Balika Vadhu 25th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Urmila counting the numbers and tries to enter the kitchen. Nimboli gets worried thinking when will Disa come with Kachoris. Urmila enters and says you couldn’t make kachoris. Nimboli turns and shows the plate of kachoris. She asks her to sit and have it. Sarita calls Ganga and asks about Mannu and Pooja. Ganga says no information till now. Dadi comes to Mannu and says someone came. Mannu says if Kamlesh ji came. Anandi comes shocking Mannu and Pooja. Mannu gets up and says Anandi Maasi, how come you are here? Dadi says I called her.

Mannu tell Dadi that you have betrayed us. Dadi says I betrayed you as I can’t see other Ratan to stay in this house. Mannu says he wants to be like his father, so what’s wrong in it. Dadi tells that Ratan is a big bad criminal

and we are all bad.

Mannu says my Bapu was not bad. Dadi says everything was true whatever Ganga and badi haveli people have said. She tells that Ratan used to think him like his property and says he has a change of heart when he was ill. She says Ganga let him meet Ratan before his death.

Anandi tells Mannu that Ratan gave him to Jagya as he wants him to be like Jagya. She says she didn’t tell Jagya or Ganga about coming here and asks him to decide about his future. Dadi asks her to return to badi haveli if he ever loved her. Mannu asks if I refuses to go. Dadi asks him to come for giving her agni after her death. Mannu cries and hugs her. Anandi looks on.

Urmila thinks how can Nimboli makes kachoris. She eats it and thinks it is so tasty. She thinks to dislike it infront of her. Disa comes and tastes it saying no one can dislike it. Urmila says it is okay. Nimboli says can you let me to watch TV. Urmila agrees hesitantly. Nimboli hugs Urmila. Urmila thinks to teach her a lesson.

Akhiraj is going back home in his jeep. They see old man pulling the cart with much difficulty. Akhiraj gets down to scold him. He sees villagers coming and offers help. They take out cart from the pit. An Old man thanks Akhiraj. Akhiraj says he wants to work for the people.

Jagya, Ganga and Dadisaa wait for Anandi. Jagya tells that Anandi called him here. Ganga gets worried. Anandi comes and brings Mannu and Pooja. Everyone get happy and emotional. Ganga hugs him. Mannu apologizes for his mistakes. Anandi looks on.

Nmboli eats the jalebis brought by Kundan for Urmila. Mannu drops Pooja at Sarita”s house and says that he will take her home tomorrow. Anandi thinks this will complicate the things.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. plss end this show itss been a long time

  2. Good episode dadi did telling the truth about ratan

  3. Now balika Vadhu is getting bored day by day now it’s time for anandi to meet her daughter and end the serial unnecessary dragging of serial with so many newcomers is no more interesting now.

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