Balika Vadhu 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 27th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar girls’ school
While shiv gives a teddy bear to anandi telling her that he loves her as some days back, 14th feb was celebrated around the world as Valentine’s Day, the day of love, when a person confesses his love to the person he feels for. Ananadi is overwhelmed and takes the teaddy from him, and thanks him for it. Shiv expresses surprise at such a curt reply and asks her if she wont say anything else. she says that the teddy is very cute. Shiv says that it didnt come itself, and that the person who brought it is actually cute. He says that she should reply elselike, and not just a thank you. Anandi further teases him saying that he didnt have any condition that she too would have to reciprocate the same before giving the gift, else she wouldnt

have accepted the teddy. But shiv insists that he expresses his right over her, and asks her to give a reply. Anandi has a hard time confessing it to him.

Before she can say I LOVE YOU, a girl comes and interrupts them, much to shiv’s frustration asking her to help out with some states’ capital. She does so and takes an excruciatingly long time to solve the girls’ problems. Shiv clarifies it fast, and taking the girl’s slate and sending her off, he asks anandi to complete what they started and if she finds saying it aloud difficult, she should write it down instead. Anandi complies and writes I LOV, but before they can savour the moment, ganga comes over for giving prasad. Anandi quickly turns the slate over.

Shiv asks ganga about her education and expresses his compliments on getting back to education. Ganga however says that she isnt habituated with praises being showered on her. She says that anandi is the one who should be praised for all of this. Shiv too agrees saying that whoever is with anandi, their life becomes fruitful. Ganga leaves. Shiv asks her to continue despite her saying that its not a good idea today. She begins to do the same, she reaches uptil LOVE. But bhairo stops her yet again, with a letter, saying its come for her.

Ananadi is happy to receive her teacher’s letter, asking her to come to her newly opened school for unfortunate girls. Bhairo too says that this is a great honour for her and that she should definitely grace the function. But anandi is upset when she finds that the event is in the evening only. the postman apologizes for the delay in delivereing as he wasnt well. But shiv tells him not to worry and tells him that she would definitely go.

As anandi gets ready to leave, meenu asks her to take care of herself, and freshen up before she attends the function. Anandi says that half of her feels that she shouldnt go but shiv comforts her saying that she should definitely go as it had been a long lost dream of hers and her teachers too, and that its very important to her and when she returns, they would bare their hearts to each other. He gives her the teddy and aftre she leaves, he tells meenu that he would come straight home after finishing his work in the office.

Scene 2:
Location: Udaipur haveli and on the road
Mahi calls up shiv, as he is driving and is happy when he knows that his plan was a success and demands a sports car for his fabulous tip to shiv. He asks shiv about their plan now and is disappointed when he finds about anandi not being with shiv tonite. However shiv expresses a strange sense of excitement in this waiting too as he had never experienced before. Mahi wishes him the best of luck in his romantic journey of love with anandi. after mahi’s call, shiv basks in the glory of their new found love.

Scene 3:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Sanchi, as usual is irritated at attending what she had thought of as a drama, in saraswati puja celebrations. Meenu tries to explain ganga’s point of view to her, but she says that to top it off, anandi is always so busy that she only doesnt have time for the one she lives with. Just then, ira comes in and gives them a pleasant surprise. But she is upset when sanchi tells her about anandi having gone and left shiv behind to be bored. Ira asks sanchi to leave them alone as she has to talk with meenu in private.

Ira asks if there’s anything wrong between anandi and shiv. When meenu replies that there’s nothing wrong, ira tells her about the conversation with sanchi and expresses her concern as to whether anandi and shiv have been able to consummate their marriage, and if anandi has been able to submit herself to shiv completely. Ira tells meera that she hasnt ever shared this with anyone that she’s about to share with her. When meenu asks what, she tells her about what she had seen the next morning after their first night together. She says that she didnt pay any attention then, but now she wonders of there qactually was something to it all. She says that she had retorted back to the lady who had spoken ill of them then. But now she feels that she had some truth in her talks. She says that she doesnt want to talk or think like that but a creepy thought keeps coming in, if it was a bad descision marrying shiv to anandi. Meenu is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on ira’s face.

Underlying message: After remarriage, its not only difficult for the couple to adapty their new life, but its equally difficult for the family also to cope up with the increasing pressure that comes along with it.

Precap: When meenu tells ira that she has talked to anandi, she says that now they would have to talk to the person who’s closest to anandi, hinting at sumitra. Ira along with meenu, who is surprised at her talks, reaches the haveli discusses with sumitra that its been two months to their marriage and still they havent consummated their marriage. sumitra too is tensed hearing this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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