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Balika Vadhu 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini complains the media that they are disrespecting a woman’s self-esteem. The reporter asks Mr. Shikhawat if he is afraid what if Nadini leaves them. Nandini was firm she will never leave her Maa saa and Bapu Saa, she doesn’t care about people; if a girl like hers past can make her future anyone can. She sends the reporters away. Sudha’s mother in law was upset that this news will reach all the city now, she was unaware that they were going to be related to such a family where Balika Vadhu’s live.
The doctor recommends Krish for injection. He wanted to get saved from injection and runs away instead.
Sudha questions Nandini about being Balika Vadhu. Nandini cries it was her age to listen to tales and stories, she was forced to marry in that age. Sudha throws the tray complaining

she spoilt her life, how would she marry then. She complains her parents to marry this Balika Vadhu now. Nandini questions Maa saa If she is also angry about not knowing, Maa saa cries had she known this all she would have loved her even more, helping her forget her past. Nandini tells Maa saa Sudha needs this love right now, she stops and asks Bapu Saa if he is so angry he won’t look towards her? Bapu saa says he is angry with those conditions, for them she was born in his family. He recalls the day she came in this house the first day, she was afraid to tell her name for a few days. Nandini was three months old when she was married, then at thirteen she had to do the coronation of her mother. They didn’t even have ticket for train, the police had taken both her and Shivam to police station for not having a ticket, and were later taken to orphanage. The warden there took them to a children room asking them to sleep. Shivam was afraid, Nandini assures her to be with him always. The warden had come to shut her mouth, Shivam came in and wrestled with the warden then hit him at the back of his head. He died on the spot, Nandini made Shivam run away from there swearing him to Maa saa. They heard police, Nandini made Shivam run away. Bapu saa had brought Nandini home from the orphanage. She now thanks Bapu saa for thanking her, Bapu saa wishes he would have come a bit earlier, she wouldn’t have to separate from her brother.
Shivam watches the news about Nandini.
Nandini didn’t know about Shivam, she was determined to find him one day. Anandi had given her Shivam’s responsibility. She was now worried about Sudha’s proposal. Maa saa comes and assures she didn’t do anything wrong with Hemal, they should have been answered this way. Nandini hugs Maa saa and promises to make it all well for Sudha. Maa saa asks her to go and sleep, tomorrow is a big day for her as a doctor in hospital.

PRECAP: Tomorrow will be a new beginning. A patient pleads Nandini, who tries to save her brother hard.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. They (BV Crew – writers/producers etc) think viewes are just stupids. They can fool viewers first, second, third and as many times as they wish and get away with it.

    People are complaining they miss Anandi, Dadisa, Badi Haveli etc. BV didn’t had any story since almost an year now and they could drag this until now with absolute non-sence. Still people watched. They can’t help it, they are habituated. Its like a drug, 8.30PM on the clock, they need it.

    For the matter of fact, BV has actually ended. If they start this new serial with new name, they will lose millions of viewship that they have built upon years on BV. They want to cash that faithful viewership. Just to show this new serial is somehow related to old BV, they might show some old memories and that’s just about it, nothing more.

    So people, just accept the fact that this is COMPLETELY A NEW SERIAL with borrowed old name BALIKA VADHU.

    You will be more happy seeing this as a new serial. Questions like – Being Collectors kid why adoptions?, How could area MLA Jagya couldn’t know about this? etc etc about old serial ARE NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE and DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE (Actually they make sence, but as Miss Ritika said “If you want to enjoy any show then forget your brain”)

    (Ramya – I stopped watching BV since the leap and not at all regretting about it)

    1. Hahahhaa..thankyou shiv
      You are right that we watch this because we feel adicted to this like drugs.

  2. its k guys .think it as a new serial and enjoy the show. krish(ruslaan mumtaz) looks promising.lets try watching for 1 week.

  3. I totally agree with you Mr. Shiv. Such a bakwass story since two days. Nandini remembers everything except to call jagya and tell where abouts.
    I cannot see Mahi as Nandini. She does not suite the role. I do not wish to watch any more.

    1. Let’s watch this seriel further you may find jagya and Ganda also killed by akhiraj. While family is deal that’s why poor nandini had no option left. What a nonsense is this?

      1. I meant ganga.

  4. Mahi is not suite for this role

  5. reporters done some back ground work about nandini child marriage, then y they are not enquires about parents, relatives(jagya, ganga)…OH MY GOD it is not REALISTIC???
    jagya is mla, then y jagya not searching about anandi children…..???
    vanished previous balika vadhu charming, interst???
    where is shekar ‘s family….????
    balika vadhu playing with viewers mind….its 100 % sure

  6. Thanq so much for written update.plz put written update with in half an hour

  7. I dont want to spoil my peace watching this stupid nonsense baseless senseless serial by an insane lady reshmi…. Shiv ur comment indeed is mindblowing…

    1. Thanks dolana…I might be less frequent in commenting here…as I am not watching this stupidness anymore. This has surpassed all the stupidness in the world. Absolute time waster. So you guys enjoy each other comments atleast.

    2. You are right Shiv , By the way Dolana you too is right just stupidity to watch this serial, I have just read the updates, that Nandini & Shivam were found traveling without ticket, may be police caught, how come the area MLA could’nt know about this, and in the other hand just a point to know the children are of 13yrs and could not narrate their Resi address or phone to the police. Once upon a time the badihaveli was well known by whole Rajeshtan and their own children cant say the address, May be Nandini was Nimboli for somany years, yet she traveled alone from Jaithsar to Jhalra and also saved the life of another girl and when the turn came to actually act they forgot everything or the writers forgot that sometime before these children were smart. and then they grow dumb.

      I do enjoy each others comments it is much interesting than the serial

      1. Thanks Mani…I love and enjoy these comments more than the serial itself. Serial ek vajaa thee comment karne ke liye, lekin ab serial ek bahana ban gaya comment likhne aur padne ke liye.

  8. Omg…. This is new levels of stupidness….
    She doesn thinkof calling mla jagdish and her family members….. Instead gets adopted of to some strangers…n ya.. Jagdish mla cant find her….
    Reporters can find her past but not her relatives….
    And tz sooo irritating to watch mahhi as nimboli…it feels soo wrong…

    Balika vadhu shud hav stopped and made a new seriel… This is like mocking us viewers who used to watch the show all these years…

  9. I am sure writers are thinking the audiences are duffers they can acccept whatever they can write and show. Areee BC. They are travelling on train going somewer after anandi’s death?Leave about Nandini she didn’t study let us assume she has no brain and to shivam what happend to him? he went to school and you people showed him 1st in class Right ? I am 200% sure those who are literates even at that age after her mom’s death they don’t go anywhere with empty hands and buy struggle. 1st thing they would get the idea is to go home which he lived for 12years and the home which he lived was MLA’S home. they can go and can live happily. and writers are showing audiences are chutiyas. f**k this crap yaar.

  10. I am huge fan of balika vadhu once upon a time. But I didn’t feel correct after shiv death. Its really injustice. After that nandini missing track. It is all ver boring for the viewers. Now why did director kill anandi. Y is nandini staying somewhere??? Why is she not staying in Haveli. There is no connection only. Why the damn serial is being prolonged. Please end the serial with happy note.

  11. why shekar’s family not enquired about anandi and her children…??
    no matter of jagya family from 2 days??
    fortunatly they ended anandi role…why only highlate nandini only what about shivam…??
    unexpected ending story line…looks worst, iritation!!!
    no words … a spoiler

    1. Because they also died in some country. Just kidding

  12. Where z jagya,Ganga.he z Mla also.

  13. Unbelievable why Nandini n Shivam didn’t inform police about Jagya. Its quite unnatural instead going to badihaveli they are roaming here n there, anyways present Nandini is worst she doesn’t look like a doctor plz change her. No one can think Balika Vadhu will show good people will suffer so much n bad always wins . Anandi lost her life n her kids are roaming with no home to live because of Akhiraj who is a criminal.plz bring Jagya n Ganga back.

  14. What message Balika Vadhu is giving to people that if you are good definitely you will loose n bad enjoys n always win, so moral of story always be bad .

  15. Could some one help me how to write letter to dumb writers of balika vadhu , if Jagya is not able to search shivam n nandini then how cum they cant find him as Jagya is MLA and its easy to find him n moreever shivam n nandini are not so small as they cant remember the address atleast nandini should hv contacted kamli and shiv family didnt even come to see Anandi last rites n for kids, this serial hv showed the characters of collector, MLA , badi haveli people but at last they are showing their kids in orphanage , bullshit need to slap hard whoever created this dumb story line.

    1. Shivani…instead of letter, email them to “[email protected]”. Just take the points people raised here and you should get enough points. The first point I here is “opposition to Mahi” as Nandini. Second is “end this serial”. You can write what ever you see writable to end this stupidity.

      1. Thanks…shiv i will convey them to stop showing crap and i stopped even seeing the never ever will watch this serial

  16. I think writers of this show are dumb… Instead of leap they can start new show with the same name… This show last its charm.. According to this serial good people always suffer a lot they never get peaceful life..

  17. I’m so sorry but I’m not going to be able to watch it anymore,why aren’t they living with Jagya and Ganga?

  18. Gosh it is so stupid what they are showing. Are the writers fools, or they think the audience is a fool. Not one bit of realism. Mahi does not suit the role of Nandini. She does not act like a doctor aswell. Can a doctor be nervous seeing blood. What nonsense?

  19. Its a fiction treat it as fiction.

    Why getting so emotional

    1. It’s completely natural to get emotional over it. The serial was beloved for so many years, people are so familiar with the characters, they are brought into people’s homes every night, and when people watch, they would prefer some connection to reality and logic when the serial continues. The anger is against the people responsible for ruining the serial with absolute nonsense and a lead actress who is so uninteresting. It would be fine to continue into a new story if they connected it better with the older characters and the reality of their home life. How do they just leave Jagdish like that? One second, he jumps in the water to try to find the kids and Anandi, and then, what, he just disappears and goes home? Never to care again? It was so unnecessary to include the adoption scenario, with characters that people don’t really care to get to know (Nandini’s new family.)

  20. When I first read about Nandini becoming a doctor, I thought that story would naturally be about her growing up with Ganga and Jagdish, and being inspired and encouraged by them. They could have made the story about her new life in the big city working as a doctor, but returning home periodically to Jaitsar and helping with some of the work at Shanti Niketan (or was it called Shiv Niketan? or something like that. They could have still made it so there would be problems around her getting married along with the focus on her city life. There could still be interesting romantic scenarios with family conflicts. It would have been fun to see Shivam as an adult, and enjoy the brother-sister relationship in its older stage, see him looking after her like Dadisaa had wanted him to, with some conflicts added here and there, feeling tension about new relationships in her life, maybe testing the bond. Maybe Shivam will still return, after trying to find Nandini again. Who knows. Would be cool if he went and found Shiv’s family. I want to know what happens to Kundan. But I think the producers of the show really want the viewers to have amnesia, so none of this will be likely to happen. I will keep reading the updates and will only watch again if some connection to her real family is brought back.

  21. All good things.must come to an end! This applies to daily soaps also! It would have been ideal had the story ended with Akhiraj Singh’s death and I would have really appreciated it inspite of that fact that the story lost its logic long long back! Now it does really not make any sense to drag the story inspite of all the main characters quitting the show! It is like some mad people never accept a kin’s death and continue to live with their corpses! It only results in an unbearable stink! We have had a personal.connect with the series but its high time the show s let go! No point even if you forcefully introduce even d best of d world’s actors!

  22. Here are some points I want to say those may be you guys skipped.
    1- if police catches ticketless travellers then they don’t put them in jail,atleast not the kids. In reality police will check if these kids are lost or something. Our police is not so cruel I think.
    2- nandini was not that low confident person. And also she was anandi’s
    3- may be shivam is alive. But i dont know why but my sixth sense is saying he had not lived in any good condition.
    4- this point is the most important point. This program named Balika Vadhu is accidentally showing in a national television actually it should be shown in some pagal channel( we all are being tortured by bv)

    I loved anandi’s character. Anadi I love you I miss you.

  23. Now anything happens in this seriel and I can bet what all people’s reactions is like “what? Are you kidding me?”

  24. Now a days no 1 bakwass serial….

  25. Anybody have you ever been to swaragini page on this site? I was there once and after scanning from 60-70 Fan fictions I found the original show’s update. They are really some happy teenagers.
    Think guys people are so happy watching any programm and here we are banging our head on rock. So frustration and negativity.
    We waited from nandini’s kidnap to nandini’s acceptance of anandi as Maa to find some happiness and what we got? Anandi’s death and a leap with a dull character.
    Watching anandi so many females in our society learnt about strength, fighting from situation, never give up attitude. What to learn from her death?
    Everybody is death here.
    I think we should also make a fan fiction in our mind and make ourselves happy.close your eyes and imagine nandini hugging anandi and saying ‘I love you maa’. 🙂

  26. Please end the serial Balika Vadhu.. before 2 days back this was my fav. serial but after the death of main character Anandi its turn to nonsence serial. I read all the above comments send by number of persons they all r correct. We dont want to be foolish person & there is no more moral/message left for us ….

  27. Now, if those two, Ganga and Jagdish, had been killed by Akhiraj, this new story with two orphans would have been logic. Otherwise, it has no sense.

    1. Even if they are killed then what about mannu and what about the other son amol? They totally forgot Anandi’s son?

  28. Interesting serial it may take the views sometime to get back to watching and liking what’s yet to come.

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