Balika Vadhu 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 27th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Jagya asking Nandu to write on the paper about Ganga. Nandu writes Bhabhisaa is drying clothes on the terrace. Jagya goes to the terrace and teases Ganga purposely. Ganga wonders how the saree is moving from the rope. Jagya comes and says sorry in children’s style. He asks for forgiveness. He dances with him on song Kinne Ke Maare….. Ganga forgives him.

Everyone comes to the terrace and sees their romantic embrace. They get happy and sing the song. Vivek tells his mom that he have to take bath. She says, they are going to temple to take God’s blessings for Saurabh. Vivek asks them to reach the court and he will meet them there. Dadisaa says, I am happy that you asked for forgiveness from Ganga. Jagya says, I tried to apologize yesterday itself but

she was adamant not to forgive me. Gehna pulls his leg. Basant takes his side. Ganga says, I agreed yesterday itself but wanted to see what you can do. Dadisaa says, I know that Ganga likes her work and wants to start working in the hospital, but I feels Abhi is very small and he needs his mother at his side. So I want to ask Ganga to be at home until the kid grows older. She says it is just an idea. You can take your decision. Jagya says, we will accept your order. Jagya hugs Dadisaa.

Vivek is talking on phone and tells that he will be late. He asks his assitant to reach the court with files. His wrist watch falls down and breaks. Vivek thinks to get watch from Saurabh’s cupboard.
Court proceedings start. He gets a call from his assistant. Vivek says, I will be reaching soon. He opens Saurabh’s cupboard and takes out a watch. He sees Saurabh’s mobile and looks shocked.

His assistant tells the court that Vivek is on the way. Court says, we can’t delay the hearing and asks to start the case. Sumeet says that DNA reports came for the other boys but it dont match with the sample. Sumeet appeals to the court to get Saurabh’s test done again. Vivek assistant objects. Sumeet says, my client have faith that reports are wrong. He continues with his arguments. Judge says, we have full sympathy with your client but you failed to submit the proofs. I am compelled to give the judgement. Saachi is teary eyed. Judge says, as Saachi didn’t proof Saurabh guilty, this court is taking a decision…..

Vivek comes and says I have proofs. Vivek assistant says, we have won the case. We don’t need any proofs. Everyone look surprised. Vivek proceeds and says I have proofs against Saurabh. Saachi is surprised. Everyone look on with hope. Vivek says, I am saying this with sadness and shame. My client and brother had raped Saachi and made MMS of his act. He even blackmailed Saachi to keep quiet. He gets tears in his eyes. Saurabh is shocked. Vivek turns and sees Saurabh. He recalls Saurabh lying to him that he lost his mobile phone.

Judge sees the MMS. Vivek requests the judge to give rigorous imprisonment to his client for ruining a girl’s life. Court declares that Saurabh is guilty and that’s why court is giving him 7 years of imprisonment. Shekhar’s and happy while Kabra’s are shattered. Police arrests Saurabh. Ira hugs Saachi.

Saurabh’s mom tells Vivek to do something. Saurabh thanks Vivek for breaking his trust. He doesn’t feel ashamed of his doings and goes on to say about the enjoyment. Vivek slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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