Balika Vadhu 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trishakti Episode of Thapki, SSK, Balika Vadhu from 8 pm – 8:30 pm.


Sid asks Prerna to trust him and have food . Prerna says she is not hungry. Sid asks her to eat food. Prerna asks him to have food also. Chandramani looks at them, and thinks Sid have saved you from death, but this family will kick you out of the house after I do something. Simar asks housefly thinks to take Prem to children’s room and tries to sign him. She makes the sketch pen falls on floor. Prem picks the sketch pen and book, and thinks this is of Anjali. Simar thanks the God.


Krish comes to meet his mum. His mum hugs him and says she is seeing him after many days. She asks if love happened to you. Krish says no…..His mum says she is his mum and knows everything. She asks him

to come inside home and says she will mak his favorite food. Krish says no….His mom says okay, we can sit outside and talk. She asks who is that beautiful girl? Krish says Nandini…and says finally I got to know what is love? I am sorry I couldn’t understand your relation with Abhayram and have taken much time to accept your marriage with him. I am understanding your love and marriage because of Nandini. His mum says it is not your mistake, love can happen at any time. She says it is getting to get Abhayram like life partner and says she got a new lease of life when he came in her life. She says she is very happy for him, as he is in love with her. She asks him to confess love soon, else she might choose someone else. Krish promises that Nandini will become her bahu only.


Fake Simar brings juice for Prerna. Prerna says she was about to come downstairs. Simar asks why? Prerna says she wants to apologize to family members. Fake Simar says she heard family speaking against her and says they are very angry. Prerna says their anger is justified. Fake Simar asks them not to go infront of them atleast for today, and says she will try to change their heart and talk to them. She makes Prerna drinks juice, and thinks she won’t let her hardwork go waste.


Sheena asks Bihaan about Shraddha. Bihaan says she is our dear bhabhi Shraddha. Sheena says Dhruv got married. Bihaan says yes, and says Shraddha is c for clever, cunning etc….Sheena introduces herself as Bihaan’s best friend. Shraddha says I didn’t know you have a best friend. Bihaan says you are unaware of many things about me and that’s why mistaken myself to be like you. Thapki asks Bhabhi about Sheena and says Bihaan never told me about her. Bhabhi says he might haven’t get any chance to tell about her. Vasundara says she wants to talk to Thapki….

Balika Vadhu:

Mr. Shekhawat asks Jamuna, if all arrangements are done. She says yes and says she must be coming. Nandini comes wearing a beautiful dress. Jamuna gets happy and takes out her aarti. Dr. Amit’s dad tells that he is happy that Nandini will become his bahu. Jamuna says we couldn’t make arangements so fast. Amit’s dad says he is waiting for this day when Nandini will become his bahu. Krish comes running there and calls choti makan malkin saa….Nandini drops the ring from her hand hearing him. Even ring from Amit’s hands fall down. Nandini picks both the rings. Krish is shocked to see that they are getting engaged. Krish thinks you will soon realized that you are made for me, and you will marry me only…and I will see how you marry Amit.


Vasundara tells Thapki that she couldn’t see her pain and that’s why she is thinking to get Bihaan marry Sheena.


Prerna reads a letter that the Simar in the house is fake Simar and she is the real Simar. Prerna tells Sid that Simar is not Simar.

Krish hugs Nandini and congratulates her. He says I will only marry you. Nandini is shocked. Abhayram/Kundan does puja and promises his dead parents that he will take revenge from Nandini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When ever akhiraj entered in balikavadhu that is the situation entered the stupid quality “revange”…now it is inherited to kundan…

    We don’t know still character of krishh…I think Krish is sanchi’s son…sanchi,Shiva and mahi’s sister…once upon time she is planed to marry Jagdish…

    Amit, Krish , kundan = nandini…
    triangle love story is k, wat abt kundan future plannings..

    How shivam saved nandini from kundan ????

    Balika vadhu team please bring back bade haveli people…

    Shivam, nandini has anandi memorable photo but no idea about jaither,jharla people?

    This is seems crazy…dynamic dadisa,anandi character not there..
    They both are balancing pullers to balika vadhu from 8 years..

  2. Poor ruslaan… Before this serial his character was to.romance a girl elder than him!!!! Now in this too ??????? poor guy hen will he get to romance of his age … (Though in real life mahi is same age as ruslaan she looks older than him)

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