Balika Vadhu 26th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 26th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th January 2013 Written Update

The Cast
A = Anandi, S = Shiv, I = Ira, SM = Sumi, B = Bhairon (aka Bapusa), DS = Daadisa, N = Nandu, Nth = Nathu, NS = Sanchi aka Nakchadi Sister, J = Jaggubhai MBBS, M = Mahi, P = Alok (Papa), DD = Daadu, G = Gehna, V= Basant, Ganga = G3 (as in future wife #3)

KB – Rasams
Rasams taking place at KB. I n A climbing stairs and picking up stuff… at the end I gives A a small round blue jewelry box and blesses her. A touching P with coconut to wake him up from sofa (Rasam called soote hue sasur ko jagana). He blesses her. Rasam with Mahi next. S gifts M a toy bike for the pranks then tells him that his real bike will come tomorrow. NS is excited about returning to Jaitsar. Rasam with Sanchi. A fills NS ki dupatta with make up per advise of NS’ friends, so she can draw herself an expression! S gifting A bangles and stops her from touching his feet as they are equals. (A remembers when he gave her bangles before). A explains to CM that the gift was meaningful cuz it refreshes her childhood memories. M collects 500Rs cuz A says “CS”. Sanchi is despo to get back to Jaitsar Shekhars don’t learn about the Kite OFF. CM says she will call n explain later.

-After AnSh leave, I n P discuss how good its to ve such a good DIL (A). DD teases M about finding a kite charki holder.

– DD & P won’t let M fly kites. So, M in turn teases DD with pakoras till he surrenders the kite.

– J learns u r supposed to care about ur in-laws when you grow up. G & V flirt as N runs away saying girls r yuck.
– N is despo to go to roof. Shyam n Sugna r away, but their kids come with Shyam’s parents. They wanted to see J and praise A when they learn she is with her in-laws. V2 (Varun) does not want to go to roof due (they recall that he fell off the roof). DS says he does not ve to go up. V1 missing AnSh.

– AnSh arrive with NS n CM. Their servant bring sweets for Singhs. A misses Shyaam-Sugna. Sanchi misses N n J CM praises A. AnSh donate blankets and stuffs. CM introduces Pappu (their Makhan) to Makhan kaka. All go upstairs.

– Makhan n Pappu fight in the kitchen about AnSh… who is better A or CS DS interrupts (NIVI where r u?? does this sound familiar??) and says they (A n S) are EQUALLY GOOD. She yells n makes them hug…she instructs them to bring pakoras upstairs.

Precap: Kite competition on Singhs ki roof… NS n N taunting each other.

Update Credit to: AnjanaYYZ

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