Balika Vadhu 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamli making Urmila eat food. Harki asks her to drop her till court. Kamli asks where were you? She blames her for Urmila’s health and says it was risky for Urmi and her baby. Harki says all women work during pregnancy. She asks if you will take me or not in your car. Kamli says I will take you as I can’t leave you with Urmi here. Urmila asks Kamli, what she meant to say that the baby is at risk. Kamli thinks she can’t tell as Urmi is also a kid. She asks her not to work again. Urmi asks her to take her also to meet Mangla and Nimboli. Kamli agrees. Dadisaa prays to God, to give justice to Anandi, Nandini and Mangla and punish Akhiraj for his crimes. Anandi tells Dadisaa that they will leave now. Jagya says lets go. Shivam asks Anandi, where she is going?

Mangla tells Nimboli that they are going to Geeta’s house. Nimboli insists to come. Dadisaa says kids shall not go near patients. Ganga says Dadisaa is right. Nimboli agrees and waves bye to Mangla and anandi.

Jagya tells Anandi and Mangla that he is taking car out. Anandi tells Mangla that it was not right to lie. Mangla says Nimboli would not have allowed me to go, and I know her from childhood. They leave. Harki comes back to Urmi and asks her to fetch water from outside well. Urmi tells that Doctor asked her not to do any work. Harki asks her to fill water and gives a small pot. She asks her to fill big pots in the house. Urmila stares her. Harki tells that she has to do work as she is staying in her house and eating food. She says she will beat her and breaks her bones. Harki is about to attack her with the steel pot, but Urmi holds her hand and stops her. She says you are a criminal’s wife and mum, who think themselves as tiger, but they are actually weak. She says I am not Nimboli and knows how to answer well. Harki gets angry.

At court, Harki, Urmila and Kamli wait outside court. Akhiraj is brought by the Police. Jagya, Anandi and Mangla comes in the car. Akhiraj looks angrily at Mangla. He comes near Mangla and calls her dakan. He says I would have killed you with your husband, if I have any suspicion about you. Mangla says I beared your tortures all these years, and asks why he has not changed even after staying in jail for many days. Akhiraj says he is a brave man and not like her who backstabbed him. Constables take Akhiraj with him. Harki runs after him. Kamli hugs Mangla and cries. Urmila also hugs Mangla and smiles. Akhiraj tells Harki that he will be freed soon and asks her to have strength. Kamli asks how are you Disa? Jagya says we will go inside now.

Mangla says I will come. Kamli tells Jagya that Urmi is unwell and asks him to make her sit somewhere. Anandi and Jagya take her from there. Kamli asks Mangla what she is doing with Jagya and Anandi. Mangla says they are staying with Jagya and Anandi. Kamli says it would have been done by Harki. Mangla stops her and says Anandi found her one day. Kamli asks what will happen now. Mangla says don’t know. She says I will try to unite mum and daughter. Kamli says Nimboli will accept Anandi as her mum, and then you will lost her. Mangla asks why? She says this will not happen and says I took care of her when she was just 3 months old. She says nobody can snatch her from me. Kamli feels pity on Nimboli and thinks she is not getting peace even there.

Lawyer tells that case is dependent on Nimboli’s testimony. Akhiraj thinks he will not let Nimboli reach court in any circumstances.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What non sense…

  2. I just hate the dialogue when disa says ” main jaanu chori ne bachpann se”
    Irritates whenever she says it….

  3. B-O-R-I-N-G… please get rid of Mangala fast. Sometimes, in my opinion, this serial makes no sense. There’s no way is have my biological daughter living with me and cause of fear of “losing” her I won’t tell her in her mum. The fact that you didn’t tell me you’re my real mother the instant you saw me, proves you have things to hide. The excitement of Anandi finding her daughter wouldn’t let her keep quiet for so long. The writers or directors should please be realistic. Even reading Mangala’s body language should tell you something is wrong somewhere.

  4. And yes, Kamli too is sounding selfish too. If she was in Anandi’s shoes, will that be what she would love to happen to her? What goes around comes around. It’s true truth always prevails, but not when everyone is totally hurt and broken and almost not believing in the truth.

  5. Sri harshitha

    Plzz end mangla’s character ad unite anandi with her daughter

  6. i love this serial

  7. Written update of 27 oct 2015

    Episode starts with nimboli, mannu and shivam playing hide and seek. While running nimboli breaks dadisa’s spectacles and gets scared that she will be punished for her mistake. When dadisa comes she apologizes her kindly and tells her that dadisa an give any punishment to her but just not to put her in dark room as she is extremely scared of darkness. In that effort she tells dadisa various punishments that she can take like beating, tying to tree, keeping her on fast etc. this makes dadisa emotional and she hugs nimboli forgiving her.

    Then scene changes to court where anandi testifies against akhiraj by narrating how he kidnapped her daughter 11 years ago on March 17th. Flashback was shown with music on background. Akhiraj smartly lies that anandi is trying to fix him in crimes he never did and claims that he rescued Nandini from a waste bin and gave a new life to her! Everyone in court room gets schocked to hear how badly akhiraj can lie!!

    Then Jagya testifies and says that akhiraj wanted to enter politics with his help and when he came to know how bad akhiraj is in reality from mangala.. He exposed him in public meeting. And then akhiraj made a police wounded by opening fire and also went home to try and kill nimboli and mangala. Jagya tells court that he is eye witness of all this.

    Akhiraj again smartly explains that Jagya misunderstood him and he claims that he was indeed saving that policeman from one of the villagers, his supporters who tried to open fire and in that mess policeman got hurt. Also says that he was pleading mangala to kill him instead of making insult of his family prestige by false allegations!

    Everyone in court room including mangala, urmila and Kamli remain shocked and harki gets happy hearing all this false story!

    Precap – public prosecutor says nimboli’s witness is crucial for this case. Akhiraj thinks that he will never let nimboli reach court. Scene change to outside of badi haveli where harki sees nimboli going out in car with anandi and mangala and thinks that she will send this dacoit (nimboli) to death door before she reaches court room and otherwise she is not harki!!

    1. Thanks for the update pammy..

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