Balika Vadhu 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maa saa asking Nandini to open door fast. Nandini says door is open. Maa saa says enemy might see. Nandini says she is your daughter. Maa saa says I have brought something for you and gives her gift. Nandini sees make up kit and says I don’t apply make up. Maa saa asks her to apply make up and says a good guy in the hospital might like you. She says Sudha likes when I tell anything wrong about you. Nandini smiles. Maa saa asks why your smile stops at your lips. She says we tried to give you a house of love and care. She asks if we have failed as parents. Nandini hugs her and says I get strength seeing you. She makes her gold bangles and says she went for Sudha’s marriage shopping. She says I hope you would have got married before Sudha, and says you are 29 now. Nandini recalls

her child marriage and gets teary eyes. Nandini says I like a guy and shows newspaper. Her mum says Virat Kohli and calls her dramebaaz. Her mum says handsome guy is going to come in your life. Nandini asks her to make arrangements of Sudha’s marriage. She gives her newspaper back. Nandini hugs her.

Later Nandini gets Patient’s diary and says it seems he is a NRI. Patient says I am fine. He says my heart is beating, and I can walk too. Doctor asks him to lie down and says you was saved because of that doctor. He asks about the doctor. Nandini’s dad prays to God to send someone. Nandini calls him. He thinks his friend called him and asks about the tour. Nandini says you are mistaken. Patient says he is not interested in any loans or anything, and disconnects the call. Nandini calls him again. He calls her aunty saa and says his heart is on roaming. Nandini sends message, and asks him to message if he wants diary, and also asks him to learn mannerism.

Nandini teaches dance to old man and dances on desi boys. She asks them to wait and goes to teach dance to old ladies. She dances on Chittiya Kalaiva Re. Ladies gossip and says Nandini have grown confidence on us. Amit’s dad tells Nandini that she got 60 plus do 20 plus work. Nandini asks him to keep 60 plus, 20 plus in maths book. Amit’s dad says Amit used to make me remember my age always. He blesses Nandini. Nandini says my happiness is in your happiness. He tells her that media will come in evening. She leaves. Nandini’s dad says Nandini is always busy. Sudha’s mum in law praises Nandini. Just then Nandini comes. Sudha’s mum in law congratulates her. Sudha’s to be husband asks her to recommend him. Nandini says I believe in service. She says if you are worthy then you will get the contract, else no. Media persons come there to cover Nandini’s interview. Nandini says I haven’t done anything new. They praise her for saving a patient’s life. She says we have done research on you. He tells Nandini’s dad that you have saved Nandini from human trafficking and have adopted her. Everyone is shocked. Other Reporter asks if she was married to Kundan in her childhood. Everyone is shocked. Nandini gets teary eyes.

Mr. Shekhawat asks Nandini why you didn’t tell me about your past. Nandini says I was kidnapped when I was 3 months old, and have done my mum’s last rites when I was 13. Mr. Shekhawat asks about Shivam. Sudha insults Nandini and says that’s why she ran away from marriage. Nandini says it was a forced marriage. Sudha says you got married, but what about me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So much bahana to vanish every character

  2. Hahahhahahah!!
    Ruslaan is love,i just love him watching!
    Nice start,old characters are vanished!
    Though i dnt wanna see shakti anand as jagya any more!!
    New family, new story,new cast welcome u with open arms!
    Mahi need to brush her acting skills rest are doing good?

  3. Very borin serial…. With out anandi serial is not interesting. This is very bad to close the anandi character…. Anandi from the childhood to till she struggled very much.she lives for their children but they lost her….nandini is very unlucky girl…every time the writer wants them to not get happy? Life long they have to struggle?it is not at all fair…now we have to see nandini’s Tears up to we don’t know….

    1. Completely agree with you…!!

  4. vanishing all old characters suddenly made the serial very boring… dadisa n anandi were the main leading characters. .. there should be a new face for the role of nandini. .. because I dnt want to see mahi at least. .. rest we have to wait till the serial become interesting again……

  5. Muy aburido sin anandi por lo menos otra istoria y la final de anandi muy ambiguu enterarlo sin jagdhis y la familia muy ororoso.

  6. Years passed after little anandi to anandi s daughter still India hasn’t developed an inch….
    Still baling vadhu….

  7. The serial will be ruined with this new storyline. The story is not interesting at all without some connection to the rest of the former characters. What other serial has ever taken a leap by getting rid of all of the main characters? Why would Nandini be so completely separated from Jaitsar, or even from Kamli and Pushkar. How does Shivam just disappear from Nandani’s life? All these formerly interesting Aapka serials are being ruined by these forced romantic-oriented stories. Even Udaan is getting so annoying with its silly Chakor-Vivaan love scenario with it’s forced romantic encounters and dialogue.

  8. The serial would be really interesting if they brought Shiv’s family back into the picture. What about his sister, who is aunt to Nandani. How did that family completely disappear?

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