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Balika Vadhu 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mannu coming out of haveli and sees his cycle’s tyre punctured. He thinks he have to repair the punctured tyre now. Jagya offers to give him lift. Mannu agrees and sits in the car.

Pushkar tells Kamli that he used to stand here for auto. He throws stone on the pond and looks happily. Some guys standing there, teases Pushkar. They ask Kamli to play with them and say we will make you play big games. Pushkar gets angry and throw stone pebbles on them. The guys try to beat him, but escapes seeing villagers coming. Pushkar asks Kamli not to worry as they have gone. Kamli thinks he protected her. He asks her to get in the auto once it comes.

Jagya drops Mannu to his school. Mannu thanks him and says have a wonderful day Dr. Saheb. Once Jagya leaves, Mannu leaves from

there. Nimboli asks Chagani to keep her stuff in the things. Akhiraj asks where are you going? Nimboli says for Kundan’s wedding. Akhiraj and Chagani refuse to take her and calls her inauspicious. Nimboli gets teary eyed. Disa tells her that she is also going.

Mannu comes to Shiv Niketan and asks Pooja to come out. Pooja makes an excuse and goes to talk to him. Mannu tells that he has left the house. Pooja asks him not to do mistake again. She says we shall study and make career first. Mannu asks her not to talk like Anandi. Mannu says I came to know their truth and I can’t stay there. He asks her to come with him. Pooja says she can’t come and says we have to think about our family before us. Mannu says I will always worry about you, whereever I am. He tells her bye and is leaving. Pooja stops him and runs to hug him. Mannu smiles. He asks her to get ready and they have to catch the bus. Pooja and Mannu are in the bus. Pooja thinks she left her everything for Mannu, and thinks she couldn’t believe that she would do such a thing. Pooja sees Jagya standing on the road. The driver stops the bus.

Jagya tells him that his car has stopped working and asks to give gift till Jailsalmar. Mannu and Pooja hide behind back seats. Jagya sits down on the seat and gets down at the jailsalmar stop. Mannu tells he didn’t know about us, but he will after sometime. He says we shall stay in some village before Jailsalmar. Sarita comes and tells Anandi that Pooja went somewhere. She says her clothes and bag are missing. Jagya reaches Mannu’s school and thinks to surprise him. Anandi calls Jagya and asks where is Mannu? She tells Pooja is missing from home. Jagya asks Mannu’s friends. One of his friend Prakash tells him that Mannu didn’t come to school today. Anandi tells Jagya that she feel they are together. Jagya says where they would have gone. Pooja and Mannu get down the bus and reach jhalra village where Nimboli is staying with Akhiraj’s family.

Nimboli says she is unhappy and says they didn’t take her. She says they took Chagani and not me. Disa says we should be happy that they didn’t take us. She makes plan for two days. Nimboli gets happy and hugs Disa.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When will anandi meet her daughter nandine/ nimoli…..why they r extendng the story so much….huh….

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