Balika Vadhu 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadisa asking Jagya to take Mannu to the hospital. Dadisa cries and prays for his health and welfare. Sumitra pacifies her. Shiv talks to everyone. Daddu says we did not think this will happen. Ira says you always say no one should take law in their hands. Shiv says after all this happened, how will Saachi be. Ira says if we break down, what will happen with Saachi. Vivek comes and greets everyone. Shiv welcomes him. Vivek tells everyone the the posters thing was done by his mum. Everyone are shocked. Vivek says you won’t like to see my face after knowing this, but trust me, i did not know it, else I would have stopped her. He apologizes to them.

Ira says your mum have spoiled her life, she says Anuj and his parents broke the relation, now I don’t think any

good family will bring proposal for Saachi. Vivek asks is Saachi at home, can I meet her, if its ok with you. Ira says she is in her room. Shuvc says don’t hurt her by words. Saachi talks to Anandi and says I m fearless now, I won’t care about the world, i m not scared of everything, I need a change and I need to go out and settle. Anandi asks where. Saachi says I don’t want to stay here, this city is not lucky for me. Anandi says you have become mature and compare yourself with your past version.

She says you have become a better person now. Vivek says I agree with that. Saachi asks how come you are here. Vivek says I m sorry, you will be shocked to know this, the poster thing was done by my mum, you lost your respect because of her. Saachi is shocked. The media comes to Shiv’s house to ask about Saachi. Everyone are shocked. Kanchan’s marriage takes place. They take the rounds and the mantras play. Sumitra gets Jagya’s call and is relieved to know that Mannu is fine. Kanchan holds her stomach and feels pain.

The media asks Shiv about Saachi. Shiv tries to avoid them but Saachi comes to answer them. The media asks Shiv did you force Vivek to punish his brother, how will you prove that everything is wrong about Saachi. Anandi scolds them. The media asks Saachi was Saurabh innocent and did you frame him. They ask Saachi to say the truth, did Saurabh lomested you and you did it by your wish. Then you called it a rape and accused him. Saachi says he has s*xually abused me, and now from these posters they tried to break me mentally, I m very hurt today. He says Vivek did not support his brother as his brother was wrong and he fought for the truth.

Saachi answers the media well and everyone are proud of her. Vivek and everyone clap for her. The media leaves. Kanchan’s bidaai is shown. Everyone cry and Kanchan greets and hugs everyone. A sad song plays in the background. Ira talks to Saachi and says what was the need to tell the world about s*xual abuse with you, Shuv would have taken care of them. Saachi says why should I lie knowing I was not wrong. Why should I hide, I can clear things. Saachi says now I will never marry. Everyone looks on. She leaves.

Everyone talks about Vivek and Saachi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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