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Balika Vadhu 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mannu apologizing to Ganga and says he will do as she says from today onwards. Ganga hugs him and cries happily. Dadisaa thanks devimaa and says she is relieved now. Mannu takes her blessings and apologizes. Jagya looks on as they hug each other. Mannu comes to Jagya and calls him Bapusaa, apologizes him for the big mistake. Jagya hugs him and sheds happy tears. Anandi smiles looking at them. Jagya says you people came home and it is enough.

Kundan talks to his friend about his marital life. His friend asks him to make Urmila agree to his saying. Kundan tells that Urmila don’t agree with him. His friend asks him to get closer to Urmila and pretends to be sweeter with her.

Urmila thinks how can Nimboli make kachoris. Nimboli comes to her room and watches

TV. She asks her what to see on TV and how it starts. Urmila says she will explain and gets an idea. She switches off TV silenty. Nimboli asks what happened? Urmila says she will check and don’t know what happened to it. She says we will come later. She acts and says it has stopped working. Nimboli says I will go to room. Urmila says I won’t let your Kachori and win stay longer. She laughs.

Anandi tells everyone that she didn’t want to give them hope and that’s why she went alone to convince Mannu. Ganga thanks Anandi. Anandi says it is our family and tells that Vimla ji convinced him. She tells that Mannu is a responsible kid and very matured. Dadi asks Pooja, didn’t she want to go to Sarita’s house. Pooja says I miss my mum very much. She asks Mannu, if she can go. Mannu says we will go together and come back. He asks Anandi to take them to Shiv Niketan. Ganga is irked.

Sarita cries remembering Pooja. Just then Pooja comes and stands infront of her pic, apologizing Sarita. Sarita hugs her and cries. Anandi looks on. Sarita thanks Anandi for her favor and says you brought her back home. You have saved my life today. Anandi says it is their combined decision.Mannu apologizes for her. Sarita forgives them. Mannu asks Pooja to stay with Sarita for tonight and says he will take her tomorrow. Sarita looks on surprisingly. Anandi thinks Mannu wants Pooja to stay with him in the haveli and thinks it will complicate the things. She thinks to take a right decision.

Kundan keeps jalebis on the plate. Nimboli happens to see it and asks why you didn’t bring it for me. Kundan tells that it is for Urmila and promises to bring it for her next time. He asks her to go now. Nimboli looks at the jalebi’s plate and talks to herself that she shouldn’t eat it. She couldn’t resist and eats all one by one. She gets tensed seeing only one jalebi on the plate, and thinks she shall eat it also.

Urmila comes and sees her holding jalebi in her hand. She shouts aloud for Kundan, Harki and Akhiraj. Nimboli gets tensed and asks her to eat one leftover jalebi, and says they will beat her. Urmila says she shall be beaten. Harki comes and asks what happened. Urmila tells that she has eaten the jalebis. Nimboli tells that she didn’t have it. Urmila tells she is lying and says she is still holding jalebi. Nimboli says she wanted to make Urmila make it. Harki asks from where did it come? Kundan says he brought it for Urmila. Disa asks Nimboli, did you eat it? Nimboli says she have it. Harki takes Nimboli to punish her. Urmila shows her thumps down and makes evil faces.

Ganga asks Mannu to eat food. Mannu says he will bring Pooja home and then have food. Kundan asks Nimboli, what you are doing here? Nimboli asks why did you beat my Urmila jiji. Kundan holds her by her neck. Nimboli shows the knife and says I will stab you if you hurts my Urmila jiji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Have notice people are getting bord with this drammer . is dragin too long, anandi by now is suppose to have found nimboli.

  2. This story is dragging on for too long and getting very boring.

  3. I get really annoyed with Nimboli now. When she gets punished I do not feel sorry as she deserves it. Is it how the show should portray her?.

  4. going in sad manner

  5. Boring… I only watch it for sparsh

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