Balika Vadhu 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th October 2013 Written Update

Court :

Sanchi’s lawyer says to Anandi you are the only one from Shekars who know Jagdish very well , so can you please say me about his character ? Anandi calmly says he is a sensible and a serious person who respects women very much , he cant even disrespect one far even hurting . All the Shekar’s face appears to be grey scale , the lawyer laughs aloud , the judge asks him can i know the reason behind this laughter , he replies that Anandi is saying such a lie , he says to Anandi he even deceived you , married Gauri and even left her when none accepted them and Jagya even insulted you in front of his friends when you arrived Mumbai to meet him .He taunts that i can see many types of positive points in this , he continues how can you even forget that he forcibly asked the part

of the property , came to keep “babut” during your mother’s funeral only to please Gauri , he even tried to break your relationship with ShivRaj Shekar and wanted to come back to your life , Anandi is standing like a statue , the lawyer says i am done and now you can go , Anandi says no i have still to say something , i agree that each and every point revealed is true but why only seeing negative things , see the other side of him too , he served selflessly to the village , he never cared for his life etc… That’s why he chose Ganga as his partner , but he dint confessed his feelings , he would have been engaged with Sanchi if we wouldn’t heard her words in the cafe , the lawyer says this all are just excuses to get out easily , do you have a eye witness for it ? Anandi says i am the witness , i have heard each and everything , even i was present with him at that time , the lawyer questions but he said that he was alone , Anandi says he just lied so that i shouldn’t be involved in this , shouldn’t face any problem , she then says to the judge in spite of all this Sanchi is a very good girl , she truly loves Jagdish , that’s why she spoke all that . The other lawyer says now i want to ask a few questions to Mrs. Anandi Shekar . He approaches , he asks her when you found Sanchi unconscious , how did you enter ? Was it by breaking the door or by using a duplicate key ? Anandi says the door was open and i saw her with my own eyes , the lawyer says ah i got it , every person who tries to commit suicide makes sure that no one is watching him/her and closes the door for sure before any suicide attempt , but this wasn’t the case with Sanchi , she intentionally kept the door open so she can be saved and later accuse Mr.Jagdish for the suicide attempt , Sanchi who is sitting with the Shekars pretends to swoon , Ira catches her , the judge on seeing her condition declares the court is adjourned for 15 minutes . Everyone leaves expect the Singhs and Shekars .


Outside court room :

Ira with wrath in her voice says why did you mentioned the coffee incident even though it wasn’t asked ? Don’t expect forgiveness from us . Anandi says ma i was just telling the truth as i dun want Jagdish to be punished for a thing he dint did . Sanchi too bursts out why bhabhi why ? Why you did this to me ? I thought you have begun to understand me and we are bonding…Ira says yes you always remained Jaitsar’s daughter , never Udaipur’s DIL , Anandi says no it isn’t true but i just did what Shiv told me to do , Sanchi’s statement wasn’t true for me , even i know her friends , they aren’t so silly that they will make fin of her only because she loves a village guy and other than this i have noticed a few things which made me think that Sanchi is…Before she can complete it Sanchi says pretending !? I did a lot to adjust with you but you never did anything , Ira says to hell with your nonsense Anandi ! Choti ma comes in middle , she says please dun stop anyone today , what’s there in the hearts let it come , Anandi says today i met Payal a close friend of Sanchi , who revealed that none made fun of her at all and it was always she who criticized Jagdish’s family and she spoke her heart in the coffee shop was totally true , everyone are slightly shocked , the singhs are present too , Sanchi blabbers even more she says how fall can you fall so cheap bhabhi !! Only to protect Jagdish you are accusing me ! It seems that you still have feelings for your 1st husband , everyone are shocked , then Shiv shouts shut up Sanchi , Just shut up !


Outside court room :

Sanchi says i am sorry bhaiya but you don’t know what a big lie bhabhi is telling , Shiv says i know everything who is lying and who isn’t , then Payal arrives there , Anandi sees her and Sanchi takes her name , she recalls the their conversation , the scene is over , Payal advances and Sanchi stares her.


Voice over : When a lie is about to be revealed , the lair is frightened to a great extent.


Precap : Sanchi does melodrama by shouting i am a bad liar , i should be punished , everyone hate me ! Despise me , Ganga comes there and says Sanchi ji for the first time you have spoken the truth about yourself , Sanchi again tries to hit her , Ganga stops her hand , she asks with great “Junoon” in her eyes , shouldn’t everyone hear what you said the previous night ? Sanchi glares with disbelief .

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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