Balika Vadhu 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sona showing her maths book to Jagya and says she will study. Jagya invites her for Gehna’s marriage. Sona asks about Gehna. Jagya says she is his Taisa and tells about Basant’s dealth. Sona is surprised and gets impressed with his thoughts. Jagya says time has come to change old thinking. Sona says your taisaa is very lucky. In today’s time who marries a widow. Jagya says it is upto us to accept life. Sona gets very much impress with his thoughts. He gets Dadisaa’s call. Sona stares at him. Jagya asks her to attend Gehna’s marriage and leaves. Sona thinks life is giving her a chance.

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plays with Nandu and wins. Dadisaa gets happy. She explains the game to Jagya. Nandu says only Ganga won it. Jagya says it is not difficult and childish game. Dadisaa asks him to play and challenges. She asks him to bind his eyes and sign on the paper. Dadisaa shouts saying her earring is missing. Everyone starts searching for it. Dadisaa changes the paper and makes Jagya lose. She takes Jagya’s sign on her result. Nandu says you didn’t sign on the paper. Jagya says I signed. She goes to her room. Jagya tells everyone that he signed. Dadisaa is relieved that she took Jagya’s sign. She feels bad to have taken his sign by fooling him. She thinks she can’t make her joke.

Anandi and Shiv come to his friend’s house. His friend greets Anandi and Shiv. Puneet’s wife welcomes them. They discuss about NGO. Puneet’s wife tells about her son Prince. She calls Jyoti and asks her to bring prince. Jyoti brings prince. Anandi greets the kid. Shiv says he is cute. Anandi asks her about Jyoti. Puneet’s wife says she is our family friend’s daughter. I am not heartless to keep her as a maid. Anandi gets thinking and thinks I saw fear in her eyes. She feels something is wrong.

Nandu tells Gehna that he is going to godown with Niranjan. Dadisaa stops them. She tells everyone that she wants to penance for her act. She tells that she took Jagya’s sign on her result paper. Nandu reads it and is shocked. He tells that Dadisaa failed in her english test. Jagya too reads it. Dadisaa tells them that she felt ashamed to have been failed in the exam. She says I managed to get your sign, but when I reached my room. I felt I did the wrong thing and should apologize to everyone. Jagya says it would have been good if you tells the truth. Dadisaa says I made a mistake. Jagya says you repented for your mistake and deserves a appraisal. He smiles. Ganga supports Jagya. He motivates her to learn english and asks her not to feel ashamed. Jagya hugs her. Everyone smiles.

Ganga asks Jagya to send some clothes to Sona. Makhan Kaka comes to Sona and gives her clothes. Sona reads the letter and thinks she can’t refuse.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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