Balika Vadhu 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan thinking Nandini will do drama now and waits anxiously. Triveni gets drunkard instead because of the medicine in the glass and scolds Kundan. Kundan thinks how did the glass got exchanged. A fb is shown, Nandini couldn’t drink as Triveni asks her to serve guests. Shivam brings Sudha to Rasika’s house. They come to bedroom and sees Premal drinking and sitting closely with Rasika. Sudha is shocked. Premal asks Sudha, what she is doing here. Sudha goes out cryingly. Shivam tells Sudha that he don’t want to hurt her, but just wanted to bring truth infront of her. Sudha asks him to leave her alone for sometime. Shivam asks her to call him when needed and goes.

Triveni says nothing can hide from her sight. Shivam and Nandini try to hold her. Guest says we will

leave. Triveni says nobody will leave, and says I will make his film today. She insults Kundan and calls him useless, waste body, don’t work and eats free food. He says he takes advantage of my Karuna and calls him useless again and again. Krish takes her inside forcibly. Karuna tells Kundan that she is ashamed of her jiji’s sayings and apologizes to him. Kundan fumes angrily and goes. Nandini thinks why did Maasi ji behaved like this? She feels thirsty and drinks soft drink.

Nandini comes to room and tells Krish whatever happened outside. Krish says lets not talk about it, bas…Nandini repeats his dialogues and looks drunk. Krish takes to washroom and washes her face. Nandini sings main kya karun raam mujhe Buddha milgaya……….Krish is surprised to see her behavior. She dances with him. Krish smiles looking at her. They dance in the washroom..under the shower. Abhayram hears Krish laughing and peeps in their room. He gets angry and jealous, and promised to teach her a lesson within 48 hours.

Premal asks Sudha, how dare you follow me? Sudha says you are drunk. Premal says I am a man. Sudha says I am your wife and asks what you were doing with that cheap girl. Premal asks her not to utter any work against her, and says did you see yourself? He says I love Rasika and she loves me. He says wherever you go, you splashes mourning everyone. He asks who was that man with you. Sudha says he was not like you. Premal says do you know what a woman is called when she experiments with different men. Sudha slaps him. Shivam hears and controls his anger.

Krish looks at sleeping Nandini and says I love you. He gets a call and says I will reach within an hour. Krish makes coffee in the kitchen. Triveni comes there and says she is having a hangover. Krish asks her to have coffee. Triveni asks him to give medicine. She drinks coffee. Karuna asks for whom he is taking coffee. Krish says Nandini is sleeping and he made coffee for her. Kundan says she is a modern bahu and is sleeping. He says I am lacking behind the time, and badmouths about her. Karuna gets angry. Krish comes to room and tells that we will walk together, you shall take few steps and I will take few. Kundan looks at them from outside.

Nandini informs Karuna that Abhayram is actually Kundan. Later Nandini is brought to temple by the goons. Abhayram asks Nandini to marry him, else he will burn her sister Sudha alive. Nandini and Sudha are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    How much slow will they run???
    Agar aisa hi hota raha to mujge nhi lgta Nandini shivam se mil payegi or na hi sudha or shivam ek ho paayenge or na hi kundan ka end hoga…

  2. feeling bad for the serial

    1. correct you are telling

  3. utter madness. no meaning in relations

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