Balika Vadhu 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saachi telling everyone her decision of not marrying. Everyone are shocked. Alok gets angry and scolds Ira for talking to Saachi so soon about marriage. Ira says I m a mum, and I worry for her. Vivek comes back saying I forgot my car keys. He hears Ira blaming Saurabh. He takes the car keys and says its good I had to come back, I m sorry but I heard everything, I m sorry to interfere in this matter, but I think you all are worried that who will marry Saachi. He says I have one solution, I know one guy. Daddu says we don’t want to hurry now.

He says Saachi is not a burden on us that we give her to anyone like that. Vivek says no Sir, I m talking about someone who is a good guy and deserves to marry Saachi, he has some issues with his family so he stays

alone but he will keep Saachi happy. He says I m talking about myself. Everyone are shocked. He says I want to marry Saachi if you all permit and bless me. Ira says are you feeling pity on her. He says not at all, I said this as the way Saachi lived up with strength and the way she is shaping other’s lives, I m impressed by her, whatever she did, she faced media without any fear,I feel she can become my life partner.

Daddu says there is no doubt that you are a nice guy and is good for her, who would not like a guy such as you, but you know how much this relation will be complicated, whatever Saurabh did, you got him punished and got separated from your family and now Saachi’s marriage, your mum already hates her, when she comes to know that you wants to marry her, God knows what she will do. He says I will take care of her as a good husband. He says I will go backt o my family if they accept Saachi with respect love, you can trust me. Shiv says I respect your sentiments, I m not sure how will Saachi react to this.

Vivek says I m not forcing you all for this. He says you all can discuss and ask Saachi, then let me know. I will wait for your answer. He leaves. Everyone looks on. Gehna’s parents greets and thanks Dadisa. They have a talk and praise her for her goodness. Dadisa apologies to them.

Gehna’s dad gives her money. Dadisa says I did the marriage with happiness, I did not spend money to take it back from you, don’t return the money to me. Gehna’s mum asks Gehna to take care of her family and never let Dadisa complain. They leave. Everyone discuss about Vivek’s proposal. Ira says I don’t feel good, as Vivek is Saurabh’s brother, think what will happen after Saachi goes in his parents house, will she be able to stay in Saurabh’s house, will she not recall the incident. Anandi says but Vivek said he will take care of Saachi. Ira says what if he does not do that, parents are important, where will Saachi go if he prefers his parents.

Daddu says Ira’s worry is right, but we should give some credit to Vivek, look at his honesty and he made us feel secure about Saachi’s future. Daddu says its my yes for Vivek, not because that no one will marry Saachi, but because Vivek is the best for Saachi and she will be happy with him. Anoop says yes, lets talk to Saachi once then let her decide. Ira agrees. Ira comes to talk to Saachi. Ira tells Saachi that Vivek wants to marry you. Saachi is shocked. Ira says we thought to ask you what do you think. Saachi says I want to meet Vivek to get some answers from him. Ira asks do you accept this proposal. Saachi says first I will meet him.

Its morning, Saachi comes to a restaurant to meet Vivek. He asks how are you. She says I m shocked. Vivek talks to her and says try to understand. She says you can’t explain me, I won’t feel anything, I thought you understand me and we are friends, but you became great and showed pity on me thinking I need your support, you might be feeling proud to help me. He says can I say anything now. He says you are right, believe me, I m not trying to prove myself as a hero, else I would have tried in films rather than becoming a laywer. I says I did not wish to hurt you, I took this decision for my life also.

He says I have seen the past and saw only the future. He says I know everything and asked myself do I like you. He says the answer is yes. He says so I decided to marry you, no pity, no heroism. He says I understand you will have a set image for your life partner, if I don’t match, then tell me, I will go away from your life, think by forgetting everything and ask your heart.

Ratan Singh’s friend asks him to make documents regarding taking Mannu. Saachi tells everyone that she is ready to marry Vivek. Everyone are happy..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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