Balika Vadhu 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan and Harki sleeping in the temple premises and wake up in the morning. The sweeper asks them to go and says it is against the rules. Jagya tells that it is Anant’s plan. He says I gave letter to Mannu and asked him to give it to Anant. He says we were communicating through message. Anant says I went to SP saheb and told him everything. He makes the plan. SP says I hope we comes to know about the meeting place and time. Fb ends. Jagya says just then Inspector arrested Harki. Akhiraj got angry. I talked to SP and asked him to freed Harki. He says Akhiraj then told about the meeting place and time. I messaged Anant. He says SP said that Dr. Anant made this plan and sat all night to do planning. Jagya and Anandi thank him. Anant says I am happy that you all are fine. Dadisaa

is grateful to him and blesses him.

Kamli calls Mangla and tells that Harki and Kundan went somewhere since morning and thinks they might land up in trouble. Mangla says trouble was on Akhiraj and took him. Kamli is shocked and cries. Mangla tells everything. Kamli says this was his end for his sins. He would have done penance in his life. Mangla says God called him back. Kamli says she will call Kundan and inform him. Kundan asks Harki to get up, and says we will go home right now. Harki refuses and says Akhiraj will get angry if they leave. She asks him to wait for some more time. He gets Kamli’s call. Harki asks him not to pick her call. Kundan gets angry. Kamli wonders what to do now?

Ganga says she will bring milk for him. Jagya says he don’t want to drink and asks her to sit. He says once he thought that he will lose her. Ganga says I used to pray that you will rescue me. He says if you don’t have come, then I wouldn’t have any complained to you. Anandi and Mangla talk to each other. Mangla says what will happen if Nimboli sees your pic in the locket. Anandi says you are saying right. I have to wait for Nimboli to become Nandini. She says I am happy that you kept this locket safely. She says Nandini will wear this locket. Mangla keeps that locket. Anandi thanks her for stopping her from telling the truth to Nimboli. Mangla says everything has been done by God and if God wants, then she will never be away from her mum. Anandi says we will celebrate their birthday together.

Harki comes home. Neighbor informs her about Akhiraj’s death. Nimboli and Shivam fight over the locket. Nimboli asks Mangla to say that it is her locket while Shivam asks Anandi to say.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hahaha… This director have gone mad… Thinking it is a great story …

  2. Dhivyanjalee just loving your comment !!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Anandi thanks Mangla for stopping her from telling the truth to Nimboli.

  4. What…. is …….this…,?. pls some one tell me, is anandi that foolish, haaaaa mr writer I think you have become …….. how can mangala play with everybodies emotions like that. Truly this series is rubish. And we may still see akhiraj alive. Hmmmm.

  5. its really crap, don’t know when is this going to end

  6. Yes…please drag this Nandini, nimboli trash for atleast until 2017. We can’t tolerate Nimboli calling Anandi…Mom. Let Kundan take revenge by kidnapping Nimboli…run this for couple of months, then Kamli’s fight with her husband’s chacha…couple of month…we will be in 2017.

    By then we will forget that Nandini is Anandi’s daughter and everybody is good.

  7. This is actually carrying things too far especially for an educated woman like Anandi and experienced woman like dadisa …it is actually viewers being taken for a ride.

  8. akhiraj still alive??

  9. Just to run their business all producers try to drag their series and its making them non intresting and bore same is the case with balika vadhu the producer writer are wasting time but the plot is expanding losing intrest by the viewers.

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