Balika Vadhu 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli playing with Pampodi, and says she is tired of playing with dolls, and says we shall play something innovative and enjoyable game. Pampodi says we need a small matki for playing a game. Harki brings water pot and keeps in her room. Nimboli gets an idea and searches matki in the house. She sees matki in Harki’s room and thinks to take it after throwing the water. Akhiraj comes home indisguise of a beggar and thinks to meet his family anyhow. He is stopped by a villager woman. Just then Kundan comes on his cycle and hits him. Akhiraj looks at him happily. Kundan scolds him and asks him to move from his way. He leaves. Akhiraj smiles. Villager woman asks him to take roti, but Akhiraj doesn’t take it and leaves. Woman thinks he is mad. Nimboli and Pampo play

with the matki.

Harki sees them playing with her matki. Nimboli sees Harki standing and gets shocked. Harki takes out the pebbles from the matki. She scolds her for keeping pebbles in it and asks how dare you? Nimboli says I didn’t know that it is yours else I wouldn’t have brought it. Pampo tells that it was her idea and asks her to leave Nimboli. Harki scolds Pampo and asks her to leave. She tries to beat Nimboli. Mangla comes and rescues her. Kundan asks Mangla to take Nimboli in her lap. Mangla asks him to mind his language. She asks Nimboli to wash the matki, and fills water in it again. Harki and Kundan look at each other.

Kundan sees beggar (Akhiraj) coming home and asks him to leave. Harki says she needs baba/beggar’s blessings right now. Akhiraj gets happy seeing them. Mangla asks Nimboli to give something to baba. Akhiraj hears her and thinks what they are doing in my house. Nimboli brings fruits and gives him. She asks if he is thirsty and asks shall I give water. Akhiraj in his voice refuses. Nimboli gets thinking. Akhiraj thinks it seems this witch have identified my voice and thinks to kill her first.

Dr. Anant comes to meet Jagya and says he need to discuss about Nimboli. Jagya asks him to say and not to be formal. Dr. Anant asks him why they are hesitating to take Nimboli’s custody from Mangla. Jagya says we can’t separate Nimboli from Mangla forcibly and tells that once she eloped from the house. Dr. Anant says we can’t let Mangla separate them. Jagya gets busy and leaves.

Akhiraj comes to his place as Mouni baba. He sits down under the tree and waves hand to his devotees. He sees Rami and thinks to meet Harki through her. He says I came to know about a woman who have lost her everything, and says he wants to remove her pain. He asks the people to bring that sad woman to him. The villagers talk about that woman. Rami says she must be Harki as she is very much sad. They discuss about Akhiraj and Harki. Akhiraj says circumstances are bad and not humans. He asks them to bring that woman infront of him. Rami says okay.

Shivam comes home and tells Dadisaa that he got second prize in the drawing competition. Dadisaa gets happy and blesses him. He asks when his mumma will come? Dadisaa says she will come. Shivam goes to change his clothes. He thinks he could win because of his parents, and thinks to keep it safely. He opens the almari and finds another locket. He gets angry and thinks Nimboli snatching locket before. He thinks they are same, and thinks why Anandi have hidden the fact that she is having two lockets.

Shivam tells Anandi that only he and his sister can wear this locket and not Nimboli. Anandi slaps him. Dadisaa informs him that Nimboli is actually Nandini, his sister. Akhiraj comes to meet Harki late in night, and tells her that he is Akhiraj. Later Kamli wakes up and hears Harki singing a song happily. She gets puzzled.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good episode. Liked Anant’s concern for Nimboli and Anandi.
    Even Akheraj scene as beggar was good.
    Anandi is losing her mental balance due to Nimboli not with her.
    Nimboli is a big disappointment. Only Akheraj can teach her a lesson.
    Jagya is happy as he does not know that Akheraj is alive and may strike very soon.

  2. Hope Dr Anant will do something to reunite Anandi n Nandini. What a comedy going on in show villagers can’t identify Akhiraj . According to my knowledge sadhu sants are long beard but Akhiraj is a modern sadhu is Akhiraj with glasses n properly set hair using gel. According to him he is on moun brat for well being of whole world busy doing puja but he is getting enough time for shaving ,wearing glasses n setting his hair. I can’t believe villagers can be so foolish to follow anyone blindly. In todays episode he gave a clear hint to call Harki but to my surprise no one can identify him.

    1. We are hoping that Anant will do something. We hoped that the twin girl from other serial (maha-mela) would come and do something. We hoped that the fake mother would somehow will come into the picture and do something. When Nimboli went to Jhalra, something would happen there. We hoped that something would happen at the Birthday party…

      Now hope is good thing to have. 🙂

      But if observed carefully, nobody is hoping that Anandi would do something…or anything for that matter.

  3. Same thing whole week,,,it will happen next week…
    please dont bore……….

  4. When did akheraj learnt to say those wise words? And akheraj saying those things in his accent is really fun.
    If city and highly educated people can be fooled by various babas, it is no surprise villagers falling for these fakes.

  5. Happy with storyline Dr. anant will do something background to unite nandini with anandi…VERY HAPPY

    here akhiraj role turns boring, make him serious and start unexpected twists, reveal kidnap truth from him in front of nimboli because nimboli mentally disappointed about her mother..

    this is the time know to about her mother. . . and mangla doing stupid things….??
    maha episode:
    maha episode coming soon BALIKA VADHU with SASURAL SIMAR KA
    special for coming “”MahaShivarathri””

  6. I agree with summi Akhiraj episode is boring

  7. I think no aashirvaad will work for Anandi because she herself is weak n hesitant to take bold in order to get her daughter back. If you take first than only some force will work for you. Anandi make this aashirvaad work you of shivratri not like earlier when you took Nimboli to some other mandir where Nimboli met Chakor.

  8. 1. The time slot of this serial should be given a bit later slot between 9 -10.
    2. A majority of working people won’t reach home by that time. NO REPEAT ON THE NEXT DAY like all other serials too.
    3. Once we miss watching at the main time you are missed it for at least two days as it takes almost two days to get uploaded on net. That too the audio on net is extremely feeble.

    COLORS should look into this.

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