Balika Vadhu 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mannu going to the kitchen to get Sattu for Pooja. Just then he hears Dadisaa calling for Ganga and saying she is coming. Mannu hides. Jagya makes Ganga sit and make her have sattu with his hand. Dadisaaa looks on happily. Mannu comes to Pooja’s house. Sarita hears the noise and asks who is there. Pooja wakes up and asks what happened? Sarita says she heard someone knocking on the window. Pooja understands that he is Mannu and tells Sarita that it might be her perception. Sarita says may be and leaves. Pooja goes near the window and sees Mannu standing. She says you are really mad? Mannu says I came to wake you up. He says I brought sattu for you. She asks him to make her have it with his hand. Sarita looks for the water mug and thinks she left in Pooja’s room. Mannu makes

Pooja have sattu. Pooja makes him eat it too. Just then they hear Sarita calling Pooja and are shocked. Sarita asks Pooja, what you are doing here? Pooja makes an excuse that she heard some noise and was trying to see. Sarita says I will ask watchman to check.

Kamli asks Pushkar to have breakfast. Pushkar refuses to have food and asks for his mum’s prasad. Nimboli brings prasad and tells it is sent by your mum and asks you to have breakfast. Pushkar happily eats it. Akhiraj thinks Pushkar is mad and he has to bear him in his house. He acts good and asks how are you? Pushkar says I am fine and tells his mum sent prasad to you. Akhiraj says it is good and takes him for having food with him. Kamli wonders about the reason behind Akhiraj’s good behavior towards them. Akhiraj sits to have breakfast. Nimboli stares samosas. Urmila says you can just look at samosa and can’t have it. Harki tells Urmila that she will bring fruit plate for her. Urmila gives idea to Nimboli for eating the fruits. Harki brings fruits for Urmila. Urmila gives the fruits to Nimboli, who is under the bed. She asks Harki about first teej.

Harki tells about her first teej. Urmila gives fruits to Nimboli silently and says she is very hungry. Harki tells she got worried when she was fasting, but now she fast without any worry. Harki drops apple on floor by mistake, Urmila gets tensed thinking Nimboli will pick it up. Harki tries to pick it up, but Urmila picks it. Harki asks her not to bend like that. She leaves. Urmila asks Nimboli to come out. Just then Harki comes back. Nimboli hides under the bed again. Harki feels something strange and looks down the bed. Urmila closes her eyes worriedly. Harki sees nothing. Urmila sees Nimboli standing behind Harki. Harki goes. Urmila asks Nimboli, why did she eat everything in a hurry. Nimboli tells she didn’t eat any fruit, as she thought to eat with her. She says we will eat with Kamli jiji. They go to Kamli’s room and asks her to have it also. They eat it. Kamli is happy seeing Urmila and Nimboli.

Ganga celebrates Teej festival. Nimboli celebrates it too. Mannu and Pooja celebrate together and are seen by Sarita. She shouts. Jagya comes to Akhiraj’s house. Nimboli introduces herself as Kundan’s wife. Jagya looks on. Akhiraj is angry on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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