists so she agrees. Kamli is teary eyed. Pushkar asks why you are crying. Kamli says something has fallen in her eyes, and now it is okay. Pushkar’s mum asks why you are crying?

Kamli says she is crying for Nimboli. She says those people are snatching Nimboli’s right from her. She wonders what will happen with her. Pushkar’s mum asks her to do something for her. Kamli asks what

I could do, I am so far. Pushkar’s mum gives her bride’s family phone number and tells her to inform them about Kundan’s marriage status. Disa gets ready as Harki. Nimboli shows the mirror and asks her to put bindi daily. She gives her mang tika and asks to wear it. Disa looks at herself in the mirror. Pooja wakes up and tells Mannu that there is rat in the room. Mannu asks her not to worry. They share some light moment.

Mannu also lie on the floor, away from her. He tells he needs to wake up early as he needs to talk to Pandit ji about their marriage. Pooja gets shocked and says we are under 18. She refuses to marry citing they are under age. She says she was victimised by child marriage and don’t want to marry until she is 18. Mannu tells child marriages are usually happens without the consent of bride and groom, and the marriage is fixed by their parents, but in our case we love each other and have to marry as our circumstances are different. He says I don’t want any of my family members, but you might miss your mum. Pooja gets emotional.

Jagya tells Anandi, Dadisaa and Ganga that the money in his wallet is missing. He tells he didn’t notice till now, but he noticed when he opened his wallet. Dadisaa says who might take the money. Ganga says Mannu might have taken it. Jagya says whoever has taken the money, have taken only half of the money kept in his wallet. Dadisaa says thank god atleast Mannu have money with him, to meet his expenses. She feels dizzy and is about to fall down. Everyone rush to her and asks what happened. Dadisaa seems to be worried for Mannu.

Disa and Nimboli sit to do the doll’s marriage, just then someone knocks on the door. Disa thinks who might have come and gets tensed. They think whether Akhiraj and Harki came back from marriage.

Kundan gets married to Urmila. While he is taking pheras, Nimboli and Disa are performing doll’s marriage in their house. Kamli calls Urmila’s house and says she wants to talk to Sitaram ji. A boy picks call and rushes out. Sitaram comes and hears Kamli telling about Kundan’s first marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When will Anandi find her daughter?

    1. Not in this janam

  2. i want kundan to get married to sumone else poor Nimboli…

  3. Disa should inform the police or anandi she has the number

  4. Pooja and Mannu only knocked the door… Thy might stay with kundan’d family…

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