Balika Vadhu 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv talks to anandi about bhairo’s wise descision about the hospital in jaitsar and jagiya’s recruitment there. finding anandi lost, he asks whats the matter. Anandi talks to shiv saying that ira might not show it but she too must have felt bad, and that what happened was wrong for meenu and sanchi, as they too are habituated to celebrating festivals with them. when shiv says that his mother is very mature and doesnt keep this things in her heart, she still is unconvinced about the dilemma that she’s been placed into, due to dadisa’s invitation. Shiv tries to divert anandi’s mind by talking about the bet between nandu and sanchi about kiteflying. They get into a bet as to whoever wins the bet, the other person would have to do what the winning person wants. Just then, anandi says that she has an idea through which they would be able to keep both the families happy. Shiv has a questioning look on his face while anandi smiles in excitement of her plan.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Nandu sees the whole haveli, dressed as a bride, shining as new. He sees the other family members busy in preps. As dadisa tries to prevent nandu from everybody’s scoldings for beating his drum too loud, jagiya is reminded of the time when she used to stand up for him too. As gehna asks makhan to keep the sweets carefully, nanadu goes and gets sweets for himself and jagiya too.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and udaipur haveli
Meenu calls up ira and knows that nobody there is cheerful to spend the festival without them. Ira is surprised to get a call from meenu, saying that she is surprised to hear that they have left so early for anandi’s family. Meenu quips saying that anandi couldnt wait, hence dragged them out for the haveli so soon. Ira says with a sad face, that they should try and enjoy as much as possible whereas they would have a very dry festival. Meenu tries to cheer her up, but ira says that she doesnt feel like celebrating at all without shiv and anandi. Sanchi snatches the phone, saying that ira shouldnt feel bad and should go out in the garden, for a walk for some time, insistently. Ira agrees. Shiv and his family arrive at their destination and get down from the jeep, with mischief in their eyes. Ira is surprised to hear meenu’s voice and turns around to find shiv and her family coming from the garden area. Ira runs and hugs anandi and everyone else. alok, mahi and dadaji too are surprised to see them there, and very happy too. Ananadi takes everyone’s blessings. Ira complements meenu for her superb acting. Meenu says that the credit for this whole plan goes to anandi and tells that they had decided last night on anandi’s insistence that they would come here early and celebrate here, and then go to the haveli. Ira says that this means, anandi understands ira’s heart and that she fervently wished to spend sankranti with shiv and anandi thi time. Ananadi says that she wouldnt have been ble to enjoy in jaitsar, had they been sad here. Nathu too is very happy to see them there and he goes inside to get sweets for everyone, while meenu says that now it looks like its festival in the haveli.

Scene 4:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
When dadisa gives jagiya the new clothes, he asks when did she get them. sumitra comes in saying that dadisa had kept new clothes and money for jagiya, even when he wasnt there. Dadisa asks how did she know of this. Sumitra says that she too is a mother and knows her attachment to jagiya to be more than her own son, bhairo. dadisa complimenting sumitra on her maturity, tells jagiya to improve his health so that thye mtch the new clothes. As dadisa leaves, jagiya asks how could she love him in that time, when he didnt deserve it at all. She tells him that in young age, we dont need love and familial ties, but when a person grows old, they need all the love in the world from their families.

Scene 5:
Location: Udaipur and jaitsar haveli
The shekhar family is distributing gifts to the needy. Ira says that she had thought she woulkd have to do this, but is happy that she could get it done through shiv and anandi. as they begin to go inside, anandi asks if she could call dadisa as they have been expecting them.

Ananadi calls dadisa, telling her the entire story. dadisa says that its very important for her to stay in her in-laws, as its her first festival and she should spend it with them. Ananadi says that she would come in the evening, after they leave from here. she gives the phone to ira to talk. Ira and dadisa exchange greetings and dadisa apologizes for inviting shiv and anandi without consulting with her. ira says she doesnt have to do that since its always her right to take the first descision. Ira commends anandi in front of dadisa too, hearing which she’s very happy. Dadisa then invites ira too to come with shiv and anandi in the evening. Ira politely refuses citing some work there. They then cancel the phone, after which meenu talks about finishing the rituals fast.

Scene 6:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Nandu is upset that anandi went to udaipur instead of coming to jaitsar haveli. Sumitra and gehna talk to her and tell her the improtance of looking after their other families too, that form after mrraieg and say that he too would have to do the same, when he gets married. Nandu says that he would never marry since girls talk too much. As he runs away, with everyone having a good laugh, basant says that he too usedto talk like this, but after marriage, and then pointing towards gehna, stops midway without completing the sentence. As gehna goes shy, dadisa, bhairo, jagiya and sumitra have a good laugh. The screen freezes on jagiya’s face.

Underlying message: The success of the marriage of newly weds depends upon their understanding as to how well they gel in two differnt atmospheres, one of the bride and the other of the grooms,w ith their maturity, presence of mind and understanding of responsibility as a family member.

Precap: Anandi perorms the rituals of the sankranti along with ira in udaipur. then when thye reach jaitsar, the famous kiteflying starts, in which sanchi and nandu are emphatically cheering for shiv and jagiya respectively. Everybody is watching in anticipation as to who will win.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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