Balika Vadhu 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi telling Shivam that the bright stars is Shiv. Jagya comes and says you remind me of Shiv. He tells that few months back, Amol and Shiv were sitting here and looking at the stars. Shiv said he likes to see the stars. Since then I also look at the stars and get peace. Anandi says I too need peace. She asks him to help. She asks him to convince Dadisaa to let her stay in the outhouse. Jagya asks how can you say that. Anandi says she is feeling that this house is not hers. She says Dadisaa brought me here thinking me as her daughter. She says she is fortunate to have been loved by everyone. Jagya asks what is stopping you from living here. Anandi says our relation. She says what Ganga might feel if I stay here. Jagya says Ganga doesn’t think anything. Anandi says your

relation is important for me.

Jagya asks her to take care of Vasant Niketan. Anandi says she will stay in servant’s quarters. Jagya says he can’t say and Dadisaa will decide. He comes to his room. Ganga sees him tensed and asks what is the matter? Jagya says he is thinking about Anandi. He tells that Anandi doesn’t want to live here as we were husband and wife before. She is bothered about you. Ganga says I have full faith on you and my love. She says I knows everything about you both. I trusts Anandi ji too. Jagya says I knows that you trusted me always and respects Anandi. He says situation is very weak though. I don’t want you to be hurt. Ganga assures him that she is not having any objection if Anandi stays with them. We all will convince her. Jagya nods.

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Dadisaa refuses to let go of Anandi. Anandi says it is difficult for her to stay there. Dadisaa says until I am alive, you can’t leave. You can go when I am dead. Anandi asks her not to say that. Ganga takes Shivam and says we won’t let you go. Anandi says you are not understanding my concern. Dadisaa asks who will stay here? Gehna and Niranjan are leaving this haveli. I won’t let you go. Gehna takes Dadisaa’s blessings and thanks her. She calls her fortunate to have good mother in law, more than a mother. She gets emotional. She then hugs Ganga asking her to take care of everyone. Nandu tells her that they will come during holidays. Niranjan confirms. He tells that he got Gehna and kids through this family.

Gehna hugs Anandi and asks her to have faith on God. Dadisaa blesses the kids and asks them to study well. Nandu asks her to take care and don’t take any tension. Niranjan takes their photo. Nandu hugs Mannu. Gehna hugs Mannu and asks him to take care of everyone. Mannu nods. Jagya tells Dadisaa that he will drop them till station.

Dadisaa talks to Vasant’s photo and says she can’t stop Niranjan as he got a good job. She says she is sad as her grand kids went with Gehna and Niranjan. Anandi hugs and consoles her saying you will be their Dadisaa always. Dadisaa says she wants their betterment, and they went on my sayings. Anandi says I am very proud of you. You thought of your bahu and got her married. She tells her that Niranjan will bring them to meet you all. She asks her not to get sad. Anandi blesses her. Dadisaa wishes Gehna, Niranjan and kids to stay healthy and happy.

In the evening, Jagya comes back and tells that Nandu was very sad as he was going. Ganga asks Abhimanyu to give toy to Shivam. Anandi says no, he will get stubborn. Jagya says he is Shivam’s brother. Ganga gives other toy to Abhi. Jagya gets a call from Inspector. He asks did you find anything about Nandini. He tells Anandi that Police are trying to search Nandini and will soon find out. Dadisaa asks her to come to temple with her. She says she wants to pray for Nandini. Anandi nods.

Akhira Singh’s wife tells him that they have to take Kundan and Nandini to the Bhairo baba temple to take out guilt from Kundan. He agrees. While they were in the jeep. Police searches for Nandini. Akhira Singh alerts his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Anandi staying at jagdeesh house is not acceptable. How can jagdeesh say anandi’s son shivam as his son abhimanyu’s younger brother. Highly objectionable. There is no relation between them.

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