Balika Vadhu 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki telling Akhiraj that Mangla shouted aloud when Kamli tried to snatched the doll from her hand. She says Mangla have gone mad. Kundan says we should be happy that our enemy is suffering for her mistakes. Harki says our one enemy have left and one enemy have become mad. Akhiraj asks them to shut up and says he will not let his enemies stay peaceful. He says I still remember how Anandi stopped Kundan’s wedding and says he will not let Anandi feel motherly love for Nimboli, and says he will snatch Nimboli from her. He says he will go to Jaitsar and will do betterment of Jagya, Anandi and Nimboli. Harki asks him not to leave them again. Akhiraj asks them to come with him as his bhakts/devotees. They looks on.

Dadisaa calls Anandi. Anandi says she is going to Jaitsar.

Dadisaa says Jagya asked you not to go there. Anandi asks her to try to understand her, and asks her to take care of Nimboli. Dadisaa says you shall be with Nandini at this time, but you are wasting your time there. Anandi comes to see Mangla and sees her mad. Kamli asks Mangla didn’t you identify her? Anandi says I am your friend, how can you forget me? Kamli says she is our neighbor.. She asks Mangla to come with her to Jaitsar. Anandi says can you come and stay at our home with Nimboli. Mangla refuses to go anywhere. Kamli asks Mangla to go. Mangla asks the doll and says Nimboli is ready. She agrees. Anandi tells Kamli that she will make Mangla come out of the shock. Kamli thanks Anandi and says we will come to Jaitsar. Anandi says sure. They leave.

Shivam and Nandini play in the garden area. Anandi comes back home. Nandini greets her with a hug. Mangla gets down the car. Nimboli is shocked to see her. Mangla’s doll cloth falls down and she asks Nandini to pick it. Nimboli refuses and asks Anandi why did she come here? Anandi tells her that Mangla is unwell and needs to take care of. Nimboli says she will not help her and asks her to go. Mangla asks why this girl is shouting on me. Nimboli sees Mangla loving her doll and snatches doll from her hand. Anandi asks her to give doll to Mangla and promises to get a similar doll for her. Mangla gets happy. Nimboli asks Anandi to ask her to go, and says I will not stay with her. Anandi and Shivam looks tensedly.

Dadisaa tells Anandi that you might have thought that Mangla will be fine, but this will be not that easy. She asks her not to hurt Nandini while trying to make Mangla well. Anandi says yes you said right. She asks Mangla to come with her and says we have to go somewhere. They leave.

Harki packs her bags. Kundan says even I have packed my bags. Harki says just wait for some time. Kundan tells her that he will inform Kamli that they are going with Baba ji. Harki shouts him and says Kamli will get doubtful about them. Kundan says don’t tell this idea to Akhiraj else he will beat him. Anandi brings Mangla to mental asylum, and she likes the place. Mangla says her daughter said yes and she will also stay with her. Anandi tells Jagya and Ganga that she is feeling bad for Mangla. Jagya says didn’t you hear what Doctor said? He says she have to stay here for her better treatment. Ganga says we can take her home after she gets fine. Anandi says we have to do something to help her get well soon, and shares her idea of bringing Nimboli there.

Akhiraj asks Harki and Kundan to give the news to Haveli people that Baba Anand maharaj is here. Dadisaa and Nimboli come to meet him. Akhiraj thinks their aarthi will go from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’s episode –
    Akheraj plans to head to Jaitsar and informs Harkhi and Kundan about his plans. Anandi gets Mangla admitted in a hospital in Jaitsar and tries to convince Nimboli to meet her.

    My comments –
    Mangla is kept in mental hospital instead of haveli. “Being too good is sickness” and Anandi, I think, is sick and should be in the hospital too.

    1. Hi shiv. I think with mangla, anandi should also be in Mental hospital.

      1. Hi Sarayu…that’s what I said, she should also be in Mental hospital. And after some time, we will get there by watching this stupid BV 🙂
        So what are you studying? grad? And when did you come?

  2. hi dolana, yesterday I was too busy and didn’t watch the episode. Today I watched both, yesterday’s and today’s. The happiness of mother and daughter’s union turned into frustration when Anandi wants to go Jhalra to get Mangla.

    1. Hi dear… I too thought u are too busy… but I really missed u here…..

      1. Hi Good Morning dolana…thū kashī āhes? 🙂 Last week has be a crazy busy week. You asked whether there is something wrong in your post. My answer “I don’t think so”. I like your views on social issues that women faces now a days and also respect the work you do as NGO. Not everybody does that and even if they want to, they don’t get a chance (lack of time, motivation etc etc). I love you to be here and always enjoyed your comments.

  3. From Vietnam
    Chac tui dien dau vs kb nay mat thoi, chang biet khi nao moi kt ?

  4. What’s going on….

  5. Aanandi should be in mental asylum

  6. ohh god again same story lines..stuck and I couldn’t understand why anandi doing this even after knowing all and there is no need to show humanity now nd take care nandani instead mangla

  7. First Anandi should get treatment…such an irritating role in the story.

  8. Shobha garrett

    Wow! This is crazy. I feel
    Like committing myself to a mental institution. Oh well. Still going to watch the show. Called addiction!!!!!!!!!! Actually I think Anandini is sweet. And just trying to be a good person. I just can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode. Okay Reader Review Family. let’s keep this going

  9. padmalatha Addanki

    Yes, I liked the idea of helping Mangala if she is not acting.because we should not ignore few facts that Nandini could have died years ago if mangala wasn’t stopped _Akheeraj and gave idea of getting married to kundan . Also she rescued from kundan several times.

  10. I totally support Anandi helping Mangala as Nandini is still alive just because of her. The only mistake that Mangala made is not being able to accept the fact teh Anandi is Nandini’s mother and her future will be better and safe with Anandi

  11. Still nandini don’t know about akhiraj kidnapping story…. this is very importent truth will come soon…
    Nandini should know anandi priority and her social activities,responsibilities…

  12. Badehavali people don’t know about akhiraj alive origins…this is plus point to akhiraj and danger signal to badehaveli people….
    Why akhiraj always revenge minded??
    Harkhi and kundan acts as sleeping cells.. who will come and protect badehavali people..
    They are in big danger …danger ….danger……danger…

  13. hmm gk m ageee with u fully even they should know the trap of akhiraj and it will effect their livelihood too so i hope so anandi get her charm back and will end akhiraj chapter end soon

    1. yes jas, thank u for some clarification.

  14. Mangla is acting she is not mental. BV making people mental.

  15. mangla is acting only she don’t have mad but acting only…

  16. I think..anandi…is…doing…..right..thing…BV is such a brain washer.when they want us to hate someone we hate and then after sometime they make us to love that person. Daadisa was such a negative character and now we all like her. Then jagya was once a good boy then bigda huwa chhokra then he tried to hurt shiv and anandi and now again we like jagya. And now it’s mangla’s turn…mein BV pe mental torture ka case daal dungi :'(

    1. Hi Ganga…inthezaar kare tho aap sahi me mental ho jaogi, aur case dalneki layaki hi nahi rahogi. Case dalna hai tho abhi dalo. 🙂

      Aur mai aap ka saath hu. >:(

  17. And this whole week is going run on the following 2 points –
    1. Anandi TRIES to help heal Mangla.
    2. Akhiraj TRIES to kill Badi Haveli people.

    These TRYINGs might continue for a while…may be weeks months.

  18. And today’s episode –
    Anandi convinces Nimboli to meet Mangla. Later, they visit her at the asylum. Harkhi tells Kamli that Kundan and she are going on a pilgrimage. Harkhi tells Akheraj that Mangla has gone to Jaitsar.

  19. Update yar

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